Lego Beach Candy Shop MOC (Day 1)

Hey guys Blacker Bricks here back with
another MOC video. Today is day one of my newest beach shop MOC this is going
to be the Beach Candy Store MOC. As you can see I have chosen a azure and yellow
color palette for this build. This is just a very basic outline of the build
but I’m happy I started. I actually came up with the idea of using brick
separators as roofing for this MOC so I’ve begun work on that upstairs but as
of now what I’ve done pretty much is I added a door in the very center. I did
two of these 2×6 windscreen pieces in trans black on both sides and I put some
of these our 1×2 profile bricks above and below it.
I also added the 1×2 grille pieces here in quite a large number.
I still unfortunately don’t have enough right over here but I should get those
sometime soon. Around the back there’s nothing too
crazy going on. This one as you may notice is actually I believe a 24×16
compared to the last one which was just 16×16 it also has the 2×1
Technic brick right here so it can be connected to my previous ice cream shop
build but I believe that is pretty much it for now. I feel like it’s a bit blocky
right now but I’m definitely going to switch a couple things out in the back
to reduce that to the best of my ability. Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video
check back tomorrow for an update on this and please like and subscribe and
hope you guys enjoy the video!

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