Okay, Animaniacs. I know not everyone agreed when I made Lego movie my best film of 2014, but it was my list, and I apologize for nothing. But I acknowledge that that was a year with a fair number of movies it all could have been called the best. It’s such an arbitrary concept anyway. However its success at least reassured me that even if it would be making a spin-off of one of its most popular comic characters, *with mildly shadeulous attitude* a trope that Does Not Always Yield Pleasant Results, I was assured that they’d pull it off with at least the similar ballpark of quality. And that theory has been CONFIRMED, because to say completely original from every other movie reviewer on the internet, turns out Lego Batman, is pretty good! At least for those who also thought that the Lego Movie was amazing. In fact it probably wouldn’t be that controversial to say that this is the best movie with Batman in the central character in almost a decade! Though DC Animated movies may vary. Of course this isn’t technically the canonical DC Universe Batman this is the Batman character as-portrayed-from-The-Lego-Movie Batman. An exaggerated narcissist obsessed with darkness and being the very best, like no one ever was. A perfect parody for what various industries have been doing to this character for decades now. In fact this Batman is almost like if the How It Should Have Ended series had its own movie. And actually that description is even more relevant for reasons I can’t even go into because spoilers. And not just because he says BECAUSE I’M BATMAN! like five times. Still, this Batman is a Master Builder like he was in The Lego Movie, but other than that, there’s no real references to the larger Lego Multiverse. No, rather than self aware dissection of Chosen One tropes and incorporating the philosophy of the brand its advertising, Lego Batman is full on a Batman movie, or more particularly, a Batman spoof movie, you know, back when those didn’t suck. Aside from Batman just being a very cartoony version of himself this movie pulls in jokes and references from the Entire Batman Franchise not just the movies not just the cartoon his entire Existence from the very start: comic books, Adam West, Shark Repellent Spray. Oh Yeah. You know it’s in there. And that aside There’s jokes about other superheroes, meta jokes about Superhero movies, meta jokes on movie movies, movie villains There’s a lot of jokes in here is my point, because this movie is insanely funny. It throws out jokes a mile a minute and hardly ever slows down and that can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually pretty well contained in a compelling narrative that’s also one of the better theatrical Batman character stories. Of course it has the second and final Act emotional moments, but really from start to finish it is a roller coaster of crazy Lego action scene and Batman metahumor, again, why the How It Should Have Ended comparison is so apt. Heck, actually given the pokes at its own franchise, the exaggerated almost unlikable self-centered personality and even the shortened stature, GEE! IT’S LIKE IF TEEN TITANS GO DIDN’T SUCK! And again, its construction being so similar to The Lego Movie is a good gauge on how you’d feel about this one, though I think it might actually be more funny. I’m not even kidding; about halfway through this movie I noticed that my cheeks were hurting and I realized I had spent almost the entire movie smiling. I didn’t know my face was capable of doing that! Still, it has the same manic speed and because everything is constructed out of CGI blocks, sometimes the action scenes and destruction can be a bit…cluttered. Also the final ending solution is a little bit…silly. (Yes even for a Lego movie.) So it’s not perfect, but it is unquestionably well written, excellently performed, and executed with love. Even the overly cute hyper-fanboy Robin, the easiest thing that could have gone wrong, is funny, adorable, and sympathetic. But it’s also really crucial that Alfred and Barbara Gordon are the grounded serious characters to balance out the over-the-top personalities of Batman and Robin. Though if anything Barbara Gordon is the exact same character as Wyldstyle. I don’t care, as long as she’s not Barbara Gordon from Killing Joke. Oh, and Zach Galifanakis as the Joker. Oh, Zach Galifanakis as the Joker. It’s just…the Joker is just fantastic. The Joker is just great. Again, the best in almost a decade. Oh, and while I’m at it, and at risk giving away a mild spoiler, a better Suicide Squad movie than Suicide Squad. *all clandestine-like* Psst. I hope you got my subtle insinuations that the recent DC stuff isn’t very good. So, yes the movie was spectacular and more than welcome. I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but the world has been kind of a, well, let’s just say more stressful place than usual in the past couple of weeks So man did the world just need this movie right now. I guess the only question now is Has DC Learned Anything? *spoiler alert: yes. But only for this one movie.* And also how many more Lego movies are we going to get? Oh. Right. That thing. I know nothing about. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. *Who’s the (Bat)Man begins to play* WHO HAS THE COOLEST GADGETS‽ (BATMAN!) WHO HAS THE TRICKED-OUT RIDE‽ (BATMAN!) WHO DOES THE SICKEST BACKFLIPS‽ (BATMAN!) NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA: BATMAN!!! Oh, also, if any of you ask where the Worst to Best list is, I will curse you with leeches.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO BATMAN Review

  1. Literally the only thing I could think of watching this movie was the Starkid parody musical Holy Musical [email protected]! Like this movie made some of the same jokes that I have to wonder if they watched the musical beforehand. I’m not complaining, just something I noticed.

