LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigures full review!

hey everyone this is a look at the Lego
Batman movie series 2 collectible minifigures that you can get in the
individually packed blind bags I’m going to go through the full series of 20 here
now each one does come with an exclusive to this series so far
printed base piece minifig base piece with the Batman logo on it and I’m gonna
go through this lot one by one in the order that they’re shown on the
collector sheet included with each one first one on the list is Harley Quinn in
end-credits garb also known as friends and family Harley Quinn with her very
high fashioned gold and silver rollerskates there and a lot of little
shimmery bits all over the torso and over the arms as well she also gets some
pretty shimmery print around the back of the torso there and she gets two faces
so there’s the alternate one very good one to have for this character just in
general and there’s a better look at the standard face with nothing obscured
alright let’s move to the next it’s another end-credits character alfred in
friends and family garb again lots of bright metallic silver and also some
gold print on the front i think the tie is just a little bit low in detail could
have used maybe an outline or something the the the straight is tied then he’s
got the bow tie above that as well same arms as Harley Quinn hat also has the
printed bass guitar there electric guitar and look at the look at the shine
around the the coattails if only that matched from the torso down to that an
exclusive little little cloth piece there’s so much iridescent so many
colors show up it’s really cool to look at it up close like this it doesn’t look
quite as cool from a distance but it does have a little bit of a kind of a
diamond shine effect to it yeah I like that I would like to see more of that
more of that done by Lego just generally speaking now there’s no alternate face
for this character because it would have on the back of it so that’s just it for
this one clock king is one of many haha DC villains resurrected in the Lego
Batman movie and wow they really put a lot into making the official figure for
this one with a lot of print on the torso on the legs the print that goes
all the way around to the sides of the legs these are not supposed to represent
Spears of course they’re supposed to represent the hands of a clock too bad
you don’t have two different lengths there but yeah I print around the sides
of the legs and also on both arms and you know those are two different pieces
hit print for that and then yeah the face is not very thick makes sense
the the piece that they chose there and they’ve just kind of turned it around
backwards and showing you a little bit of the the interior of the the workings
of the clock mechanism and the spots where they were originally designed to
be eyes no print on the back of the torso here but I’m not mad about that at
all because all the time you’re just gonna leave the cape on and this gives
you just a little bit more clear look at the side prints the cape is the old
style of more crinkly cloth piece well this is strange I mean literally this is
strange professor Hugo Strange looks a lot like in many ways the was a mad
scientist or the crazy scientist thing it was a mad scientist minifigure from
the collectible minifigure series of days past but it’s not the same does not
share any of the same prints for the torso and the hip or the legs there does
come with both of those Erlenmeyer flasks they’re in existing colors the
legs are dual molded unfortunately there’s no print on the back of this
torso and feel like this could have used something back there just to make it a
little bit more interesting just looks very plain to me and you know for
accessories other than the flask II does have the light gray colored miner’s
beard type of piece there’s nothing else to be seen behind that really though on
the face here’s Merman Batman Murr Batman Batman how how do you
want to anyone do that this Batman thinking that he can out Aquaman Aquaman
because he’s Batman what can’t he do hmm probably the only time we’ll ever get
that mermaid bottom half piece in black and also get the Trident in black there
there’s his face this is such a weird character no alternate face though only
just one could have used a second sticking to the aquatic theme here’s
swimming pool Batman who comes with a complete dolphin you can see that
dolphin if you want as an actual dolphin or as an inflatable dolphin so that’s
entirely up to you this is the most modern most recent version that they’ve
done I feel like they’ve done more or different dolphins than they need up to
this point who has but it is what it is awkward to point out but I do feel like
the swim trunks are done well with a little bit of gold pinstripe along the
edges and also the small bat logo dining gold there as well and you know he’s got
his little flotation device here as well maybe you can save some folks from the
pool or pretend to save them use that as kind of a just a charade to get people
out so you can have more of it to himself and this one also has just this
single face this one is tropical Joker and there’s a lot to look at here wow
they really loaded this one up with prints and accessories and things I mean
look at this he’s got the dual molded arms dual molded legs print on the side
of the arm there the print on the back is a little bit messed up I feel like
this just got to kind of beaten up before it got to me you can see a little
bit of his alternate face unfortunately coming through beneath the hair that’s
nothing new he’s got print for kind of you know flip-flops that he’s supposed
