LEGO Batman Movie 2017 Joker Escape and Scuttler sets – My Thoughts!

Hello, just2good here, and along with the
new trailer, LEGO has revealed pictures of two new LEGO
Batman Movie sets for January 2017 on their Twitter account. The Joker Balloon Escape, which retail for $15 USD and has 124 pieces,
and the Scuttler, which retails for $80 USD and has 775 pieces. So, what do you think of these two sets? Well I personally like the Balloon Escape,
but the Scuttler… meh. The Balloon Escape is an easy win for me. $15, an easy way to get the harder to find long-coat tailed LEGO Batman Movie
Joker, and a neat little playset build… I like it a lot! The Scuttler, while I appreciate it being a wholey new vehicle,
it looks… I don’t know, like something that will just
feel out of place, and will probably be very flimsy to play around
with. The minifigures in it are great, like Comissioner Gordon with a new hair piece, and it seems to have exclusive variants of
Poison Ivy, Robin, and Batgirl. Also, the Joker from the small balloon set
appears in here as well. What do you guys think? Check out LEGO’s tweets which are linked in
the description below. I’ll see you guys later with a trailer analysis. Peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie 2017 Joker Escape and Scuttler sets – My Thoughts!

  1. Poison ivy looks great in the scuttler, but I'm not sure if that's a good enough reason to get that set. The other one is fine, but probably a pass since I've already got joker and batman. And at this point I'd rather get new characters than another batman( especially since it'll be pretty easy to get this batman.)

  2. The balloon one looks neat .. idk about the big bat spider mech … looks too over the top , fun build but silly looking .. I'm getting it anyways because of the toys .. but that's one set I'll probably modify a lot .. reminds me of the latest bat tank from the red hood set ..?

  3. That bat machine looks weird .. we already have a batman mech suit , and bat tanks ! We don't need more batman vehicles .. we need New Batmobiles if anything.. or new places

  4. I love the vest batgirl has on in the scudler set I hope they release it in a cheaper set though seeing as I prob won't get the scudler

  5. If you look closely at the Joker Balloon Escape Set, you will realize it can connect with the Mr. Freeze Ice Attack Set.

  6. I love that Balloon Escape im getting that and i like the Scuttler but its to pricey i hope we get that Poison Ivy another Way cause i really want it and it looks awesome! Still hoping for some news on Clay Face in a set!!!

  7. why would you play with lego at adulthood? you should be doing something other than complaining about playability of a kids toy that is not meant for adults!

  8. That Poison Ivy is gorgeous, kinda too bad that she probably won't be in a cheaper set. I like how the Scuttler looks like a crawling bat, but it looks like there's no real wings on it. Pity.

  9. I had the same thoughts, maybe we fall in luv with the vehicle after we see it in action in the movie… dang I can't wait

  10. I only want the poison ivy and the joker fig. But the scuttler is just2bad imo. Hopefully she will appear in other sets aswell. The joker set with the ballons seems simple but great to me.

  11. the jokers have a different head piece.check the eye brows.i don't want 2 sound like a dork-i just want 2 let U know πŸ™‚

  12. That GCPD Vest will be so useful for creating scenarios and brickfilms and the jokers escape will be so easy to get batmans utility belt

  13. i get what you are getting at but the scuttler has a bit of a better price to part ratio: balloon 8.26 scuttler 9.2

  14. Just2good did u notice the joker sets side build has a random clip and the mr freeze set side build has a bar those two builds may be connectable

  15. Still really bugged about Robin's glasses.

    I know this is a comedy film, but for once, can we stop acting like Robin is a joke, just because the 1966 series unintentionally portrays him as one? He's a really big deal when it comes to the Teen Titans, the Arkham games, and plenty of other stuff. Making him look like the nerdy kid that no one wants to hang with is not a good step towards giving Robin more purpose than just someone who follows Batman around.

    On the other hand, Joker and Poison Ivy look really nice, and it's good to see that Joker has a backside piece. That will really come in handy if I get around to making a custom Joker based on the Arkham games.

  16. Wait a minute, wasn't the scuttler made from the batwing. what if they had directions to switch it from that to the batwing build!

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