LEGO Batman Movie: The Batwing set review! 70916

Hello, this is the batwing from the Lego Batman movie with over 1,000 pieces This was a pretty serious build especially for something from a movie [that] was essentially a parody It’s also a pretty heavy thing fairly Dense especially in its core with a lot of strength required to hold the wings out and To also be able to do some transformations for one thing you’ve got this Cannon up on the top which doubles as an actuator for the rotation of the engine [Pod] and those engine pods are huge Notice that they’re rotating around the wings I mean the wing struts are inside of each of these assemblies And you have to have gears in there as well to be able to move in a different direction from where you’re actually turning So the gear train actually comes down [from] above turns these smaller gears on the sides and then turns these very law large gear Turntables, it’s very smooth And it’s very secure and yet through all of that through this center section which has a hole going through there in order to hold the Wing steady you also have these? Ratcheted joints to allow you to change the angles of the wing so that you can put this down kind of like the Scuttler in that bat on the ground kind of pose and use the two of those together as you like to do the whole vertical takeoff and landing sort of thing [just] Access this from out here the wings have to be done manually you can bring the wings all the way out completely horizontal They do not go up at all, but they can go flat which makes them pretty wide I feel like the design of this thing Though accurate to the movie is in the movie a little bit stumpy You know it seems a little bit tall in the fuselage Maybe short in the fuselage just a lot of the dimensions seem short, but again. That’s just how it is in the movie Surprisingly even though it has all that mechanism. That’s built into this thing and you also have the [ability] to slightly change some of these smaller Surfaces out here just kind of adjust things a little bit There’s also usable [face] inside of this back where you would expect [the] mechanism to be taking up all of the space so they have structure and Mechanism and Extra Space Little Cargo Bay back here with us [small] go-kart [that] you can deploy for a robin that he can actually Drive around on this thing It’s very small But I guess alternately you can put something else back there if you wanted to but that’s that’s nice just really super efficient Use of space and this thing does have a good amount of detail and texture on it as you look around from from different Angles it doesn’t have the ugly Angles from most of The ways that you would actually use this I don’t like seeing the base of this 4×4 Plate here, but other than that It’s set up pretty nicely including lots of texture on the top of the wing it does use a lot [of] stickers up here But the good news is that they don’t add too much the stickers themselves You know the pieces definitely add a lot of texture the stickers are Almost subtle you know from a distance you might not even notice them at all so if you don’t like those And you don’t want to deal with all those just leave them off It’ll still look really good the whole thing I do like using those stickers in closer here and also these [ones] on The engine pods because I feel like they do definitely add to the look of the [thing] this canopy piece is New as a print as a printed canopy piece which I think is great I think it looks really good, and it will be super useful for custom builds as well because there’s nothing about it That is absolutely specific to anything Batman Related it could definitely be used for other custom things And I always love to see that especially with [prints] one of the difficult things when they do make prints You know a lot of us ask for prints instead of stickers, but sometimes oftentimes Prints will make something really specific and very Recognizable, I guess you kind of see those being the bat ears if you see just right there But it’s easy to look past that you can open up the canopy and then there are two seats in there And there’s a decent amount of detail I’ll actually take the figures out so you can see that better Stickers are used for details on the sides plus for the pilots position in the front there are two control [stakes] The top view really shows the bat silhouette there, and I think that this is the most Elegant view of the thing and the most well-developed it’s really nice to see it like this I only wish there is a way to appreciate it like this more easily But just reasonably isn’t unless you come up with your own Mount to put it on a wall or something [this] also has a good amount of detail on the top of the fuselage with some Bars and you know the other kind of grille details and such I think even the underside looks Unexpectedly good with the extra transparent pieces placed in there to represent lights or small thrusters and just the overall arrangement of colors and the Swap between the Gray areas and black areas as well be fine and seems like it has purpose So it doesn’t look random like a lot of a lot of little crafts do from underneath Either wing has two things that you can shoot with as well that you can optionally use or leave off Spring-loaded shooter out towards the tip and then a disc launcher right here this uses just plain discs They’re not even printed in this case interestingly has a little remote activator back here So you don’t need to bury your finger down in there Just push it against this on the back which uses the nice light Bluish gray colored technique ball and which is an uncommon color for that piece, and you just push it in and Off that goes that went about [six] feet so not too far, but these Spring-loaded shooters work really well What about eight feet I would say interestingly the front view looks more [sleek] to me and makes it look like it has different Proportions than it does from other views very much reminds me of the Russian fighter jet the MiG-25 Foxbat The figures are of course Batman Robin and Harley quinn the most interesting of these to me being the Harley quinn figure It’s another excellent minifigure-ification of that character a very high-class figure in General with Specialized hairpiece that they created for this one also has [a] new specialized [tutu] piece which has been printed so it’s half black and half red on the top Her big old Hammer also has prints on it The main Red piece the round a 2 by 2 brick with the technic hole going through it is printed on both sides that Target on The flat end of it on the 2 by 2 tile there is printed the print specific to this character always [a] luxury to get stuff [like] that from Lego the normal outfits for Batman and Robin of [course] and there are some alternate faces to be seen so [there] are those and I also want you to see of course the previous phases with any headgear removed so you see that more clearly and for one last thing just so you can see how the Expression comes through we put the headgear on there I think that’s important to see how it’s actually going to look most of the time I think these are a good range of different expressions that are useful for these characters Last up Harley quinn gets a stud cannon in this set with the six stud shooter I like the windup piece on the side And I like the color scheme for this it’s very very appropriate for her and though. This is a small [thing] Including in a big set to go against a very large thing it is able to shoot at the back [lane] Thanks to the angle and you know it’s a lot of studs It’s a lot of firepower to actually put up in the air [does] that worked out pretty well in my opinion large Heavy sturdy yet with a efficient use of space Switchable and playable, [I] think fans of all ages will appreciate the build as well Which is decently advanced yet? Not frustrating that’s about all I can say about this set without rambling or getting repetitive I think the set really speaks for itself for the most part and the only surprises it has our good ones It seems like the price to part ratio on this one is good as well If there’s anything you would like to add if you have a different opinion Please feel free to share that with the rest of the viewers in the comments on the video down [below] Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you again soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie: The Batwing set review! 70916

