What is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day major shout out to Zuru for sponsoring
this video we have an incredible vlog today Sharer’s
check out this box let’s go inside let’s get this vlog started.
Oh there’s Carter, what’s up Stephen what’s up Sharer’s welcome to the vlogI got
this giant box check it out oh yeah sure as I told you today’s vlog is gonna be
crazy yeah we got to see what’s inside it’s
gonna be awesome oh and there’s Liz whoa well that’s one way to get the vlog
started check out all this Mayka tape oh look at this pink color I love it up
it’s so awesome oh there’s even a green one look at that one
that one’s cool oh and look this lime green one matches my shirt blue one that
matches my shirt whoa this one matches your shirt oh no way look at that it
blends right in oh yeah let’s dump this box that was so
much oh yeah this lime green was definitely
my favorite I wonder how many different colors are oh you know we should do
super speed in three two oh look at that this is
awesome yeah check out all this Mayka tape hello how many different colors are
there one two three four five six seven eight nine different color
oh yeah sure check out how cool this tape is let’s open this dark blue one oh
yeah check this out let’s see how long this thing is you ready Carter grab a
side okay cool whoa whoa that’s a lot of mayka of tape we should stick its lid
he’s got this sticky stuff on the bottom you can stick it andrey stick it it’s so
cool ready whoo all right sit down red globe
okay now walk okay let’s see I’ll start right here like this oh you’re gonna put
on the wall awesome let’s try this let’s see this is gonna work right peel it all
off okay and I’m gonna go across the family wall across laughs oh no it’s
okay good look you can stick with Legos and big bricks to this look that’s so
cool whoa where’s your stick one to yourself wow this is now stuck to the
wall with Legos stuff on her oh my gosh these are so cool I think we can make an
entire box or covered in Legos Oh Liz that’s an awesome idea we should make a
Lego box for it oh that’s perfect we can use all this Mayka tape to make it
happen Carter you’re the Builder what’s the
first step the first step is to build the box for it so let’s grab the boxes
oh yeah always you got to get unstuck from the
wall Wow Liz you’re not that stuck you can just cut this stuff it’s made of
silicone whoa yeah now you’re on staff let’s go build
this Lego box part I got the court rules let’s make this even got a door
oh yeah look how good it looks oh yeah the next step is to take all this mayka tape
and turn this box for it into a Lego box for you guys ready to do this
yeah let’s do it I’m gonna start at this pink one and
stick it on I’m gonna use the whole roll first just peel this backside off and
then just stick it on starting on the bottom right here
oh this stuff sticks really well voila one layer down we have a lot more to go
so let’s get to work I made it do you like my belt and my headband I want to
mayka tape Halloween costume oh yeah you could be like a lego Halloween
costume with this Mayka tape oh yeah we should do it what a lot shares check it out we got
them all covered in Mayka tape, this is so awesome it’s an entire boxfort ready
to decorate with Legos ah looks like Liz got carried away with the Legos
and started already decorating them oh that’s so cool just sticks on and you
can pull it off and then you can stick it back on again Oh check out the door
Liz made to share the love door oh this is so cool it’s got to share the love
logo and then it says love on the bottom oh this is so cool we’re using Legos on
the top big bricks on the bottom and we even built a chimney that’s so cool oh
yeah we’re gonna make a Lego big brick chimney check this out I’m gonna do
these ones all across just like this it’s gonna be awesome
oh there we go we got a big brick chimney oh it looks so good now let’s
just cover the rest of the box fort in Legos and big bricks Oh Liz we’re gonna
need your help for this coming here yeah we’re gonna need all hands on deck for
this one we ready to get back to work yeah let’s do some super speed in three
two one go oh yeah sure it’s check it out the Lego
box for it is complete look how good it looks this thing is so awesome does it
share the love logo on the door we got a window in full coverage of Legos it’s
completely covered and the best part is we have a working door handle you grab
the handle and you could all good for to go inside that is a huge door handle oh
my gosh should we started with big bricks on the bottom yeah we got some
Legos around the trim here and then we went up we’ve got some skinny big bricks
some little big bricks and then we went to Legos on the top we did like us all
the way to the top it is probably I don’t even know how
many LEGO pieces is Liz how many do you think you put on I think there’s
probably like a hundred what way more than a hundred Carter there’s probably I
