Lego Batman vs The Riddler

[Robin] Let me go, Riddler [Riddler] HA HA HA! I don’t think so, Robin You see, I’m holding you hostage so I can lure the Batman into a trap and kill him when he arrives Scarecrow already tried that; it didn’t work Well Scarecrow is an idiot. I have a much better plan And what’s that? When he arrives, I’m gonna tell him a riddle. And when he gets it wrong, I’m gonna shoot him That has to be. The dumbest plan. I’ve ever heard No it’s not, it’s the greatest plan ever. Now shut up [awkward silence] So when’s Batman getting here? Hey, didn’t I tell you to shut up? [superhero landing] [Batman] Don’t worry, I’m here Robin Ahh, if it isn’t the Batman Let Robin go, Riddler Oh, I’ll let him go But first, riddle me this, Batman: Aww, f*beep* What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Are you kidding me? That’s your first riddle? Everyone knows that Also, it’s not even a riddle, it’s more like a joke Then what is it? [sigh] Nacho cheese (Not-yo cheese) Ooh, good job However, the rest won’t be that easy (under breath) You’ve got to be kidding me Riddle me this, Batman: what creature has four legs, two legs , and then three legs? Really? Nothing original here? Don’t you usually come up with your own riddles? Just answer the riddle already Fine, it’s humans Another correct answer But I highly doubt you’ll get this next one Riddle me this, Batman: I travel the whole world, but stay in one corner. What am I? Hmm. Well that one’s a little tougher Give up yet? Oh, I get it. It’s a stamp WHAT?!? Oh well, that one was easy,
the next one will be much harder Just let him go, Riddler He’s just a kid You think I give a crap about kids? I orphaned Bruce Wayne Wait, what? Yeah, I killed Thomas and Martha Wayne
and never got caught for it It was awesome. Did kinda suck, though There was only forty bucks in the wallet, and I never had the chance to use the credit card You killed. Thomas and Martha Wayne Yeah, why? [flashback time!] [Thomas Wayne] Son, you must promise me that no matter what you do, you kill the bastard that did this to us You must avenge our deaths [Young Bruce] I will, Father
[Deadpool cameo] [snap back to reality]
Umm, Batman? You still there? You are so dead Hmm? [Music – 1989 Batman theme]
[footsteps] [gun shots] [fighting sounds] [music]
[neck snap] Woah, Batman! Why’d you kill him? I thought your one rule was that you didn’t kill Didn’t you see my flashback? My dad made me promise to avenge him Flashback? What? Either way, Batman, killing is still wrong You know I could just leave you up there What I meant to say was, there’s nothing wrong with killing at all In fact, I think we should kill all our villains What the hell, Robin? Killing is wrong. You know what, I am just gonna leave you up there [footsteps] What just happened? [Outro music – 1989 Batman theme]
[Captions written by David Bump] [Gregory Animations does not own any music or
characters used in this video]

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