  1. Hello!
    Good price per part value considering the large jungle set has a lot less pieces and is 20 dollars more expensive!

  2. I kind of want to get this just to customise it as a Star Wars craft. This thing seems so awesome. Also, that Harley figure is incredible. I especially love the sassy/unimpressed expression.

  3. Hey Jang, I was wondering whether you were ever going to do a review of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine set. I bought the set some months back and my dad and I really enjoyed the set's solid construction and references to the 60's film, which we've all seen (mum's a big Beatles fan too, but dad's the engineer). I just thought I would put it on your radar because I found the build to be immensely satisfying with all the colour, shaping and love (literally) that was put into it. The figures are also, in my opinion, top-notch in quality and likeness to the actual Fab Four; maybe it's because I haven't bought any Lego products in years that I found this set to be so nostalgic. Not sure if you're a Beatles fan, but I highly recommend you at least purchase the set for yourself!

  4. The Batwing, $90: printed cannopy piece.
    UCS Snowspeeder, $200/220€: 5 stickers in the front cannopy piece (plus 4 stickers on the sides cannopy)
    Well done Lego, you make Star Wars fans feel special!

  5. Ever since I saw you using the corner of a brick separator to apply stickers in one of your previous videos I have been doing the same and I just have to say it works so well. No more wonky, non edge sticking stickers for me. Just wanted to say thanks for that. Great review of this set too btw.

  6. So, can the wings of this set be affixed to the Scuttler to replicate its flying appearance from the film?

  7. This Batwing is even more impressive than I first thought! And also a lot bigger than I expected, pleasantly surprised! I must admit that I'm a big fan of the Batwing itself, especially the version from the '89 movie, but I'm not sure if they ever made a Lego set for this one. Still, it's really extra cool!

