LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 sets information!

Hello, just2good here, and my friend Delta Customs on Instagram has
provided some exciting info for The LEGO Batman Movie
Summer 2017 sets! This picture he posted says it all! There will be a set with Bane and the Mutant
Leader, another set with Scarecrow, and a third set with Two Face. Let’s take a closer look into these. If you guys remember, all of these villains sans the Mutant Leader
have been revealed in the trailer. You can see ’em all in that iconic lineup
– bigfig Bane, Two Face, and Scarecrow. Heck, the small Scarecrow plane / helicopter
set is probably this one seen in the trailer as well. Some may be mad that they’re releasing Scarecrow
twice as he also appears in the pizza trap set, but that one has a pizza outfit variant. I guess the retail exclusive sets have no
exclusive villains. Either way, if you’re wondering who the Mutant Leader
is, he is a character from Frank Miller’s iconic
run in Batman comics – the Dark Knight Returns. He seems like a big guy, not for you, but for Batman, but I don’t think he’ll be a big fig like
Bane. Either way, what do you guys think of this
info? Be sure to check out Delta by following the
link in the description below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 sets information!

  1. As much as I would like to think( and hope) that this is real. It seems a bit too good. Cuz LITERALLY these are the only three batman villains left that people think should be in a set, but hadn't been confirmed to be in one yet. But I also think it would make since to have at least 1 of these in a set.( I mean they're all very popular villains) But man if all these sets are true… I might get them all!( especially the one with Bane)

  2. I will buy them Depending on the quality as im not desperate for any of theese apart from Bane and i don't like this version i would of prefered a Lego Batman 3 version but i might get the Scare Crow one

  3. I hate that LEGO is releasing images and news for 2017 sets right before Christmas! Now I just want to save up for those sets. My family told me it's just so you buy more. (Which I probably am!)

  4. Hmm… There have been a few too many Scarecrow helicopters and Two-Face trucks… But a big-fig Bane and Mutant Leader? I'm in!

  5. I knew there was going to be a bane set and thank God for the Two face set I thought we were never going to get that figure

  6. I did not expect the Mutant Leader in a set, but there's a lot of obscure Batman villains appearing in this movie. Sounds fantastic!

  7. I quite like the "what if?" Billy Dee's two face was actually brought to life. I wonder if he's got a cameo in the movie, as he did have one for The Lego Movie

  8. Excluding mutant leader, this is so safe that it's almist definately made up. We've only ever seen Two-Face with a truck, already seen the scarecrow helicopter, and know they designed a Bane bigfig and put him front and centre on the villians poster, so it's ludicrous to think we wouldn't get him.
    But yeah. just2safe.

  9. Bane bigfig is really no news he will likely come with the tank seen in one of the trailers (or maybe more than one). I hope we get a polka dot minify either in the Two-Face set or in one of the two other sets coming. We should get 5 summer set so still 2 two to go.

  10. yes my 2 favorite batman villains scarecrow and tow face are coming to there own sets i thought that tow face was going to be in the lego collectible minifigures and i allsow thought the only way to get scarecrow was to get the pizza trap set and get the one set that comes with the tracter thing and swich heads 🙂

  11. I got a custom big-fig Bane that looks like the enlarged version of the 2012 variant, of which was very good, but I'm so glad they're releasing him properly.

  12. In the movie fantastic beasts and where to find them kowalski gets his memory wiped and doesn't remember magic at all. Spoiler alert I only did it because what stupid youtuber has rules for a channel

  13. Are we not getting more for January? There's 19 sets and we've only seen 12… There's 7 left and I heard only 4 or 5 will be in summer?

  14. Lego sure is making the right choice here. DC Comics is a VERY marketable franchise, and Lego is making SO many sets for The Lego Batman Movie. Not to mention the regular DC sets for 2017 too!

  15. The mutants were a very large group of criminals that took over gotham after batman retired but batman went back to work and stopped them and after that he made them change their minds and the mutants started stopping crime in gotham under a new name but batman can not keep fighting because the world thinks he died from his heart beating to fast in his last fight with superman, there are two movies about this but please ask an adult if it is okay for you watch them

  16. Hey Just2Good I've Been Making Some Custom Lego Batman Toys Such As Suicide Squad Joker And Joker In His Own Batman Suit!

  17. Wow, The Dark Knight Returns is a pretty dark comic. Never thought it would get Lego sets besides the Batman v Superman ones.

  18. Two face truck says not limited to batman and two face I'm hoping its pokadot man and crazy quilt.also I hope mad hatters in scarecrow set

  19. I know who the mutant leaderis Batman broken out of prison to defeat him again to prove himself because Batman is 55 in this movie not to wake u is Batman broken out of prison to defeat him again to prove himself because Batman is 55 in this movie not the lego batman movie The one from 2012

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