Lego Batman Minifigures With Mr. J

alright so today we’ve got Legos so I’m never doing 2017 legos mr. J what we got today today we have lego batman minifigs who five bucks at your local Toys R Us. okay. And I’m hoping to get some good ones going to open these guys these are for later time but we’re just kind of teasing yeah it over first one yes we are using scissors I’m sorry just going to move this over here see we should yeah maybe we could have lunch it free cutco you know but we were comment in the comments alright alright awesome that we actually see that but that’s the number of figures and there’s a big bat all oh yeah and actually what I wanted Oh job stop myself alright what he’s doing now what I open up the next one right and this work together gods yeah probably no no no no no i didn’t roll oh it’s missing his head wow it has everything on his head I’m like not even kidding was a little over the top piece okay well yeah there you go ok what the takedown back really not in here got a dog you don’t get in the back no yeah actually I thought to move maybe was like stuck right here oh wow ok so we have non pencil head okay goal i believe yes situation did the King i was just regular Grayson yeah what is it next my extinguisher it’s a no its back shark repellent oh ok up your reference yep you know 16 Batman movie oh my god i know they’re doing a lot of another doing a lot of that in their way wow I can’t believe it happened i’m still I’m still kind of shine i’m pretty sure people one back but well what three-course yeah I opened up this is probably a bunker now there’s actually a break ok ok we’re having issues here my still being here skills okay we’re good we’re good that’s going to say it’s been happening over here oh my god is good this is good we got back we got the one in the with the lobster the lobster not lie so much sound weird some people but i have to wonder why because it’s funny a lobster you as well so far we have got no duplicates so that’s good or am I have to watch it works we are being huge doors is especially boring record yes even though she’s black hey she’s a force members are Dawkins know what rosario Dawson equals hot sugar cover minutes sure this is pretty sure this isn’t sure where it goes she told me guess it is just going to sit on you like that you gotta handcuffs handcuffs okay I’m just gonna do like that alright last you don’t you get it to you oh how could have been a double the pencil guy to fuck oh well you know i will give you up but but but but wait a minute is your there’s no key yes there is you need we’re all there is a stuck wow that’s good seems like there’s they put this one is like that you have to be a rocket scientist yes actually do ook at Buffalo Bisons I got this time I see houses it’s okay so it’s a peek at girls out this is supposed to be I’m gonna go online let’s say is probably going origin style story and I don’t remember her being one thing is that there’s a big Batman when i’m guessing that might be Batgirl or batwoman the people is it back man in a pink pink outfit ok there’s probably some reason reason movie but now i’m pretty sure that she does this worksheet they’re twinsies to get one duplicate it and missing pencil head well maybe it’s because the pencil is used the new figures that’s good way

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