  8. The only thing that could make this better would be a stand to put it straight up and down, I have this set myself and it's fantastic!

  9. Would love to see a speed-build video for this. Some really interesting construction techniques I bet!

  10. The head and hair for Harley reminds me of the NCIS TV show forensic scientist character (Abby) played by Pauley Perrette!

  11. Looks awesome. What might be good is Customizing it and enlarging the wingspan, adding some animal characteristics and making some kind of giant mechanical bird. (not sure if it would be a good idea to make it uav or piloted)

  12. Personally I'm a little disappointed in the Minifigure selection. For a $100 USD set, I expect to get at least 6 Minifigures. And Batman and Robin are both figures one can get in relatively inexpensive sets (Catwoman Cycle Chase and Joker Balloon Escape together is only $30 USD). I love the shape and design of the batwing, but I feel this set could have included some more unique Batman Villians, or at the very least throw in another Joker.

  13. I'm so confused. Clearly this set is already out in many areas, but it's not for sale in any of my local stores (Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc) and it won't be for sale on the lego site until 6/1. For those who have gotten it already, where did you manage to find it?

  14. again lego another awesome sent. but again lego its £100.00 in the uk where in america its only $90.00. i mean 3 figs for that price is pritty poor even if the harley quinn fig is amazing the batman and robin are nothing new.
    shall be purchasing the harley quinn fig nothing else

  15. Like this set……glad too that you can get another new version of Harley Quinn instead of having to hope you get one with the batman mini figures.  Not one who stands in a lego section of a store feeling blind packs for a particular figure. I would rather buy a set that you're guaranteed to get a particular figure. Of course can get one in the Joker Notorious rider set too…..

  16. For the top view of the set question, for stealth missions it could cling to dark mountains or buildings.

  17. I really wish that they did a combination model with the scuttler to make the flying scuttler in the movie

  18. Oh my god, i sooooo love that Harley-minifig … might have to get that separately, as i'm not the biggest fan of the Batwing as a whole.

    The only thing i do not like about this set – at least after only seeing if here in this review – is the fact that the gun on top doubles as a part of the transformation-mechanic. No problem when you put it up on a shelf i guess, but if i played with that as a kid it would annoy me that whenever i want to 'aim' that canon, the engines would move.

  19. It's so stupid that I have to buy this set in order to get Harley's Hammer which she actually used in the film. They gave her a bat in the Jokers Lowrider which she never even used. This set should also include more minifigs. Only 1 is exclusive, which I would love to own, but it's not worth it to buy this big set for just one minifig. It should've came with Gremlins or Alfred in the '66 suit or Barbara in her commissioner outfit.

  20. If you look closely at Harley's cannon (8:15), you'll see a connection point for a ball socket… since Lego doesn't just add connection points to builds without any justification, I have reason to suspect that there are more sets coming for this line.

  21. Very well done set imo. Pleasantly surprised to see the price at only $90 US when I was expecting well over 100; great value I think.

  22. hey jang, which set do you think would be better to ask for my B day. My parents don't care about the price, but I can't decide between the Lego Batwing or the Lego NASA Apollo Saturn v rocket

  23. I think that the wings fold in to Make it look like it just turned from the scuttler to the batwing like in the movie

  24. I can't for Harley's truck to come out. I am super curious if you will be able to put the stud cannon in this set on the back of the truck. It was shown as such in the making of the movie book.

  25. Am I the only one who finds it weird that the cannon will look funky when it’s facing off to the side when you want to function the jets?😕

  26. great review . But everyone needs to say he the movie again . the bat mobile turned into the bat wing . the scuttler is a bat mech the wings are folded into the arms . it is not I stress not the bat wing. the scuttler is it's own vehicle . thank you but it's bugging me that people say this I've watched the movie 10 times in 2 days cuz of my son .

  27. I'm buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  28. The only set I need to compete the Lego Batman Movie collection. For the price they should have included more than 3 minifigures.

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