Lego Batman Movie Kids Parody: With Real Life Superman & Joker!

(bouncy music) (clicking of Lego toys) – This is Batman. – Charlie, you must never put Lego Batman in the Death Star! – Why not? – Because the Lego Death
Star is Star Wars Lego, and Batman is, well, Lego Batman. If you cross the two genres, then energy fields of life clash and anything could happen. – But I like Lego Batman. – No, Charlie! (exploding) (boys screaming) – Where am I? Is this the Phantom Zone? – No, this is Earth. Are you really Lego Batman? – No, I’m a My Little Pony! Of course, I’m Batman. – Wow. – It appears I’m either in the real world or you two are some weird human
Lego experiment gone wrong. – We’re definitely not a Lego. – Well, we need to get me
back into the Lego World. Gotham City needs me. – How do we get you back? – I have no idea. But first, I suppose I could make the most of the experience. And then I must get
back to the Lego World. (upbeat rock music) ♫ I woke up feeling like
a freight train hit me ♫ I got to get me something
that’s gonna lift me ♫ Yeah, she was standing
just right there with me ♫ She said, ♫ Hi, my name is Sugar ♫ What can I get you ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ Uh-Huh ♫ A little sweetie just five feet tall – Ow! ♫ I’ll take a coffee and your number, doll ♫ No problem, anything at all ♫ How ’bout some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar when I call ♫ Ah, give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar tonight ♫ Ah, I got a feeling ♫ You’re gonna treat me right ♫ So, give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar tonight ♫ Yeah ♫ Give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar ♫ Give me some sugar tonight ♫ I got a feeling ♫ You’re gonna treat me right ♫ So give me some sugar – This is really confusing
for my bat-brain. Right, my new friends. I need to work out a way
to get back to my world. If only I had my bat-computer. – Why don’t you meet with
the real-life Batman? – No, no, no, I must never
see the real-life Batman or we will both get sucked
into the Phantom Zone. – Oh, seriously? – But I could meet up with
my Justice League friend in real life, Superman. – Ha, good luck getting
in touch with Superman. – It’s easier than you think. We just need to cause a really seriously dangerous situation. (Batman yelling) (heavy metal music) (small boy screaming) (heavy metal music) – Help! (air whooshing) (landing thump) (heroic music) – Stop this fighting! Ugh, who are you? – Don’t you recognise me? – No. – I’m Batman. – Ha-ha, yeah, you’re Batman. – Superman, he really is,
but he’s the Lego Batman. – Ugh, that’s really weird. How come he’s so big? – He somehow grew into a
big real-life Lego Batman. – Ha-ha, Lego Batman looks so… Lego-y. – Yeah, but that’s the reason — – Guys, I can hear you, y’know. I’m stood right here. – Sorry, little fella. – Don’t call me little fella. That’s really patronising. (sneaky music) – Hmm, now here’s my chance
to defeat a different Batman. Just for fun. (laughing) – Listen, Superman. I need your help to get
me back to the Lego World. – How ’bout I break you
up into little pieces and throw you into the sky? – No way, don’t do that! – Ha-ha, I was just kidding. – That’s not funny at all. – It is a little bit funny, actually. – Listen, guys, you’ve
wasted enough of my time. I need to go. Good luck on your mission. I can’t wait to tell the
real Batman about this. (heroic music) (air whooshing) (ominous music) – What about the Lego
Portal from Lego Dimensions? – That’s a good idea. I’ll just stand there and
you can press a few buttons. (ominous music) – Hello, Batman! – Oh, real-life Joker! What do you want? – I don’t know, I just like
the idea of really annoying you and causing you a little hassle. – Well, if you’re
anything like Lego Joker, you won’t be able to outwit me. (kicking) (punching) (grunting) (Batman yelling, grunting) (ominous music) – Daniel, do me a favour, would you? – Uh, yes? – Put on some epic
butt-kicking music, would you? – Okay. (upbeat rock music) (punching, kicking) (upbeat rock music) – Don’t mess with Lego Batman. (screaming) (punching) (upbeat rock music) (punching) – I give up, leave me alone! (upbeat rock music) – I really hope this works, Daniel. – I don’t think it will, Batman. It’s just a video game. – Nothing is just anything. Everything is something. – What are you talking about? – I am not just Lego Batman, I am Batman. – No, Charlie! No, Charlie! No! (electronic humming) (beeping) – What happened? – It seems we are back in the Lego World. – But we’re human! – We need to go home. – But there’s no way back. – [Male Voice] Maybe we can help. – Who’s that? – Ah, guys, let me
introduce you to my pals. Robin, Alfred and Batgirl. – Wow. – I am Lego Batman. You can check out some of our other videos by clicking on the screen around me. We make new videos
every Tuesday and Friday and do a live video every Sunday. So, if you’re new, join us by subscribing.

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