Lego Batman vs Deathstroke

[sipping his mug]
[Com. Gordon] Mmm, coffee [superhero landing]
[Batman] Hello Commissioner Ah, hello, Batman [Robin] I’m here, too Oh, HE’S still following you around? Sadly, yes Well, anyway Batman, I called you here because- Wait, why didn’t you just call us and tell us what we needed to know? We like to mix it up sometimes Ahh So anyway, like I was saying before I was RUDELY interrupted… Sorry …there’s this new villain in town. He calls himself “Deathstroke” Some of the biggest crime lords have been hiring him to take out their enemies Don’t worry, I’m on it, Gordon [1960s scene change sound effect] [Tyler] So then I told him, “Hey! Gimme my money back!” [Deathstroke] Hehehe. You’re mine now. Smile for the camera… Hold it right there, Deathstroke Well, well. I was wondering when I’d run into you, Batman Well it looks like today is your lucky day So are you going to give up, or are you going to make this difficult? [clank]
Hmm, how about difficult? [Music – 1989 Batman theme]
[footsteps] [punch] [kick] [music continues]
Any last words, Detective? [gun cocks] [music continues]
Uhh, yeah. Robin, attack! [music continues]
[Robin yells] [punch] [music continues]
Hey- get- bug-bugger off! [music continues]
[thud] [thud] [music continues]
Batman, what are you doing? [music continues]
We can’t win this, Robin. We have to retreat
[You mean “advance in the opposite direction”] [music continues]
[running footfalls] [thud] Heh. We’ll meet again, Detective. Next time [1960s scene change sound effect] Batman! Why the hell did we retreat?
[Jeez, Robin, how much more animated can you get?] Didn’t you realize, Robin? He had super-strength So? What does that matter? We’ve taken down people with super-strength before But not with the skills that Deathstroke has
[Yo, G.A., first word seemed a little cutoff, eh?] Well then what are we gonna do, Batman? We’re gonna need a little help [1960s scene change sound effect] [Green Arrow] …and that’s why I never leave my arrows on my couch
[…I’m not sure if the rest of us want to hear that story…] [Speedy] Man, dude, sounds painful Actually, it was kind of arousin-
[Audio cut again, G.A.]
[We REALLY don’t want to hear that story] [thud]
Hello, Oliver Queen Ahh, Bruce. Long time no see Wait. Bruce Wayne is Batman?
[Haven’t we heard this line before from somewhere else?] Great job, Ollie Oh, come on. He’s my sidekick. You can trust him. So, what brings you to Starling City, Batman? Remember that guy named Deathstroke that you said was giving you trouble? Yeah Well, he’s shown up in Gotham I tried taking him down myself, but couldn’t do it. So I was hoping that you would help me Wait. You came all the way to Starling City, just to ask me to help you in Gotham? Why didn’t you just call me? Hey, I take any chance I can to get away from Robin Good point, let’s go [1960s scene change sound effect] [Sam] Okay guys, we need some new video ideas Any suggestions? I got an idea How about-
[Sam and David] Shut up, Tyler! Aww [thud] Time to die, mates [screams]
[running footfalls] [footsteps]
Hold it right there, Deathstroke
[Bats, you okay man? Sound a bit down] Well, if it isn’t Batman again. Along with Green Arrow. Been a long time, kid. It’s over, Slade. Give up. You really expect me to just give up? Well, no, but it was worth the sho-
[Audio, G.A. Need to look into it] Well, I guess we gotta do this the hard way again I’ve been looking forward to this [Music – 1989 Batman theme]
[arrows firing] [blade deflection] [music continues]
[punch] [clank] [kick] [music continues]
[running footfalls] [punch] [thud] [music continues]
[batarang] [kick] [running footfalls] [thud] Time to go to jail, Deathstroke I ain’t going to jail. I’d rather die [thud] [gun cocks]
[Deadpool] Wish granted
[Oh hey it’s Deadpool] [boom]
[splat] Dammit Deadpool, what was that for? What? You were fine when I killed Mr. Freeze Yeah, because Mr. Freeze was a lame villain
[Bats, you’re testing the fourth wall here] Deathstroke was actually kinda cool Oh. Well. S*beep* Why’d you kill him? Because, he copied off my look. And I don’t take too kindly to copycats But, I thought you were created by Marvel to be the parody of Deathstroke Oh, blah, blah. Does that really matter? Anyway, I’m starving. I’mma go get a chimichanga
[footsteps] Well, I guess our work here is done Thanks for the help, Green Arrow No problem, Batman. Us non-superpowered heroes have to stick together Definitely, man So now wha-?
[Third time this video. It’s either the voice actor or the editor that’s the issue] I say, we go get some booze
[Mr. Booze, anyone?] Sounds good to me [Outro music – 1989 Batman Theme]
[Captions written by David Bump] [Gregory Animations does not own any music or
characters used in this video]

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