LEGO Batman – Robin Smokes Out 2 (Stop Motion Brickfilm)

In the deepest dankest lair of the Batman Strain Robin, well, if your strained then you should go take a nap Batman Robin. Shut up It’s a strain not a string your flower gasser What would you know about cool Robin? Because Batman I smoke now Robin smoking doesn’t make you cool now but chugging it that’s something and if you do that, I will respect you for About a week to be honest That’s good to know It’s also good to know that the heroes of Gotham City are higher than the airplanes on Alfred show gonna can die Yeah, Alfred smoke a doobie. You’re not you and you’re not If you direct that to me one more time master dick, I will rip your arms off and fist your soul through your nose, ah Great good job Alfred now, I gotta put him back together again or we’re so I could put you back together What did you punch out Alfred? Oh nothing sir. Ah Well, he can wait a few hours How I swear Dada Soliciting I’m Batman. Oh crap was that Shazam? Damn it feet Die are you a human tomato asking me that Batman Batman I need your help Batman? Okay look Batman I got really high last night and went back in time and accidentally bunged my mom Lunged so I went back in time and accidentally killed that version of myself Baron, but Batman I then started to vanish So Batman I had to then go back and make sure I existed in the first place Batman Doing so I have rebooted my entire origin story. Come on Hmm I smell boat dead oh No, I’m vanishing Batman Batman. Make sure become the flash but Yeah, that sounds like way too much work Batman there’s a hippie in my closet again Oh, damn it flash. I hate how you have no logic. This is all because of them dumb drugs Alfred direct your flap gap anywhere else Wally are you okay? No, my name is Barry Allen. Oh, wait what damn it flash? Stop messing with the space-time continuum Flash oh, yeah, right. That’s so you you like do things fast. And your name is the flash It’s sort of lame, but it does the job and get you some of the ass So wait, I’m a stripper What no how when the cook did you do things fastest is the flash and I get a lot of ass It all makes sense now Batman Mary. I’ve always been destined to be a stripper Batman my father always told me that I was going to be something but I now know I Was always destined to die from an overdose at 37 Okay Robin he was on me Lily couldn’t exactly help it Robin good for him Whatever Robin you should be used to strippers on you An insult because those strippers would be guys Batman this is 2019. Now homophobic joke are gay Screw you Batman and that’s why I locked my door at night Can we just deal with the mess once known as a superhero? You better be talking about the flash not me Yeah, we’re screwed Got any ideas Oh Idea Good point like what even is an idea one day he’ll is loose Okay Alfred funny thing So I screwed up the Flash’s origin story. I really put your debt so I hung him over there just until we figure out something to do with him wanting to be a stripper and all this is All because of them Don drugs master Wayne. What’s a drug? actually though like what defines a drug Oh No, you’re opening an all-new sort of hello Alfred Barry its Barry whatever Jay you can run fast now, that’s what he meant by fast Why didn’t one of you just say that we did we said you could do things fast not do people fast Flash you’re funny And I don’t know what the shotgun is oh You should be the one to know muster dick Oh Fred why you gotta be so mean to me because I con master dick Dada Dada You’ve left me with no choice Alfred. I have called upon the weed Wangler, ‘he’s my personal private team of having a good ass time Hit the deck What the hell alfrid you’ve brought this doubles lettuce into the cave to tempt us to the dark side of the drugs I have to do what I have to do Master Wayne Don’t worry. This old man ain’t going nowhere Damn it, India Euro Butler man. You’re wack Butler man, then you can leave. Mr. Allen Oh, I was planning such a movement. Oh, you mean you can leave this life Okay, well this was fun, I’m gonna drink myself into another coma just to forget this all happened Bitch bitch ha that was eventful. We should go and watch some paradise PD now Alfred no, you are the one in which who has been the one to have gone mad No, no, no, no master Wayne. I’m the only sane one here Look Alfred you’ve always busted my balls for using guns. And now look what you’ve done Again, I did what I had to do then I’ll do it, too No matter what. You can’t last forever master Wayne Yeah, and there’s another way I last longer than you do Nailed the one Hey, so Batman, I don’t want to point any fingers, but I’m missing like $100 out of my whoa. Oh someone’s dying Robin are you dead yet? It blocked the shot No way. I want some of that Batman. Oh hell Yeah, let’s puff this shit up and Toby hotbox the entirety of the Batcave that could take years Let’s do it

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