LEGO Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter Attack review! 76100

hello this is the Lego Marvel
superheroes royal talent fighter attack from the black panther live action movie
The Fighter itself is a kind of striking and somewhat refreshing design to me I
see a lot of horseshoe crab in it myself I don’t know maybe that’s just me but I
like the the shaping to the you know the overall kind of core body fuselage
shaping of it and then it has all these fins off the side I think this is the
first time that we’ve gotten these pieces I may be completely mistaken on
that but in gunmetal grey it’s a very old piece that’s been around for a long
time but I personally don’t recall this color previously but if I’m mistaken on
that then I’m mistaken but at least they’ve got a fairly consistent color
scheme going around this with no or at least very little of you know strange
colors showing up the the Reds you have little bits of red with the Technic
axles going through here but not a lot of it I think those add just a little
bit of flair a little bit of visual interest I mean you see just this tiny
little bit with the the green and the the yellow back there but how often are
you gonna be looking at this from directly beneath soon as you angle it a
little bit you don’t even see that so not a lot of the stuff that usually
ruins the look of LEGO sets from many angles these stud shooters under here
are nicely concealed from most angles you don’t see them if you do see them at
all I think it’s only just adding a little bit to the the appearance there
so it feels like just a lot of good design decisions were made with this
that that keep it as a as a toy they keep it as something that’s easy to
build for kids but yet that make it look good
you know so many LEGO sets are made with with angles and with pieces that just
don’t look good that just kind of ruins certain views but this doesn’t really
suffer from that problem I like the shaping around here as well you can
change the angles of these I don’t know if you want to but if you want to oh
maybe there’s there’s something that can come out of that but by default just put
them down all the way that’s good now these are pushed down all the way right
now so you don’t need to worry about angling those just right there’s still
enough clearance to get the canopy open between
those the only things that kind of need regular alignment if you handle this a
lot are these two small fins up here so this can be pushed in a little bit and
that doesn’t even really affect the look all that much so yeah it’s it’s just a
well-designed toy I think and a decently displayable collectible item as well it
has pretty good space inside when you open up the the canopy and have a
respectable cockpit there is supposed to be a single-seat fighter but you know
it’s still stickered console in the front could have used some some controls
of some sort I think I don’t know maybe I haven’t seen the the design of the
thing in universe you know and its interior but maybe a couple of those
small modified 1 by 1 round tiles with the small bar in the center could have
been used on either side and then you have this compartment here that can be
opened up to hold on to another figure possibly you can get two figures to sit
in there even I think back to back it’s a little bit difficult to get the the
rear most one out but you know just some space to put a captured individual in
there this does rely fairly heavily upon its stickers before applying this
sticker the front looks relatively plain and without applying these two stickers
on either side it really didn’t have its it’s completed look so I definitely
recommend putting those on even if you don’t like stickers they really change
the game nice texturing across the top of it it’s it’s not that amazing of a
thing from like an aerodynamic perspective you know comparing it to jet
fighters and and spaceships that are inspired by jet fighters and things but
for what it is I think it’s actually really well done I’m happy with this
overall here are the two protagonists figures black panther of course and
Nakia please forgive me if my inflection is not perfect there have not seen the
movie as it hasn’t come out yet but I really like the figure on the rights
torso print it has a lot more detail in it than it appears
from a distance you really have to get up close to this to appreciate not only
the slightly darker liens going through it but also the shaping of some of the
decorative elements around the edges they’ve got more coin like shapes and
rounded edges and kind of kind of frilly designs especially in the center is just
a lot more going on with that then then I could tell from any kind of distance
good head print for black panther I think that is a new hairpiece on the
right I thought they were just going to reuse the Star Wars thin one but this is
new has more texture and is a little bit thicker good printing around the back of
the torso again to fit black panther’s is pretty good as well and I’m glad that
he has the print on the back of the head it’s just a little bit thin could have
used a little bit more brightness a little bit more just a metallic sheen I
think just a little bit more opaque printing especially for the head would
have done that a good good justice and then there is this alternate face as
well so both both of the faces here are are positive or you know smiling kind of
happy this is a little bit more of a confident attacking and success as
opposed to just more of a default or a social expression I guess we also get
these new disk blade pieces which have just a single handhold each which is
just a standard bar size these are fairly thin pieces and they’re molded in
a medium silver color and I think that they’re gonna be pretty useful as
decorative elements hopefully they won’t just use these for this single movie and
and then that’s that’s it because I think they’re they’re useful generic
parts that could definitely be done in multiple colors to create some
interesting effects for folks wanting to do custom stuff and then here we have
two antagonists with kill monger on the left and ulysses klaue on the right or
Ulysses how are you pronounce that I don’t care let’s take a look at these
figures here because I think that both of these figures are good figure
I like the print and mold for kill mongers masks there that is made of a
rubbery material so these horns are not going to break off easily it’s well
printed on the front and figure on the right has a very good facial expression
very good facial printing with multiple colors built up for the facial hair
they’re exactly three colors that are used for facial hair alone
pretty good torsos as well but I think that the the face is here gonna steal
the show notice that this is a flick fire missile you can actually shoot that
off that launcher nice depth for the kill monger mask there all the way
around with some extra yeah just it goes in pretty far so you actually have some
some thinness around that the frilly edges but it thickens up towards the
base so it still has some some durability there and you get good
printing around the backs of these torsos no alternate face unfortunately
for kill monger but you do get a really good alternate on the second figure that
looks possibly even more striking than the main one and there’s just your main
face for kill monger which is actually pretty plain and a little bit
disappointing to me the set on the whole to me though is pretty good I feel like
it gives you a good value a good number of figures for the price that you pay
good price to part ratio nice design nice build everything is sturdy enough
for a play and consistent enough you know with the lack of terrible colors
showing through from different angles to make it a respectable display item as
well just well-balanced overall so there you go those are my thoughts on this set
hope you’ve enjoyed this look at it and I hope to have a chance to talk to you
again soon because my next video is on the way let’s see then you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter Attack review! 76100

