Lego Batman vs The Joker

[Batman] Robin, get over here [footsteps] [Robin] What is it, Batman? It’s time for a very important mission Oooooh, am I coming? Of course you are, Robin. I need someone to stand in the way of the bullets Wait, what? So anyway, as you know, the Joker has eluded us for some time now Yeah, he hasn’t done anything evil in a while Well, I think I found his secret hideout Really? Where is it? There’s a building on the outskirts of Gotham that has the sign on it: “Joker’s Secret Hideout” I believe this might be it Are you sure, Batman? This could be a trap Really, Robin? Does Joker seem like the kind of person to set a trap for me? Yes! Oh well, I doubt this will be one. Let’s go If you say so, Batman [1960s scene change sound effect] [Batman, whispered] Okay Robin, we’re in. Don’t make a sound [Robin, whispered] It’s rather dark in here. Maybe he’s not home [Batman, whispered] Well, he’s bound to show up sometime. We just have to wait [Robin, whispered] Wait, look! There’s a room down there that has the lights on [Batman, whispered] Let’s go [creaky door opens]
[creaky door closes] [Harley Quinn] Well hello there, Batsy and sidekick! Harley! Where’s the Joker? Oh, I’m afraid Mr. J went to run an errand He said you’d show up and told me to keep you two distracted See Batman, I told you it was a trap Shut up, Robin So Harley, where exactly did the Joker run an errand to? Arkham Thanks, Harley. You can handle her, right, Robin? But… [reverse Batman drop] Hmm. You know, keeping you two distracted probably included not telling you two where he was Oh well. At least I can keep you distracted Ah s*beep* [1960s scene change sound effect] [running footsteps]
[Joker laugh] [Joker] My evil plan is almost complete!
[We see you, Deadpool] [running footsteps]
Hold it right there, Joker Ah dammit! Wasn’t Harley supposed to keep you distracted, Bats? Well, she didn’t do a very good job She is distracting Robin though So? It’s not like Bird-Boy’s much of a threat Yeah, good point Either way, Bats, it’s already too late It’s never too late [Music – 1989 Batman theme]
[footsteps] [machine gun sounds]
[fighting sounds] [Music – 1989 Batman theme]
[footsteps] [fighting sounds] It’s over, Joker. So tell me: what was this evil plan of yours? [chuckles] Wouldn’t you like to know? [running footsteps]
[smack] [thud] [Bane] HA! Take that, Batman! [laughs] Good job, Bane So, your evil plan was to break out Bane? Ah, but not just Bane All the villains you’ve put away in Arkham for the past few months Aw s*beep* Together, we will finally defeat you And this city will be ours! Yaaaaaas, we will finally get our revenge Oh come on Penguin, it wasn’t totally my fault you ended up in jail Bane destroyed your machine Oh, well I’m sorry, but I wasn’t particularly fond of being turned into a penguin So? You had Batman dead to rights But you let him go, and because of that, we got put in jail Well, at least you got your name on the video, which is some bulls*beep* if you ask me You didn’t even fight him in the video Because it was my evil plan, not yours Boys, boys, enough! It’s all in the past. What’s important now is defeating Batman once and for all He’s right, I’m sorry Bane I’m sorry too Dammit, I thought that would work [Riddler] You should stop trying to pull us apart, Batman. It’s not gonna work Riddler? How are you still alive? I killed you This is the DC Universe. Do you think anyone really ever stays dead? [Scarecrow] Yeah, Two-Face died in the very first video, and here he is!
[Umm, y’all breaking the 4th wall without Deadpool. He’s gonna be pissed] Oh. Well, what about Mr. Freeze? Nope Oh thank God [Two-Face] Hold on a second: Batman killed you? Yeah Why would he do that? I thought he wasn’t a killer Not sure. I was just telling him about how I killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, and he seemed to get really angry about it and attacked me Wait a second, do you know what this means? Yeah… Batman is Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred! No, you idiot! Batman is Bruce Wayne!
[Scarecrow is actually smart for once!] Oh yeah, that make’s more sense Speaking of Batman: where did he go? Hey, where’d you go Bats? Don’t tell me you ran away… Ah. Dammit We know who he is though, so we know where he’ll probably be Oooh, yes. Everyone, to Wayne Manor! [Joker laugh] [So, seriously: How are these characters breaking the fourth wall without Deadpool? Do you realize how seriously pissed he’ll be when he finds out?] [Outro music – 1989 Batman Theme]
[Captions written by David Bump] [Gregory Animations does not own any music or
characters used in this video]

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11 thoughts on “Lego Batman vs The Joker

  1. Sam, I have a list of videos you should make in the future. 1. The lego versions of you and your friends arguing over which of your videos is the best. 2. Spiderman vs. Vemon 3. Batman vs. ManBat 4. Lego DC vs. Marvel 5. Lego Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse movie review! Please these are 5 videos I really to see you make

  2. So seriously how are these characters breaking the fourth wall without Deadpool? Do you realize how seriously pissed he’ll be when he finds out?

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