LEGO Bionicle: Bionicle Hero Pack (5002941) Unboxing & Exploration

Hey everyone! Jaystepher here with Bionicle Hero Pack by Lego Bionicle. Set number 5002941. Contains 9 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 an up. Now I’m going to be honest with you. I know very little about Lego Bionicle. So let me give this a shot. I may pronounce things wrong, but that’s the way it goes. So obviously there’s some Bionicle stuff in this polybag. Let’s cut the top off and see what’s inside. Let’s consider this as an informal review. Here we go! Okay. We got some print work. Is this the map of the world. Maybe it’s part of the game or something. Wow! Isn’t that exciting? Reflectable stickers. Those look pretty cool. Is this building instructions? Yep. Here’s the bag of parts. Let’s open those up and see what’s inside. I’m just dying to find out what kind of elements there are in here. At least they were package separate. Well not a whole lot to it. Let’s take a look at the instructions. So you basically just put all this stuff together. Alright. I hope I’m going to do it right. Let’s take a look. Are they all the same or they’re different? You can tell I’m not in to Bionicle. So I have no clue what all this stuff is. Alright. Here we go. At least it’s not too complicated. Hold up! I don’t know how that goes on. Well I guess this just sits underneath it like that. I guess it’s like a spider thing. Not sure. Tahu: Master of Fire. Wow. So I guess you have to collect every one of them. I don’t have them all. So that’s it. That’s the review. Yeah there’s really not much to talk about. So this is Bionicle Hero Pack by a Lego Bionicle. Well that’s as far as my analysis for this set or review, but I don’t know what I’m going to use these parts for. I don’t think they can be use for anything. I’ll find a use for it. You just watch. Thank you for watching!

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