  1. Ok gunmetal winglets were in Ninjago last season. Anyone have any thoughts about this Royal Talon Fighter Attack set?

  2. We finally have someone competing with Chris Pratt! Andy Serkis now has 3 LEGO figures of himself too (I'm only counting different characters, not suits etc) with this new Klaue, Gollum and Snoke. It could be that some other actor also has 3 or more figures of himself but as far as I know that isn't the case.
    Andy Serkis: Ulysses Klaue, Gollum, Supreme Leader Snoke
    Chris Pratt: Emett, Owen Grady, Star-Lord/Peter Quill

  3. I am likely going to get this on a sale for 20 dollars because the only reason I want it is to have that weird build.
    Edit: are you going to review the ucs falcon?

  4. why does lego uses off putting colored bricks that DO show underneath?
    what is the problem on having these bricks in black? you should get enough colours from the colour scheme of the models themselves

  5. "…so you don't need to worry about angling those."

    Holy cow, am I glad to hear you say that. Maybe it's OCD, but nothing irritates me more in a LEGO set than having fiddly little wing/wedge/gun/slope/whatever pieces that I have to be just right or are easily knocked out of alignment. I prefer rock-solid all the way. 😉

    In that vein… They look like they are, but can you confirm that all the gunmetal wing/blade pieces around the bottom edge are not moveable? The nightmare of having to keep those constantly aligned would be enough to turn me off to this set.

  6. I’m going to buy both the black panther sets so I can have the killmonger in the face off by the mine fight the black panther from this set can’t wait!

  7. Just purchased this set the other day and the Talon Fighter is such a fun build. The overall design is so striking and aesthetically pleasing!

  8. kinda funny , i used to watch you every day as a kid… now im grown up and ive come back to see if you stil exsist… i love your videos keep up the good work and keep it clean for kids! thanks for all your work!

  9. I don't like how they made the shape of the head, they could've made the shape of the head like they did with the chima minifigures

  10. I really dislike how Lego will put out sets like this with severe under quality to say infinity war sets that are coming out. I just think Lego should put a bit more pieces and a bit more effort then "Here's some figs from the movie and an MAJOR unscaled ship form the movie" idk it just makes me want the set way less

  11. I haven't seen the movie yet, but all of the pictures I've seen of Michael B Jordan as Killmonger, he's sporting a beard. Did he not have it in the movie at the point of this set or did LEGO just miss the detail?

  12. I myself think it would look better with those 12 fins removed and those ‘cat ears’ removed too, it would look more like a generalized futuristic interceptor

  13. Very accurate to the real thing but they could have made the black panther suit better by using a legends of chima head

  14. Just got this set last Friday and I love it! It’s awesome! The minifigure selection in really good. I actually modified my cockpit so that 2 minifigs fit perfectly sitting straight up.

  15. Killmonger is one of my favorite characters in this movie. It's disappointing that they didn't give him a better face. They just gave that face that they use a lot, but it doesn't look anything like him!

  16. The figures are mostly good except Killmonger. He has the wrong face and has no alternate hair piece. He only wore the mask in one scene of the film, and I'd prefer to have him displayed without it, but I can't cause the face is wrong and he has no hair.

  17. I love that this set can fit all 4 figures on the ship

    Especially since it's not just all protagonists and the places there put all make sense.

  18. I like the set (The fighter seems ok to me as a fantasy build) as it does away with an antagonists vehicle which is usually just a bare minimum build that doesnt actually look like, or contribute anything to the set.

  19. My dad just got me this for my birthday yesterday and honestly I didn't want this set nor did I think it was a good set but when I built it I thought the figs and build were cool

  20. Here is my input the front is a little small but I like it and the second cell is I think made to put bad guys in

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