LEGO Batman CW Superheroes Promo #2 (HD) Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl

Révision des meilleurs combattants du crime de tout les temps. Commencer ! “Vous avez trahi cette ville !” J’aime son style, je déteste le vert. Suivant. “Je suis l’homme le plus rapide du monde !” Regarde à quelle vitesse je dis : SUIVANT !!! “Wooh !!! J’en ai tellement entendu parlé, je suis tellement impatiente !” Charmante…. Non, suivant ! Trop froid ! Geek !! Ordinateur, sélectionne un leader d’équipe via l’analyse alphabétique, qui commence avec la lettre “B” J’adore !!!

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40 thoughts on “LEGO Batman CW Superheroes Promo #2 (HD) Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl

  1. Is Batman just a street-level superhero? Or is he something more? Check this out.

  2. Wait, did Batman just call Ray Palmer, The Atom, a nerd? I'm sorry, Bruce, didn't you go to Oxford and Cambridge? And you have advanced degrees in how many fields again? Criminology, Forensic Pathology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, History, etc.

  3. I laughed too hard when he mentioned about Flash and Atom.
    I love how they used the actually actors to voice their characters.

  4. I do love how Batman says that he loves Green Arrows style. Especially if you consider that GA just said the line he says right before he kills someone. Snyder Batman murder spree origins confirmed.

  5. Batman? No uh. He doesn't have the meanings of a true leader.

    Computer, reselect the superhero, starting with the letter 'O.'

    Result: Optimus Prime.

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