LEGO BATMAN Movie Minifigures OPENING 20 Blind Packs! CUTE reactions!

Hi, I’m Lucas Toys Review. And this is my sister, Ava. Say “Hi Ava”. Hi Ava. Tee hee. We went to the Lego Store. We got 20 LEGO BATMAN Minifigures. There are 20 to collect. The movie comes out in February 10th. So we also got, another thing, and its the
Mini Bat-wing. And now we’re going to open the packs! And I’m going to open the first pack. Let’s see what I get. Oooh, I got Robin (Dick Grayson). She got…Ava got the Batman that’s “chilling
out”. (Lobster-Lovin’ Batman)
The one I have… ok. And we have this one. We should get the Bunny one! What pack is this? The third pack. Let’s see what we get. Oooh. I got the ballerina Batman (Fairy Batman). Mommy, Lucas got the ballerina Batman. Wow. We never had that before. So I’m going to check my list. And we have this one. Now we’re opening the fourth one. This is what she got, the guy with the gun,
two guns. (Red Hood). So we got number eleven. Ava, can you wait for a second? We got Iron Man! Umm, that’s not Iron Man, actually. Not Iron Man at all. I’m on my fifth pack. Let’s see what I get. Ooo… you got. Oh I got the caveman Batman. Oh I got the bunny! (March Harriet). Lucas got the bunny! You got the bunny. Ava what are you doing. This is what it looks like. We got the bunny! (March Harriet)
Yup! So Ava is going to show it off and she’s on
the 6th pack. Ah. Bunny! Oh, she got the caveman. (Catman). Cool, Ava! Let put it behind the LEGO figures. Now, I’m going to open my seventh pack. Let’s see what I get. Oooooh. JOKER! I’ve always wanted that one. You can have this one if I trade you. I love the Joker! Mommy, Lucas got the Joker! I love the joker, if you want the Joker you’ll
have to trade this one for that one. For the robot. Handcuffs. You can try… Are you going to try Pokemon. Don’t be someone… YES!!! We got the seventh Lego figure. Ok Lets check it out. We got…this guy. Detective Gordon (Commissioner Gordon). So far we don’t have any doubles. So that’s good. We might have a chance to get all of them. So Ava’s going to do the ninth. Oh we got the police (Barbara Gordon). Ava got the police! BEEP…BEEP. Ava…Ava! I already marked it. Ok let’s see what I have. Yup! Wow, it landed here. I got a head. Aww. I got a duplicate. Aww, come on. Another Robin. What? We have the same Robin. We got another Robin. Owww. Robin. Lucas. Here it is. Lucas, can you help me find Robin? Right there. We’re on our eleventh pack. Let’s see what we get. Ok, lets see what you get. Aww. Another duplicate. Aww common! Another duplicate. Taah. We got another caveman Batman (Clan of the
Cave). So we have a chance to not get all of them. Yeah, this is the same bunny. Now I’m on my twelve. We’re on our twelve pack. Another Robin? No, this is not Robin. (Eraser)
This is what I got. Yeah, we don’t know who that is. I hope we get the duck one. You got this one! (Sneeze)
Ava got…the 20th one. Ava got… (Mime)
Show it. Ooooh! Ooooh! YES! YES! We got the Donald Duck! (Vacation Batman)
It’s a floaty. We got the floateeee. I got the floateee! Yay! Where’s the head? Where is the head? Here it is. We’re missing… loads! Noooo! Haha. Got ya! Another ballerina (Fairy Batman)
I want another toy. Close your eyes…close your eyes. Please…please. We got a duplicate. Close your eyes. Yes!! I was right! This one…(Calculator)
Yes, yes, yes! We’re on our 18th pack. What do we got…what do we got? Oh, we got a new one! We got a different one. What did you get? (Clan of the cave Batman) You have the same one. No. It’s different. See. I got this one. It’s like the same cave man but it has a yellow shirt (Does he have bunny ears?) No there’s no bunny ears (Orca, opened earlier)
There’s a mystery one. Oh, I almost cut the… Nooo! I got the guy again. No! I have the Mini Batwing. I’m going to build it. Let’s see what it looks like. (some minor fighting) Please like my channel and subscribe! I’m looking forward to seeing the LEGO Batman
Movie. It comes out February 10th. Please subscribe down below. Bye! Bye… Bye. (giggly laughter) Bye!

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