Lego Batman Review of Set #50003 Lego Batman Board Game

Voiceover: Hey guys, (inaudible). And today we’ve got a review of the Lego Batman Board Game, set number 50003. Instructions are right here. This board game is one of
the last ones, obviously. The Lego board game line has been discontinued and this was one of the last board games that were made. I don’t believe this one
was released in the U.S. I know at least from the Lego store it was only out for about a month and a half. That’s last year from like August to September or something like that. But it was only out about
40 days at the Lego store. There are still some
places in the UK that you can find it, like, for retail. I don’t remember how much
they retail for, but just the other day it was on sale somewhere in the UK online for 18 pounds. But I already had it so I didn’t worry about trying to track down that deal as this one had already came in the mail. So I was kind of surprised when I opened the box to see how
shredded the instruction… This is the instruction booklet and this is how it looked laying in the box. All ripped and smashed up. And it was set in flat on the bottom and these plates were
sitting on top of it. So I don’t know if they–there
had to be–some snags or something in there for them to slide around and mash it up like that. But the seals were in tact. All the pieces were here. So I’m sure the box wasn’t opened. Just one of those things. Kind of looks like the
sets, the instructions from when I was a kid. Well loved. Anyway, on to the actual set itself. And one of the biggest
reasons I got this set was for the micro-figures. And I don’t have a whole
lot of micro-figures, but these, obviously, superheros being my favorite line, I had to have these. So that’s why I got the set. It’s a little bit too long for my camera so let me show you this. This is the instruction booklet
on how to play the game. And if you have ever played a Lego game before, sometimes
the most challenging part of the Lego game
is trying to interpret the instructions on how to play it. Basically the goal is to… The bad guys are trying to rob the museum and you have to find out which bad guy it is and chase them down. And whoever catches the
bad guy first, wins. So let’s take a look at
what we’ve got on the board. We’ve got the bat symbol right here. I’ll just pop that off, maybe. So we’ve got the bat symbol. Pretty cool little build. It does spin, woo hoo! (whooshing) It doesn’t really, that was me, it doesn’t really do that when you spin it. I made that, but it is pretty cool. I thought it was pretty neat. I like the black and the yellow. It’s a pretty neat
color combination for me so we’ll stick that back on there. So we got a couple of
little buildings here. Some water, a little stream. And here’s our museum. And I can’t pop that one off because it’s actually on there pretty good. But there’s a gym inside the museum. And that’s what our bad guys
over here at the funhouse. This one I can take off. That’s what they’re after. So we’ve got the usual suspects here. We’ve got Riddler, Joker,
Mr. Freeze and Two Face. And I thought that was a pretty neat little funhouse there, little hideout. I like the color combination. Using the traditional colors. And it just kind of looks neat. I’m not that skilled at these
little smaller buildings so I can definitely respect people that can make something that
nice on a small scale. Alright so we’ve got our bad guys. We got a place for Robin. We got our bat symbol,
it’s flying up in the air. And now, let’s take a
look at the good guys. I’ll pop this off over here. Here are the good guys. Alright we got Batman,
Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. And this is the first
appearance of Batgirl although she’ll be in a new set coming out in March with the
Joker Steamroller set. So micro-figures really
don’t count, let’s say, if you’re a mini figure
collector, per se, but I really like them so I’m gonna
add these to my display cabinet with my other
DC figs in the future and that’s where they’ll reside. But since I’ve built
the game I figured we go ahead and play it a few times before I put the figures up into the display case. The idea, like I was
saying, is the bad guys are supposed to leave the hideout and come over here and rob the museum. The good guys are supposed to figure out who’s robbing the museum. And the way you do that is when you land on a certain square, which
is a police station square, and I haven’t played it
yet I just read through the instructions real quick
so I could give you an idea. The first time you land
on one of these squares and some of them, I guess,
are denoted as police station squares, you are
supposed to draw a card. And these are upside down. So if I was the first
one to play and I landed on it and I drew the Joker, then I would be chasing the Joker, OK? Then the next person
who drew whichever one they got, and that’s each
of our four villans here, then that’s the person
that they would be chasing. Alright, so you have your dice. When you roll the dice,
if you roll this one, the bad guys get to move one square. And if you roll these, you get to move a square for your good guy. If you roll this one, you get to choose from the bat equipment. Oh yeah! So, you get the trusty bat equipment. Here’s one of them, the boomerang. You can use that apparently
to do some special moves or maybe move an extra
square or what have you. The other one is the bat car. A nice little mini build here. I always thought that car looked funny because it’s like a dragster shape. Whatever you call those things where they (engine revving) then they
take off down the track. I’m not a big race fan but
I think they’re drag racers. Anyway, that’s what it
always reminded me of. Those funny cars. So pretty neat. It does look like the
Batmobile on the big scale. Anyway, if you get this one
when you roll the symbol, if you pick the car you
get to move an extra space. So, obviously, the car makes you faster. So you get to move whatever you roll on the dice, plus one. And then there’s the bat boat. The bat boat here. And when you get the bat
boat you can cross the water. You don’t have to actually… I’m standing on the bridge
and when you’re going around you don’t have to
actually follow the road. You can cross over if
you have the bat boat. So you can get from one place to another a lot more quickly. So, again, haven’t played it yet but I probably will later
today, maybe tomorrow. But that’s pretty much
everything that came with it. The building instructions,
the game instructions. The character cards, the board. And the Batmobile, the bat jet,
the batarang, and the dice. So that’s pretty much it
for the review of this set. Very happy to have it and I
hope you enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for watching,
I’ll see ya next time.

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12 thoughts on “Lego Batman Review of Set #50003 Lego Batman Board Game

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your review. I actually really like to play the Lego games with my two boys, sad that this one was a limited release.

  2. I not a big fan if micro figures, but the ones in this game look great. I might pick this up as they are still pretty affordable in the UK. Nice review.

  3. I was actually hoping you would play the game as I have no clue as to what you are supposed to do and there is no instructions or videos online and no How to Play video on the Lego website or YouTube channels.  

  4. Hi, I've just received this from an EBay seller and there's no Villain cards. I know you posted this over a year ago but I wondered if you could tell me if these are needed? looks like a great game hope the lack of these means it's not playable 🙁

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