to have on they don’t show too much of it but just from the front he’s got his
ice cold air he’s got the camera with a lens piece
he’s got his specialized rubber duckie flotation ring with its own multiple
prints multiple colors there and then he’s got his exclusive tropical shirt
print for the torso this is just as beaten up on the front as it is on the
back at least it looks like just the white print that was applied there got
scratched up I don’t know what’s up with that I don’t expect that to be that way
for for everyone’s though and then here’s his alternate face so you know
this is an exclusive head for this this version of the figure so wow they really
put a lot into this one figure here’s vacation Robin with what I think is a
very nice torso print I like that I just like how that that turned out he also
has dual molded arms and dual molded legs with the prints of course the
accessory over here his a boom box little tape cassette player good print
on the back of the torso as well I think I feel like that’s gonna be usable
outside of just this theme and then no alternate face once again unfortunately
but there’s his main face just that that look of awe it’s not an expression that
you frequently see in Lego fingers next is vacation Batgirl and I think this is
another good-looking figure even though the prints are very simple it’s relative
to what Lego is capable of but I think that just the colors and the shapes and
the amount of each color really harmonizes well together I don’t know
there’s just something that I can’t quite put my finger on but here once
again dual molded arms dual molded legs exclusive print for the surfboard there
and pretty decent print on the back of the torso as well put that out of the
way so you can see that yeah well done and
her faces I’m not so mad that she doesn’t get an alternate face here just
because of how the suit is supposed to work and you know kind of balaclava that
would come over the head so this kind of makes sense to me and what I’m happy
about here what I’m relieved about is the print for the face for the skin tone
for the face it’s it’s plenty thick it’s plenty opaque so it really looks like
the same tone as the plastic that is showing skin tone you know it’s not it’s
not kind of faded it’s not letting that purple come through so I’m thankful for
that and then here’s just one more for the vacation sort of sub theme of this
series it’s vacation Alfred I would say that if Alfred was a real person and not
a made-up character he would be pretty happy that he’s getting so much play in
the political Batman movie merchandise you know as as just the butler I mean I
know he’s important to the history of Batman and all but I never would have
expected to see so many variations of Alfred actually released now to some
folks nowadays it’ll it’ll look like he’s in like a prison suit or something
you know the black and white stripes tend to evoke thoughts especially thanks
to Lego of criminals have been locked up or that have been escaped but this is
actually a very old formerly very popular kind of kind of print on actual
swimwear from even before the times of Batman really
this is soccer-mom Batgirl with the exclusive
mold for for the hood there it’s a hoodie hood that’s up says the bat ears
in it I have to wonder if they’re ever going to be able to use that exact piece
again forgive me if I haven’t seen some leaked of something that’s coming up in
the future I don’t pay too close attention to to leaks but yeah it just
seems like a very very specific design for this I like that it is not
symmetrical you know it has a lot of flow to it
I also like the print on her right side left side of the screen for the legs
with just a couple of stripes going down there it has a couple of pieces of bat
merch here bat bucks and I also like the similar print on this arm but
unfortunately it’s only on that arm it’s not on the other arm would have been
really useful for some custom figures I think if they had done the stripes down
both but oh well it is a short cape piece not the not the full length that’s
kind of funny and as for the faces she does get an alternate face the angry
face tired of it all face and then here’s the main one so that’s good again
considering custom figures and people’s desires to make custom scenes the torso
is a female specific torso but I feel like it’s it’s generic enough that you
could get a bunch of these and put male heads on him and it wouldn’t look too
awkward unless you look really really closely okay wow this is a good Killer
Moth dare I say it’s a killer Killer Moth classic one this is basically kind
of the the made serious version of what they did for the mighty Mike Rose lion
so it’s a serious version of this you know classic comic I think I think
original version Killer Moth if I’m not mistaken but it’s just a striking
looking figure for that character it just looks very very appropriate to me
gosh that the face especially the head it’s printed really well too you know
again with the opacity the thickness of the print on the on the skintone area
that’s showing it actually looks like the light flesh color there’s a little
bit of mess up in just the print on the torso there it’s not too bad and then it
does have the translucent neon reddish orange or orange red colored wings
they’re kind of frosty this is a it’s actually the exact
same headpiece that was used for the mining micros it’s a rubber piece
there’s some pretty decent print on the back of the torso as well and with
everything removed you more clearly see the full print for the face I figured I
