LEGO Batman: Attack of the Talons review! 76110

everybody this is the Lego DC superhero
set Batman attack of the talons aka Batman gets a tricycle it’s a tricycle
there’s no point in trying to sugarcoat it yeah it’s a very large tricycle and
it probably has a very large engine it’s probably very fast and all that but it’s
a tricycle you know Batman owns it we can own it too this one has a couple of
stud shooters on the side just one side for that everything kind of nice little
suggestion of suspension linkages there towards the top they didn’t need to do
that but I appreciate that very much probably my favorite detail here just
the fact that they included that the overall shape of this is not too bad I
personally don’t like the use of the tan in the seating area I mean it’s so large
for him for the minifigure that he just stands there but I really like the rear
fender as simple as it is not just the shape of it but the placement of it you
know it gives it that that fat tail kind of kind of feel got the two sauce pipes
coming up in the back those are supposed to be down you can turn them up if you
want small rack for some accessories on the side I’ll show you the full set of
accessories that are included in this set some of them will fit there some of
them will not this has just three stickers one for the tail light one up
front for the headlight got one little console sticker right there and then
there are these bat spinners on the things so one on either side those just
fit directly over a or a stud so it’s just an anti stent on me on the backside
of that and just spins up hey that actually has that kind of cool conic
look from decades and decades ago yeah actually like that that’s one of the
accessories that are included here but you know that’s it it’s it’s just a
vehicle it holds a figure and looks kind of cool and it’s easy to grab that’s one
nice thing about this style you get this this big you know wide base in the front
and the big tires and everything but even for small hands it’s easy just to
grab this from the back and roll it on off so I think it’s a fine toy so
are those bad accessories and I didn’t go ahead and pull the ones off the
tricycle so you see the full set here and in addition to these they have a
couple of the batarangs the regular ones in black in this set but you can use
these here as batarangs as well and they’re easy to hold on to and put into
a little bit more of a a believable throwing position I think by just
holding at one end but these have you know the bar sized ends these can be
used as blades they can also be used to to build up larger weapons if you have
other pieces like you can put a sword or light saber hilt on the base of this and
then add a bar to the other end turn it into a pole weapon these can be used as
shields or you can use them as a human to you know just grab that and throw it
at the figures and these are definitely intended to be shield so these have a
and these as well have just an anti stud on the opposite side so you can stick
the top of a hand I minifigure your hand in that and then the little ones can be
used as a spinner caps or your hubcap nuts you know wheel nuts or they can
also be used kind of like shuriken is you know I like throwing stars throwing
bats again a Batarang sort of thing but just smaller
so here’s Batman himself with his armored suit in gunmetal grey and
matching gunmetal grey cowl no print on either of those and especially with the
armor having no print and with its shape having large smooth areas almost looks
like a prototype to me or no it just looks a little bit plain have a little
bit mixed feelings about that because I really like the color and I also like
what they have for the head print underneath they’re showing through the
cowl I don’t know let me know what you think
about that but it’s it’s an interesting design that I personally haven’t seen
before with you know just with no print like
that it’s it’s different has a different kind of
aesthetic but then the whole figure is done mostly in gunmetal gray including
the arms and the torso and the hip and legs and there’s the back torso print
and that alternates face print which shows when he has already taken some
damage and he’s kind of you know on the on the ropes a little bit there’s about
that that looks like through the Cowell’s you don’t see as much of it
it’s almost a shame that you don’t get a hairpiece to go with this but I guess
you know he has kind of a balaclava on in total so you know his hair would be
covered even if you took the cowl off at this point but there’s that main print
looks like we may have an issue with this being offset again a little bit yep
Wow that is that is amazing just how far that is offset you know we’re looking at
this straight on from the back and he’s looking off to the side compared to the
other the other print they just keep getting farther and farther off I don’t
understand how Lego has made this mistake on so many different lines
throughout this entire series and it seems like it’s getting worse but really
good prints though all all the prints I guess the the hip print is just a little
bit blurry but I like the details that they attempted there yeah that that’s
probably something that will be better on some than on others but I like the
leg print on this I like the torso print so much and the head prints look good as
well and then here we have a couple of the court of owls talons the very elite
assassins very very dangerous opponents to Batman actually incredibly skilled at
combat and you mean you see the damage that they offer up as an option to show
on on the Batman this set is designed for small kids but this is actually some
pretty rough stuff if you really get into the stories of it and the simulated
reality behind those stories these are pretty well done though you know fairly
modern design for them and you get a couple different types of weapons with
the katanas and the claw style weapons last but certainly not least this is ace
the bat dog and probably there are some collectors
out there who want this set because it includes Ace the bat dog but for the
folks this set is really made for the kids this is great because it’s a dog
and it’s a superhero dog and it’s a Batman dog it’s a dog that has taken on
the character of Batman by virtue of wearing the cloak and
having having a cape on that’s the way that most kids will see it it’s just an
awesome basis for imagination to absolutely go wild so I think it’s it’s
great that they included this it’s nice that it also has the ability to turn the
head a little bit needs some articulation it’s good to have some
articulation rather than just a single static piece you got the little cape
back here which is a short one you know it’s the style it’s designed for short
legged minifigures for example it’s not the full length one although you could
just put that on to Batman if you want it’ll look a little bit short but it is
usable with minifigs and you can attach this to surfaces by just a single stud
so any of those are secure enough to hold to hold the figure you know even if
it’s going vertical up the side of a building or something and it has that
one paw with the clip shape so it’s able to hold anything that is the size of a
bar or the shape of the bar and that would include even a Batarang if you
want to give a Batarang to the bad dog that is totally doable and yeah I say
it’s just it’s just great for the kids so I think I’ve said it already by now I
think this is a pretty good toy set it actually has pretty good balance with
the two very dangerous bad guys that you know will be hiding lurking in the
shadows and coming out and striking and then hiding back away against just the
one Batman though the bat hound will be able to come in and provide some
assistance as needed I am a little bit disappointed in the price though it’s
just another another example of Lego in general becoming rather expensive I feel
like the prices is I for what you get here for the volume
of stuff not even looking at the oppressed part rice you do get a nice
number of figures for such a small set but I wish this was I think 15 would
would be a fantastic price $15 US but probably lower than then is reasonable I
think that this should be between 15 and 20 so right around like the 1699 or
$17.99 range it’s it’s 20 which is not that much of a stretch but just still
feels a little bit higher to me personally but that’s it for my thoughts
so thanks for watching I’ll talk to you in very soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Batman: Attack of the Talons review! 76110

