LEGO Batman Move Joker Notorious Lowrider 70906 Review

Welcome back to another Magic Man Toy Review. The channel that reviews new toys everyday. As always guys if you like these videos please
subscribe to our channel, and leave a thumbs up if you can it really does help. Thanks again and enjoy the show. Today we are reviewing the Lego Set number
70906, The Joker Notorious Low rider from the batman Movie. Here you see the front its box. The Set is suggested for ages 8-14 and consists
of 433 Pieces. This set also contains three Mini figures. Which are the joker, Harley Quinn and the
Batgirl. Here is the Back of the box. As always magic man fans If you like the looks
of this Lego set I’ve left a link in the description of this video to help you guys
get your own. Now lets build this thing The first Mini figure we build in this set
is the Batgirl mini fig. As you see here she comes with that new utility
belt piece as well as batarangs. She has printing on her front torso as well
as her arms, legs and back. She also comes with this shiny yellow cap
and matching head gear. Her head sculpt has dual faces on it. This one here is batgirl’s happy face. And this one is her Angry face. Bag Number 1 Finished on to Bag number 2. The second mini figure we build In this set
is the jokey. He also has printing on his torso, back legs
and arms. He has a diamond and a spade printed on his
left arm and a heart and a club on his right arm. His pop guns has a flag that’s graphics
are actually stickers that we had to apply. This mini fig also has dual faces on his head
sculpt. As you can see this face has one tooth protruding
from between his lips. While his second face is the ever famous crazy
smile of the joker. Done with Bag number 2 on to the third and
final bag. The last mini figure we build in this set
is Ms. Harley Quinn. Out of all three figures this is my favorite. She has printing on her torso, back legs and
arms. She also has a pair of mismatched roller skates
that she wears, as well as her signature red bat. Again her head sculpt has dual faces. Her is crazy happy Harley. And this Is psychotic mean Harley Quinn. That’s it I’m all out of pieces time to
review this bad boy. Here is the notorious low rider in all its
glory. You have to love the details on this vehicle. From the Chicken hood ornament to the bicycle
horn. Even the spare tire on the trunk. Trunk actually does open and close. And inside the trunk you will find green missiles
that actually fire. The mechanism that fires the missiles are
these blue pegs here under the green top. These rubber bands here are what makes the
magic happen. Making the car act like it has hydraulics
installed just like a real Low rider. Now its time for Magic Man to do what Magic
Man does. Wake up Joker, Wake up Harley Quinn. Its time to play. Harley Sugar pie, turn on that radio. Were bad, Bad to the bone. Joker Laughing Thanks for watching guys. Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up on the
video. Magic man out.

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