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taken today we have some transformer than DC Comics Rachel Batman marvel avengers Thomas and the mighty mini that looks like they’re from all kinds of different places so let’s start with the Transformers of the only have 150 of guys out of the way you can see and it’s not on hunter this one is transformers whose you’re going to be rich her former mine would be bubbly let’s open them up and see who we have and we have ultra magnus see what he does it looks like it from little Clips how funny 10 rolls he transforms oh that’s why they call the Sheriff’s worker he goes from a little man and we lift up his hands push it back in its partners grab how funny p alright let’s see we have batman superman mighty mini series 1 alright let’s see what these days looks like we got to put together to figure out if it is the Batman make sure put it right on the right side just pop right and this is kryptonite Batman could keep on this we’ve all that close to people up and get on your nuts push that in fact that can help cool he is it keeps not staying on for me how to do that later we go back and forward and move his arms how fun my kryptonite Batman with being cast in batman superman variety mini get him out this is a different one let’s see who this is another Batman and field meet this one is a bird that man get him all of his are you don’t want to pop in you must be an armless Batman don’t know I don’t know you want to stay together for me there it goes together hard to put together if we can get this keep on ok here we go there’s our armor Batman we don’t think that had played alright let’s see we have DC Comics he contains one who she pencil topper how find it will go perfectly forward oh ok we got that woman she’s awesome quickly to the pencil right there right away with Catwoman alright let’s do do that making your marbles when we get home we have a whole know I know this guy’s name this is Marvel’s riot it looks like it’s made of metal very cool looking guys ok let’s do I taught us the train back these ones are fun you briefly she that’s the best part about these fashions if I could open this guy these are always hard to overcome Thomas behind we gotta squish squishy ones that house where she is but blood is I superfine our human dissonance maybe we’ll get Thomas we did we do be days where squish-squish school already this event promises common friend but i don’t remember the name Wow look at that I have all the fun of those i love those let’s do the way go about that now this is perfect for the movies you through every we’re going to keeping that you be careful when you open needs to keep its fabric get your brushes out so i put him together right is this that looks like at the belt and then we got the body and then let’s get the head okay looks like a Wolverine Batman oh and I should probably put him keep on i’m going to put that over shutter had to have some way to it looks like it’s slowing protect oh yes i will bring that man because you have like this little hand thing it will rain doze and his yellow soberly lake will rain too let’s get the wolverine closer look at how cool he is many of the little fan you can place the monster can stop gotta level items are listed a Batman mashup I wonder who we’re going to get Joker hahaha i love killer he looks really pearly fairly light we wish you always need to have a back-end the wolverine that making come save you that Joker bad Joker all right let’s get to be the trend your microwave microwave for a new favorite love Ashley what do we have here I don’t know this guy i’m not a big huge Avengers Washington don’t know but i love the light together red light I think he’s ironman make sense of those days in his red light let’s see who else we have open spots of the bag now I hope we don’t get all the same day the light works at least let’s see who else we have we’ve got another one of the band I oh my gosh we’re going to have to send these out to our fast as light works too we got iron man we got a different guy and he has a red light to be pretty cool hopefully get another different one we got another I’m and don’t forget to Like and subscribe thanks for watching

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