LEGO Batman Movie Bricktober 2017 figure pack review

hello hello this is another of the Toys
R Us exclusive bricked over 2017 figure packs it’s a special promotion that they
do and it’s handled differently in different regions now in the United
States the default is for this to be given away with purchases $50 of Lego
items or more or you can just purchase it outright for $20 at least that’s how
it’s gone for the majority of stores that I’ve heard from and/or heard of and
also at my store my nearest stores I should say in some regions they put all
of them out at the same time and you could choose in some places it’s one per
week it varies quite a lot so definitely if you’re interested in these check with
your local stores from the Lego Batman movie these figures are money suit
Batman bunny suit Batman wizard Batman and Roman soldier Batman
each of these is exclusive as a standalone figure also interesting to me
is that these are pretty high quality figures look at how much printing there
is on this money suit Batman with the print on the legs going around the sides
pretty smoothly not a lot of lack of registration there I mean it’s not
perfectly lined up but the bills continue around without gaps and without
lines and then you also get printing on the arms and printing around the back of
the torso as well that’s quite a lot of print it’s you know kind of a little bit
repetitive there’s not a lot of interesting detail there but it’s just
done how it’s intended to be I think that it’s executed well they got the
print on the hip piece as well a little bit of depth kind of at the base of the
coat that’s printed on to kind of a shadow
you know element that’s at the base or a shadow feature at the base of the top
there and yeah I think it looks pretty good taking a look at both faces
underneath a smiling face is fine and the normal face is pretty
appropriate as well and this is one that you’ve seen before bunny suit Batman or
technically Easter Bunny Batman was first introduced to the physical toy
world as one of those keychain lights not minifigure size larger than many
figure sized and I was worried that we would never get an actual minifigure of
that I thought they were just gonna leave it at that they make so many
different suits for the Lego Batman movie but to get this as an actual
figure is really nice and I appreciate the accessories as well comes with the
basket with the dark as your colored egg first introduced in the Angry Birds line
only one set came with that particular color at first and the headpiece for
this is a recolor of the one from the collectable
minifigures series bunny suit guy just now done in that light royal blue color
rather than the white but with the same print for the ears there and underneath
oh yeah no yeah the white utility belt there
underneath he has this face so he’s looking I guess not amused that would be
his uh his mckayla maroney impression face no alternate face for
this one they could have done an alternate face given that the back of
this is completely covered up you know there’s there’s nothing that you need to
to keep out of view with the default headgear but that’s what we get and I
think it’s okay this is actually gonna be a useful piece
probably for a more serious Robin I would say you know more serious comic
universe Robin or possibly even some sort of a burglar or Green Hornet how
about Kato from classic Green Hornet this would work for that purpose as well
just talking about the head now a wizard Batman or a sorcerer or a Batman in my
opinion may be the weakest of this four just in its execution how it’s actually
produced a little bit of misalignment between the torso print and the leg
piece print and that will vary from one to the next but he also has a little bit
of misalignment of the eyes by virtue of the fact that you have three thicknesses
of Cape piece that are stacked up that I think are keeping that head from going
down effectively quite well so it’s just a little bit a little bit high the hood
piece yes but notice that you get two different
types of Cape material so the Maine Cape itself is actually the newer softer
material so when it came out of that package normally the old type of
material would be horribly crinkled I’ve gotten you know these these older style
capes out of that same type of packaging before and it’s terrible you really want
to iron it this is exactly how it came out of the package I haven’t done any
work to try to straighten it up and it’s in pretty good shape
but then the top part that kind of kind of collar popped collar that goes around
is in the older type of material and that did not get crinkled up because of
the way that they shaped the packaging there which is good and I think those go
together pretty well but as for prints there’s no print on
the back of that torso not remaining necessary but just relative to the
others it’s a little bit down in features and there’s the choice of
headpiece with one of the faces decently expressive it works for some situations
and here’s the default one on the front which really works with the mask but
with it off obviously these just really aren’t intended to work all that well
but get a little bit a little bit better alignment I guess some of the alignment
is just from the eyes themselves but that does work a little bit better it’s
able to more comfortably fit down there and finally Roman soldier Batman you
know probably will be controversial some folks will look at the helmet and say
yeah that’s more of a Greek style and in fact it was first introduced to that
mold was first introduced on the spartan figure from collectable
minifigures series two they’ve just changed the color scheme for it here but
then he’s got the Roman style Gladius in scutum shield setup and I don’t know if
you want to call him a Greek soldier you can I think that’s perfectly fine but
whatever he is I think it’s a really finely done figure this is this is nice
nice printing on that shield just well registered nice kind of variation of
line thickness nine nice pattern in general just well execute it and then
okay I guess I didn’t need that after all then the print on the torso is
nothing too special I think it looks really good but just from a technical
perspective you know there’s no fine well there’s a little bit of fine line
printing down at the base of it but most of it is relatively thick but I think it
looks appropriate but then he also has the printing for the legs that goes
around the sides and it just looks good to me it’s well lined up it’s dual
molded for those legs with the light flesh color and the dark red and the
lines for the sandals or whatnot go around the sides of the feet pretty well
I love the look of that helmet I love to get I’m sure a lot of people would love
to get that helmet in a mass but no print on the back of the torso for this
one that’s the the one thing is a little bit of a letdown again does not need it
given that it comes with a cape now this cape was a little bit more crinkled up
but still compared to what the more papery ones would be like no comparison
this still flows much much better there’s his secondary face there and
look at the main expression I think both of these are really good for any sort of
battle modes for any form of Batman just for a quick last little bit of
comparison the Roman or Greek Batman with the Spartan soldier
from collectible minifigures series to the Roman soldier from collectible
minifigures series 6 that’s this guy and then the one on the far right is the
Roman commander from collectible minifigures series 10 so overall a
pretty nice little pack of figures here especially if you get it as a free bonus
if you are already going to be buying some other stuff if you pay full price
for it then you know it’s a little bit more expensive than I expect for a pack
of 4 figures but I I feel like that is justified here given the low production
run and the exclusivity of some of these pieces and prints you know if if they
were just jacking up the price because the Lego Batman movie and trying to to
milk the popularity of that even though it wasn’t you know as huge of a success
as like the original lego movie you know then that wouldn’t feel quite as good
but here I do feel like you are paying for something that you actually receive
something actually tangible it has value with these limited prints maybe some of
them or more of them will show up in the future that remains to be seen but for
right now again I think a pretty good series overall definitely my favorite is
the one on the far right my least favorite is the wizard but you can feel
free to disagree post up your favorite or your top three favorites or your
favorite and your least favorite however you like your comments and feedback are
welcome hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and I hope that I showed you the
figures in as many ways as you wanted to see dr. Ginn soon you

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