  1. Ya know, if you ignore the Human face on the back, it almost looks like a Batman attack android doesn't it? Iron Man has his automated suits that can back him up so if Batman is also using a mechanical suit its stands to reason he would use the same tactic. Whether you want to admit it or not, drones and mech suites are the future of warfare -so its only logical Batman would adapt over time. Makes sense too cuz you could have Batman at multiple locations at the same time and Bruce could be at the Batcave safe and sound while these things remotely take on the danger. That's what I'd do if I were Batman. 🙂

  2. It needs a pair of shooters (headlights) on the righthand side too, then it would look like an Ariel Atom type of thing.

  3. The tonal dissonance in this set is silly and I think I love it. Battle tricycle covered in bat-branding and includes Ace the Bat Hound… but then has the most brutal looking Batman and the included villains are very serious and deadly, not at all who you'd expect Batman to take his pimp trike up against. I feel like he'd take this out of the garage for, like, Condiment King or something.

  4. I like this one so much. Ace is of course the real star in it. But foes, batman minifig and stuff and even that big tricycle are so nice. I like the shape and color chosen for Batman's suit, and Ace is for sure highly collectible, as it comes in a cheaper set. Thank you Lego for this one, thank you JANGBRiCKS for this good review again. In haste to see your marvelous city progress nonetheless…

  5. The Batman fig is supposed to represent the Thrasher suit from the Court of Owls story arc. Would've been better if it was a Hulkbuster-sized mech

  6. I love the armour. It's got enough texture going for it, doesn't need print. Plus, you can even use it in a (cyber) medieval context as well!

  7. They're Ninjago-izing Batman. I love Ninjago and hate Batman. That's why the few Batman sets I own have been used for parts.

  8. This set is cool, but the dog looks kind of kid-ish next to Batman's suit. And 20 dollars is a bit of a stretch.

  9. The new Krypto and Batdog don't look right to me. Personally, I would've preferred if they stuck with the LEGO Friends/DC Superhero Girls dog mold, and put more of the ones like Krypto into the sets. Kyrpto was adoraple.

  10. Hey Jang
    You sad in your interview to Beyond the Brick that Cobi stuff has good quality and pretty interesting builds and so on….are you going to review some another Cobi stuff,like you did it already,but a bit longer ago?

  11. This is the worst looking set I've ever seen!! The tricycle looks horrible and huge!! The minifigs all suck too. Batman sets are always either great or terrible, it's so annoying.

  12. It makes me really glad that you've actually done your research and know what the court of owls and the talons are, some others don't bother and it can be a little frustrating

  13. I have this set and the other one (Brother Eye Takedown)…anyone care to explain Batwoman! is it Batgirl's mum? Older Batgirl, now she's not a girl! …I give up!

  14. I think these new super hero dog pieces have great potential to be used as none super hero specific dogs. Lego just needs to release the pieces without prints that make them super hero specific.

  15. The sound you made at 0:21 is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. Sounds like it could be a Pokémon cry. I can't stop listening to it. 10/10

  16. The printed Batman minifigure should have been replaced or included a Bat-Mech, since the story this set is based on includes Batman fighting in a large mech that looks identical to this Batman minifig. It's still a really nice set though.

  17. I like the mix of 'looks like hardcore grimdark'stuff and then they sneak in the silly dog who is also very serious looking

  18. the talons were in batman vs robin animated movie it is rated PG-13 a bit more violent then I thought not a movie for kids but this set is good even that some comic book villains are not good for kids but it still works I recommend you watch batman vs robin its a pretty good film but only if you want to jangbrick you are favorite youtuber

  19. Okay, in honor of the new lego DC villians game, they need to make the Crime Syndicate into a lego set. If you want to see them in a set too, please support the idea.

  20. The Batman armor that goes on top of the minifigure is recycled from the Batman V Superman Batman. However, I love the suit underneath the armor. I wish that the Batman minifigure didnkt even include the armor! The suit underneath is so awesome!

  21. I am only watching this because i love Jang and his reviews but that batman armor is SO fantastic. i will be buying these and outfitting a police force or SWAT team with that armor its so nice

  22. I assume it's $20 instead of $15 because it technically comes with four figures. To drop it to $15, they would have probably left Ace out.

  23. Adding ace the bat dog to make it family friendly. If you don’t know in the comics Batman is drugged and tortured by the court for a week. Not very pg

  24. Looked it up but love batman but have trouble having the time to read everything. Anyway thats the armor from the court of owls storyline

  25. You could make injustice 2 batman with that minifigure
    Swap armor piece with cape
    Swap head piece with any other batman head
    Swap the gun metal cowl with black cowl

  26. Everyone is asking about the batsuit. I will confirm with others, it's the Thrasher outfit from Batman #2, City of Owls.

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