  2. I don’t like how they aged up Barbara for that crummy romances oh well still better then the one from killing joke

  3. Also, the part where they throw in every villain fricking EVER is hilarious, since Sauron is destroyed by a shot to the eye and the put in a green Godzilla monster






  5. After Wonder Woman and Lego Batman Movie
    Me: "Wow, DC has really been making a comeback! I wonder if they could make another good mov-"
    Justice League has joined the server

  6. In my opinion the DC Animated movie of "Batman: Assault on Arkham" was a better telling of the story of Suicide Squad then the live action movie of Suicide Squad.

  7. I’m more of Marvel fan so I didn’t understand all of the references, but I was doing the smiling throughout the whole entire movie too. I absolutely loved it.


    Call me crazy, but I absolutely LOVED the part when Joker travels to the Phantom Zone to recruit villains. THEY'RE ALL THERE.
    The T-Rex AND Charlie the raptor from the Jurassic Park series, the shark from Jaws (only smaller), the Gremlins, Voldemort, Godzilla, King Kong, the Daleks, Sauron, those weird skeleton monsters whose names I forget. You name it; it's there, and I LOVE IT.

  9. 4:14 I disagree. I think the new rebirth series for Wonder Woman and The Flash are really good. I've heard Aquaman's great too. Although I won't read Supergirl Rebirth because its premise sounds like it's just copying the Arrowverse Supergirl and I already have Netflix for that and season 1 on my shelf right next to my copy of Summer Wars. You like Summer Wars, right Celly?

  10. LEGO movie: has charm but was was not very good
    LEGO Batman movie: bad and a shit Batman parody
    LEGO ninjago movie: LEGO Batman movie but worse
    LEGO movie 2 the second part: diet LEGO movie

  11. Joker: Hey Sauron!
    Sauron: What's up?
    Joker: Doesn't your eye give you the ability to see through space and time?
    Sauron: Yeah?
    Joker: I need you to tell me where home boy's mancave is at
    Sauron: Sure, give me a second. scary noise

    Me: As a hardcore Lotr fan… I found immensely hilarious. LEGO? Where's my Lego Lord of The Rings movie? It can be done AND it be hilarious, not mention it could kinda be like this movie. Funny but also very serious when it needs to be

  12. lego movies(or lego spinoffs in general) seem to have a style of taking movies that didn't have that much comedy and turning them into comedic spoofs adding comic relief (the one thing that was missing) and generally making them more cartoony

  13. Four LEGO movies are out now and I still have to say this one was my favorite. In fact, I would go even further to say this is my favorite kids movie (maybe even in my top five favorite movies in general). I wasn’t even a Batman fan before watching that movie two years ago but after I watched it, I ended up becoming one and learned a lot more about the actual characters. This movie was basically my intro to DC (I knew what teen titans go was before but I wouldn’t count that).

  14. 2 years late here, but one of the best parts are the Sci-fi British Alien Robots. Daleks are supreme. What more is to be said.

  15. Think my favorite joke is when robin said the other kids called him dick Grayson, and Batman said “kids can be cruel.”

  16. Lego Batman is absolutely my favourite. I loved how they portrayed Batman, making him all dark, brooding, pretty edgy, and funny! (Even if he doesnt mean to be) Its a fun movie that I love to rewatch again and again, and I still laugh at the jokes!

  17. Okay, I haven't seen the Ninjago movie nor any of those Lego movies with straight to DvD releases (except one but I can't remember that), but from the three I have seen, they are all ranging from really good to amazing! (Also, if you haven't seen The Lego Movie 2, watch it! But watch it twice, it introduces so much at the plot twist that it barely had time for me to breathe and process what just happened. And don't let the weak start fool you!)

  18. I loved the part where you said “I noticed that my cheeks were hurting and I realized I had spent almost the entire movie smiling.” You’ve earned a like and sub

  19. Me and my dad are constantly at odds with my mom for Batman vs. Superman respectively and who's cooler

    And even though I love Batman, this framing of him as a narcissistic manchild obsessed with looking good and being jealous af of Superman in these movies is actually fantastic

  20. I loved this movie, so much. However I wonder where bat girl and robin were in the LEGO movie 2

  21. I Miss spoof movies, I remember I used to call them "make fun of movies" lol, the one where its spiderman but a dragonfly and the Narnia that had jack sparrow in it for some reason? where my two favourites.

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