LEGO BATMAN MOVIE SONG | Crazy Train Cover for Kids | Mr Freeze Music

Lego Batman Movie Lego Ice Ice Ice Batman Movie Lego Batman Movie Lego Batman Movie Lego Batman Lego Batman Lego Batman, Batman Movie Lego Batman Lego Batman Lego Batman, Batman Movie Lego Batman, Lego Batman Lego Batman, Batman Movie Lego Batman, Lego Batman Lego Batman, Batman Movie It’s Batman Made out of legos Hundreds of pieces that hurt under your toes. Bad guys and villains beware Lego Batman will save the day He’s always prepared. Mr Freeze is freezing Batman help us please! Lego Batman’s here to stop Mr Freeze We’re so excited for the Batman Lego Movie. (train horn) Lego Batman: James… …you’re late. James: Awwwwww (train horn)

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59 thoughts on “LEGO BATMAN MOVIE SONG | Crazy Train Cover for Kids | Mr Freeze Music

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