LEGO Batman Movie 2018 sets information revealed!

Hello, just2good here, and Sir von Lego on Eurobricks has provided more set information on the LEGO
Batman Movie 2018 sets. First, he listed the five sets as The Justice League Anniversary Party Egghead Harley Quinn’s Cannonball Attack the Bat-Buggy and the Bat-Space Shuttle So, two of those we knew were coming from
Delta’s info last month. However, some of these other sets are surprises, like the Bat-Space Shuttle and Justice League
Party. And, Sir von Lego provided further details
on these, saying the party seems to come with Superman, Hawkman, Krypto, Green Arrow, and El Dorado. For the Buggy, it’s just Batman and Captain Boomerang, the Shuttle has three Batman and Two Robin
with possibly more minifigs, and is a big set. Harley’s Truck has her flying out of a canon, and comes with Batgirl, a Driver, and another minifigure. I mean, there’s also the second LEGO Batman Movie
Minifigures Series coming, a Direct to Consumer set, I’m just saying this theme has TOO much going
on. So many frickin’ minifigures. But hey, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Either way, I’ll see you guys later. Peace out, bye.

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51 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie 2018 sets information revealed!

  1. As a DC fan this theme is probably the only way we'd ever get a good portion of these characters so I'm really enjoying this theme.

  2. You bring up a good point about it coming on pretty strong but i gotta tell you I'm really enjoying these sets and figs! My favorite so far is "The Scuttler" Looking forward to possible Wonder Twins minifigures.

  3. Where's the gremlins in the sets they have wicked witch and the flying monkeys so where are the gremlins in a set

  4. I'm glad Harley Quins truck is gonna be a set so I can get her easy hopefully the sets know more then $25

  5. Lego bat man movie Minifigures series 2? Hope we get all the characters we actually want… black canary, zatanna, Hugo strange , the wonder twins batgirl( agent Smith?) Etc. There's a lot of JL members that could've even been in the party set but aren't so this will be are last chance to get them. Really want canary

  6. Justice League set shoud have:
    Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    Green Lantern
    Green Arrow
    Wonder Twins
    El diablo
    Black Canary
    Black Vulcan

  7. I hope that the next minifigure series has the rest of the justice league and some phantom zone prisoners. Like if you agree

  8. 1. Darn. Their not including Zan & Jayna? Or Apache Cheif??? Really? Shoot.

    2. I loved Egghead! He was hilarious back in the day. I'm glad he is finally getting his own set.

    3. Meh. I don't particularly care for the build. Hopefully though, they have some obscure villain or hero in the mix (my money's on Gentleman Ghost)

    4. Uuuuuggghhhh. If they DO do this, they should distance themselves as much as possible from that awful set with Ra's Al Ghul.

    5. Interesting… I'm intrigued. 3 Batmen? 2 Robins? Hmmmmmm… I dunno if this is the best idea… although, I do want a Planet Master figure.

  9. I honestly don't care if they're overdoing the sets. The Lego Batman Movie was an AMAZING movie and I just can't get enough of it or its merchandise.

  10. I'm happy for this theme because I doubt we will ever get another eraserhead or condiment king minifigure

  11. I always knew we'd get Justice league anniversary party, but I'm ticked we are getting another Hawkman, I am glad we are getting el durado and TLBM Green arrow, I hope we get those modeled legs for superman, but I did here all the other TLBM justice league members in the series minifigures two, the ones I really want black Vulcan, wonder twins, Samurai TLBM cyborg looks so cool so

  12. I think the justice league party set has hawkgirl instead of hawkman, beacuse the hawkman from the movie is the same one from the old dc comics set. if you are able to find the leaked photos of the sets the printing on the "hawkman" minifig look alot like the hawkgirl from the movie. But im probably gonna be completely wrong about this.

  13. bat dune byggy
    captain boomerang

    justice league party
    el dorado
    wonder dog
    green arrow

    harley truck
    harley quinn
    gentelman ghost
    crazy quilt

    egghead mech
    condiment king

    bat space shuttle
    fire starter suit
    space suit
    dick grayson
    reagge man

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