don’t even know mm maybe look at all this shares there’s Legos in every inch
of this box for it it is crazy so many different colors literally every color
brick possible just all over the place it looks amazing
okay you’re right there’s so many Legos on here I’m thinking it’s gotta be like
maybe it’s 10,000 yes shares common how many Legos and how many bricks you think
are on this Lego box for it you don’t see we spent all day decorating this
thing and I haven’t even been in yeah I gotta go in and test it out oh yeah
Carter gets to be the first one to test out the Lego box for it well this is
gonna be so cool I’m going any we go inside the Lego box this is awesome but
it’s kind of dark in here I can’t really see Hey look at the window yeah where’s
Lynn Oh Steve it’s so cool in here but it’s dark patches to make it tape so I
can build on the ceiling oh I got some nice pink oh wait you had to cut this
for me first it’s too long I got you Carter let’s cut four pieces got the cut
pieces of Mayka tape Carter let’s get stick in sweet so when a build on the
ceiling Steve it’s gonna be awesome I want to stick some naked tape up here
on the ceiling just like this this is gonna be so awesome there we go got one
piece up push it on there we go I made this big block chandelier I’m gonna
stick this up and I put a light in it let’s see if it’ll hold
look at this event put it’s gonna be so that’s so cool Lala there we go I got
a chandelier on the ceiling no way quarter that’s awesome I got the
chandelier installed and coming up oh the doors just a little too small for me
ah you can make it come on squeeze oh it’s oh you made it
well well Carter is building the chandelier I made a table actually hold
wait yeah yeah oh okay here comes a huge table this is the biggest Lego table
I’ve ever seen oh I don’t know if it’s gonna fit through the door come on Liz
you might have made a table to bag Oh careful it might fit lift on the count
of three lift okay oh yeah it’s fitting oh I’m gonna
stick the Mayka tape on like this one two and just like that and now we’ll be
able to secure the table in place oh no it doesn’t line up I go to peel up and
stick it back on the right spot oh good thing they peel off
okay now that should be lined up and we can just stick it on just like that
oh yeah the table stuck to one now we have a table and a chandelier oh my
goodness share is this box for it is so epic
it looks amazing from the outside and then you go in you can literally eat
dinner there it’s so awesome Carter can snack in here
I’m gonna add a pink strip here so it curves up and around to the ceiling and
we can add decorations on it that’s awesome I grab you some bricks
oh yeah Liz add these oh that looks so good look at them it’s so cool voila
shares this is the finish and complete Lego box where check it out my favorite
part is to share the love door yeah the door especially a door handle it’s so
cool the door handle is epic, its huge! And it has like hundreds and hundreds of
Legos all up the side and check it out look at the roof look at the coloring of
the roof this is so cool I love the stripes and it’s got a chimney made of
big bricks and it’s also hollow you can reach inside there goes all the way down
going from the roof and the bubblegum pink side but you have the Lego front
this is the coolest part we started with the big bricks on the bottom and then we
worked our way up and then we made it into Legos all the way to the very tip
top yeah we went all the way to the top on the front and we even added a little
one on top and going down got the window oh hey Liz hey you want to give us a
grand tour yeah I’ll meet you the front door okay all right Steve open it up
yeah front door is open and we are going inside welcome to check it out we have
the table so we can snack in here and the chandelier oh yeah the chandelier is
so cool it’s better clear big bricks and even lights up with that LED light yeah
we put LEDs in it so it glows oh yeah shares there you have it this is the
world’s first right the world’s first I think it’s probably the world’s first
Lego box work yeah it’s so cool I can’t believe we did it so many Legos it was
the coolest box where we’ve ever made yeah this thing took us so long sniff it
was so worth it so awesome yeah major shout out to zuru for sponsoring this
video yeah let’s Mayka tape you can build it anything just like this Lego
box for this is so cool I think I’m gonna sleep in here tonight oh yeah
we’ll bring you dinner yeah you could eat on the Lego table oh yeah maybe I’ll
join you for dinner and me and baby otter will come to party in the Lego box
for tonight oh and I think dinner’s ready
alright sure well there you have it that was our Lego box for oh yeah we hope you
love to in common hashtag #Lego for any awesome and crazy Lego ideas you have
and until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love, peace!

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