LEGO Batman Movie 2018 sets list!

Hello, just2good here, and Delta Customs on Instagram has revealed
a small list of the January 2018 LEGO Batman Movie sets! Yeah, 2018. Yeesh. One of the two sets comes with Captain Boomerang and a Batman Dune Buggy, and the other is Egghead’s Food Fight, which comes with Egg Heads Mech – shown in the Making of the LEGO Batman Movie
book. Delta says this one possibly comes with Condiment
King as well. Anyways, what do I think? Well, I love the Egghead mech from the book, so I hope it’s cheap. And it really would be great if it came with
Condiment King. Also, getting that neat Captain Boomerang from the movie sounds good as well. Yeah, I don’t have anything insightful to
add, really. Anyways, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks to Delta for the info, as well as rynoah24 on Twitter for letting me use the Egghead Mech picture
from the book! I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie 2018 sets list!

  1. Wait, why? Why more sets?! What about the LEGO Ninjago movie sets?! Screw the LEGO Batman movie sets!!! Lol.

  2. Lego keeps making sets for uninportant villians like boomerang when they could be doing sets like the phantom zone with characters like Gremlins.

  3. What? Another wave for 2018?
    Doesn't this seem a tad far fetched? Also, praise be Delta Customs whatever could we do without him?

  4. 2018 is far away, but I was so disappointed to not be able to get Egghead or Condiment king, so I'll be so happy if I can get both of them.

  5. I'm shocked that they're putting out more Lego Batman movie sets next year. Also I thought Egghead was a Marvel villain.

  6. Lego should be prepared to make little to no money from those sets. It's 1 year later and the hype will have died down. Heck it's only a few months and nobody talks about it anymore. Even though I rewatched it yesterday.

  7. They should've released those sets in Fall 2017, just to coincide with the Ninjago Movie sets.

  8. i was kinda hoping for some comic book justice leauge sets in 2018
    for example one with doctor fate, zatanna, black canary, swamp thing, atrocitus, reverse flash, cheetha, doomsday, huntress, hawkgirl, circe, terra, static shock or constantine
    or just another justice league movie set with mera

  9. I though the summer set list seemed a little incomplete but finally an official Captain Boomerang mini figure WOOT. I hope lego has a made a Hugo Strange and Doctor phosphorous as well then my prays have been answered. However why not release them with the summer wave 2 sets?

  10. Definitely looking forward to that presumably cheap Captain Boomerang! I like that version much better than the one we have now, so this'll make it a bit easier to pass on the Croc set. Word around the grapevine is that the 2018 LBM wave will also include Black Canary, Hugo Strange, and Doctor Phosphorus.

  11. Guys, you know The LEGO Movie had a wave a year after its release as well, right?

    Both sets sound great. The Bat Dune Buggy is an odd choice, but ah well. Now what about the Bat Space Shuttle, Bat Train, and Bat Kayak? 😂

    And SO excited for Condiment King!

  12. I wish lego could go back to the regular lego batman sets. They are much more batman-like, realistic, and much more dc.

  13. I'm done with these LEGO Batman Movie sets. They contain really cheap villains. These villains for example, Egghead are too lazy. I really HOPE they bring back the LEGO Batman theme from 2006 cuz those were taken serious. And brought really cool mini figures.

  14. Who is your favirote batman villains out of these just2good

    1 joker
    2 riddler
    3 two face
    4 penguin
    5 cat woman
    6 mr freeze

  15. I have not got any Lego Batman movie sets…but Eggheads food fight is one I am for sure getting….if it comes with condiment king

  16. I'm excited for egghead, captain boomerang… not so much. I'm still hoping for gentleman ghost and Hugo strange

  17. Bricklinkers are gonna be happy with all these exclusive minifigures. And I'll be excited to get more of the exclusives myself lol.

  18. So we're probably not getting minifigures for the Justice League, huh? It's not like Batman fought Egghead's mech in the movie, you couldn't have put a new hero in the set instead of a new Batman?

  19. Wow, so Lego still will be coming out with sets a year after the movie came out. I really think Lego is pushing it. But I guess the sets are popular, so they're making more. I do love this theme though. But they should end the supply of new sets soon.

  20. theyre pushing this movie too hard, it was good fun i have to say. but it wasn't that great. they should stop now after the ult. batmobile wave and give LEGO ___ MOVIE collectors some breathingspace in between batman and ninjago.

  21. so far seven villians are not assembled yet

    -condiment king
    -egg head
    -gentleman ghost
    -crazy quilt
    -Dr. Hugo strange
    -captain boomerang
    -clock king

  22. I don't see how they can go back to the normal DC Super Hero sets after the movie. They've made so many villains that I doubt they could come up with more crappy sets to compliment them.

  23. Where's the Justice League/Superfriends set? Where's Wayne Manor? Come on Lego, lets have some variety please.

  24. These all sound great but we still need Updated Killer Moth, the Vampire, Gentlemen Ghost, Blight/Phosphorus, & Dr Hugo Strange.

  25. oohhh! cant wait for the 2019 wave of more vehicles from the beginnig sequence that have no significance to the movie at all! Yay!

  26. I wish we got more of the villains from the phantom zone like jaws, the gremlins, Voldemort or even. King Kong. Of course the daleks too

  27. I think it is good if they make these sets because I think Lego has made every single villain in the movie but I might be wrong

  28. I don't care if they're possibly making too much sets, all I'm concerned about is why it had to be in 2018! I want them this year!

    Oh well, I guess I'll be, gulps patient.

  29. WOOHOO!! That's the stuff Lego keep it comin. How could Lego not not produce a tone of sets for its own movie, we all new there was a reason behind all the vehicles and characters in the movie. I'm Syked there's more coming next year! Who doesn't love the feeling of anticipation waiting for new sets! But yeah 2018 long wait lol

  30. Hey Justin you might want to check out Delta Customs as he just dropped some rumors for upcoming DC sets and they're Just2Good.

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  32. I'm getting the Egghead set being a fan of Vincent Price's performance as Egghead in the 1960s TV show.

  33. I don't like the sound of the doom buggy, Lego will over size it and that will put the price higher, also I've seen what it looks like and it is sort of small, unless is going to be cheap set.

  34. I'm glad they appear to be two relatively small (and cheap) sets so they won't break the bank like a lot of the newest LEGO Batman Movie sets are doing.

  35. We already got a Batman dune buggy in he Ra's set last year! Fun fact: Captain Boomerang is Tim Drake' father (Robin) in the comics.

  36. For all the people complaining about it being in 2018

    Lego Movie Sets came out in 2015 so yeah


  38. I wish they used non-batman villains from the movie in sets. Imagine how weird it would be if we finally got Barad-Dur in lego form, but it's in the LEGO Batman line, lol.

  39. kinda bummed that they included the green arrow mini figure instead of black canary since they already released a green arrow but we've yet to see the black canary appear in a lego set

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