LEGO Brick Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Custom MOC Tour

Happy Halloween from JAYSTEPHER! Here’s my Halloween moc. It is a large brick-built pumpkin. Yes!
Brick-built. It stands roughly 12 inches tall, and it is about 12 inches wide. I must say that this was one tough build. So this is the lava pit that I was talking
about throughout the Lego hauls. Buying all the orange bricks. I tried to make it as close to a pumpkin as I can. I’m actually satisfied with the results. It is hallow. I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate lights inside the pumpkin and did not make it work, but I like it. It is fairly heavy. I have a couple of frames
inside to support the weight. This is my first 3D sculpture. I like looking at it. I like the look and feel. It is one nice pumpkin indeed. So that’s the Halloween moc. Very simple. As far as the brick count, I’m guessing maybe 800 bricks. Now I learned a lesson by building this. I need to order more of various sized bricks other than 2 by 4 bricks. I needed a lot of 2 by3s and 2 by 2s and having 10 or 15 of each wasn’t enough. So I’m going to have to order those sizes to make a better pumpkin in the future, but I like it. It looks good. It looks round. I wish I had more of this dark tan. So I just used nougat for the stem. I even tried a little bit of the sand green inside. It just didn’t look good. So that is the brick-built pumpkin. I hope everyone has a happy, fun, and safe Halloween. Thank you for watching!

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34 thoughts on “LEGO Brick Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Custom MOC Tour

  1. i like the orange base plate , yes i have about 50 of 2×3's orange : a lego sculpter always needs some 2×3's for those technical aspects.

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