should show the Wonder Twins together for obvious reasons you can see the
similarities and differences each of these has dual molded arms and dual
molded legs they have the exact same cloth piece used for the large collar
Gina on the left comes to the party with a record so there’s just a generic
record that’s by itself and she also has the sheath for that revealing the top 24
party songs and zan also gets a an accessory of sorts it’s it’s a second
version of him I get to that just a second
make sure you saw the backs of these torsos which have different levels of
detail different different line thicknesses used there I also want to
take these hair pieces off so you can see the face is just plain and clear
yeah nothing else really to see there notice that the bucket handle for zan is
dark and gray and like I said it’s it’s a second version of him form of lame
bucket of water Lego is a savage for doing a brand new print just for that
Apache chief haha yes inuk-chuk for the wind what oh and it’s a good figure too
it’s well done this is fantastic I loved the fact that this exists but now I need
a big fig version of him too in the worst way oh come on Lego you gotta do
it you gotta make a large version of them somehow or a giant figure version
would probably be more more appropriate yeah you know so you could preserve the
the minifig style proportions and everything but yeah the printing is
really good on this all around he has the single exclusive printed one
by three tile piece just showing some photographs from the from the booth at
the Justice League anniversary party where he was invited and again Batman
was not I just I’m just so happy that this was actually made take classic
pretty good print on the back of the torso as well yeah that’s good and
there’s his face you know I mean it’s it’s kind of a plain face but it’s kind
of right in fact I think it’s it’s very right yeah I think this this whole thing
is very right there we go that’s that’s that’s that’s what I’m gonna leave it on
jor-el who would have expected to get a good jor-el figure out of the Lego
Batman movie I mean it took until series two minifigs for it to happen but it
happened I’m very thankful for that something something I very rarely do I’m
actually going to recommend that you buy one of these even if you have no
interest in the Lego Batman movie you have no interest in DC Comics stuff in
general I do recommend just picking up one of these just spend the the four
bucks or whatever it is to get one of these you know to get one pre-sorted off
ebay or something or if you have time to feel through some packages pick one up
and then just hold on to it put it in a plastic bag and store it away in a nice
dry cool place just hold on to it maybe throw a silica packet and with it or
something I have a feeling that this is going to become valuable in the future
and once these are long discontinued and all there are a lot of Superman fans
that I think will really appreciate this version of jor-el I mean he has the
exclusive white colored Superman hairpiece with the curl and that print
going down the torso into the leg piece there I mean it’s just a sloped piece
for the lake but still I think it looks really good for the
the Kryptonian robe the face looks good to me playing from the back no alternate
face but adduced I do still very genuinely believe this will become a
very collectible figure in the future General Zod okay so we have a little bit
of history here first things first though that that chest print ain’t right
the the skin tone is practically pink it’s it’s way off it’s it’s not it’s not
working so that’s that’s unfortunate but this as far as I can see is the
cinematic universe original cinematic universe version of General Zod from
Superman Superman – and I saw Superman – in the theater in its original
theatrical release I was I was rather young at the time
yeah do do read what the what the newspaper there says it’s pretty funny
I was rather young at the time and I left that theater genuinely scared of
this guy and his cronies like I realized that you know Superman was victorious of
course but I thought in my my little childish brain I thought what if what if
something like this happened what if somebody like Zod actually came to earth
what would we do Superman isn’t real but what if this guy was real these are the
thoughts that were going through my very young very small brain at the time I was
really scared of this guy so yeah this guy and I go back way back and packing
the time and I do wish that the highlights and the eyes there didn’t
look quite so much like pupils looking up into his right to our left because it
takes a little bit of the seriousness away from it
think I wish they had left that left that alone or made that a little bit
more subtle for the highlights but still interesting figure really funny new
exclusive printed newspaper piece I like to collect those good figure to get
shame about the sunburns chest though from a character I genuinely feared as a
child to a character I never knew even existed never heard of before this is
dr. phosphorous and it is a figure that really stands out amongst pretty much
all Lego figures it’s all done except for the hips it’s all done in the spring
the bright spring green color which almost phosphorous is it almost looks
lighter than its surroundings it’s really really bright and those flame
pieces I don’t know if those flame pieces have been made in the transit
neon greenish yellow before I don’t think I have any maybe I’m mistaken on
that just forgetting but you know they just got the the Lego skeleton kind of
look printed into this and I think it’s done fine I mean you know you look at
