LEGO Batman Movie 2017 Summer sets pictures!

Hello just2good here, and the Hollywood Reporter has revealed four out of the five LEGO Batman
Movie sets for Summer 2017. The Batwing retails for $90 United States
Dollars, and has Harley Quinn, Batman, and Robin. The Two Face Double Demolition retails for
60 bucks and has Two Face, two GCPD officers, and Batman. Bane’s Toxic Truck retails for 50 bucks and has Bane, Mutant Leader, and Batman. And, Scarecrow’s Gyro Copter retails for 15
bucks and has Scarecrow and Batman. Missing is the fifth set which has the Wicked
Witch and such, possibly to avoid spoilers. Also missing is Polka Dot Man, who is supposed to come in a set… Honestly, I’m disappointed in most of these. I think the Scarecrow set is the only one that lives up to my expectations… I really like how it includes more attachments
for the Gotham Energy Facillity. The other three just don’t feel like they’re worth the price. Okay, well, I mean the Bane set looks decent for 50 bucks. I don’t like the car but at least it feels
big enough to warrant the price, and you get two new
minifigures. The Two Face set looks so small for 60 dollars, and I wish we would’ve got more unique villains
in this one besides Two Face. The two GCPD officers are nice but a new character would’ve been more interesting. The build isn’t bad but does not look like
it’s worth the 60 bucks. Alas, the Batwing is big enough for $90 and
looks great, but I just wish it had more minifigures than
three characters we already have and one exclusive varient. This movie is full of colorful and crazy characters, it makes sense for the sets to have a lot
of different weird characters, but these summer sets lack in that department. Anyways, like I said, there’s still one set to be revealed. Oh, and the article revealed the brick headz will be $10 each which are great prices! what do you guys think? Check out the Hollywood Reporter article as there’s descriptions for the play features
of each set. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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