the legs you look at them from the front okay that makes sense then you look at
here and wait how am i seeing the front and the side separately it’s just you
know what they had to do I guess they could have done this figure instead in
just transnih on you know greenish yellow but feel like this this is almost
brighter you know that color once you start stacking up a lot of this I think
might not work so well especially seeing being able to see through the body just
might not have been as as good of a look and may have been kind of darker to be
honest so I think for what it is this is pretty well done very striking this is
black canary and from the expression on her face I would say she is not amused
I’d say that’s probably because she’s having to hold this microphone stand out
straight in front of her which is probably not very comfortable I just had
to put it on screen so you could see what that build is let me just just take
that away for now okay now that’s a that’s actually a pretty good looking
I think the print on the legs is done well transitions from the front to the
sides very well the torso print is good they got some small fine black lines in
there which you don’t see from every angle necessarily depending upon how the
the light hits it but in person you can notice it it just adds a little bit a
little bit of depth and the skin tone here is again a little bit pinkish but
it’s not too bad it’s not zod bad and the back of the torso looks pretty good
best thing about her is her alternate face though yeah yes that is a belting
out face of ever I have seen one and with the hair oh yeah that’s that’s
great that’s that’s great yeah that’s that’s that’s a useful one to have even
if you’re not a fan of Black Canary have no interest in having a black canary
figure the figure looks like just a woman you know this could easily be put
into any kind of regular setting maybe just change out the legs but then it has
these really useful faces I think at the very least those make this a good figure
to get last but not least here is black Vulcan a very well done figure well
executed with one exception I’ll get to in just a second he does have dual
molded legs which is absolutely essential I think to to get good
coverage for the colors for those legs I think the legs are printed very well I
think the torso is printed very well this is a new color I believe for the
electrical bolt pieces there it’s a trance it’s translucent it’s
similar to trance neon greenish yellow but it’s not quite as greenish like if
you compare this for example to the flame pieces for mr. phosphorus over
here dr. phosphorus well it doesn’t really show up as well on camera here
but this here for phosphorus is greener and yet the ones for black Vulcan are
not fully yellow so it’s kind of in between it’s it’s awkward they’ve done a
couple colors that are that are different and a little bit off off
palette I think the one thing that I don’t like here is the paint application
work done for the when you call those the horns gonna winglets coming off the
the sides of the mask especially on this side you see it just didn’t spray all
that well now what goes across the top of it is really good for yellow on black
I mean it probably you get that to focus a little bit better it probably looks a
little bit better in person than it does here on camera when you’re looking at it
so closely like this but I think that in person the like just the contrast and
how crisp that looks it works out pretty well but just for the side bits it’s a
little bit more obvious and probably more obvious from the top as well
otherwise pretty well done figure and uses face a little bit more a little bit
more gentle of an expression than I expected it looks very very calm and
there’s no alternate face so there you go that’s my look at the second and
probably final series of Lego Batman movie figures unless they come out with
another one in the future we shall see thank you for watching hope you enjoyed
this hope that I showed you everything you wanted to see with each of these
figures and I’ll talk to again soon because I’ve got a lot more videos to do you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigures full review!

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  8. Enjoyed your review.  The brothers brick review slammed them a little bit for quality control; citing stress lines under the arms and some excess plastic on hands.  Did you see any of this on your set?  I'm curious if you consider those lines under the arms a problem because I don't think that's uncommon, especially on the blind bags.  A buildable big minifig like Ares would be great for Apache Chief though.

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  14. The Tropical Joker minifigure is based on the outfit Joker wore when he shot Barbara in Batman: The Killing Joke.

  15. Know what’s funny ? Jor el is the smallvil TV series joe-el look it up. The exact pattern is on his uniform , but only half the pattern , it should be on both side . If it was the vintage he would be dressed in black with a white emblem, or all white with the black emblem. Check it out .

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  19. everybody, stange aka hugo strange is a lot more important than you think, he was actually the first villain to discover batman was bruce wayne, he was also around before joker catwoman bane two face penguin, all of them. He was originally going to be batman's greatest villain, until joker came around. Hugo Strange also had the wisdom of the universe, he was extraordinarily smart.

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