Lego Batman 2: Couple Co-Op Game (2017) || Part 1 ( VIETSUB + ENGSUB)

Hello I’m Khoa, the Geek Guy. And I’m Musa, the Sassy Girl. As you know, the Lego Batman Movie is coming
out soon. So we decided to play Lego Batman to get ready
for the movie. We are big fans of Batman. While he plays a lot of games, Im just a clueless
gamer so guys please dont judge me! Lets get it started. Lets do it. Lets do Batman. Hello. Who win bae? Me? Huh? Why you? I thought you was asking me and you who’s gonna
win? Man of the year? Really? Lex Luther. Woman of the year. Chick of the year. Im not chick bae. Bruce Wayne and chick. What?
He’s too short They have the same height in Lego. Mean. It’s call Sarcasm. Is he talking about himself? I thought he was talking about Batman Play ! Don’t skip the movie Penguin Give me now Yes, we are playing now. Wait, where is me ? I want to be Batman No, you ain’t, not cool enough to be Batman. Go to the stair. But I’m collecting the money so we can be
rich together. I’m already rich, I’m Batman. Oh wait, you live in my house ( Robin live
in Batman house). Let kick her ass. That’s Harley Quinn Help me. Wait wait, I have to shoot her right ? Good Job I’m waiting What now ? We jump Stop stop Sorry! Save Are they bad guys ? No, they are the music guy Hit everyone, hit everything You murderer I found the Riddler! Look at him dance Ridiculous dance The Ridiculous Riddler We are about to do this Wait, where am I ? Help me kill bad guy Hey, don’t hit me Go up there Go up here, babe. Hold Square On the other side The other side ( x2) Oh Yeah Oh shiet What have you done So I don’t have to climb up right ? No Good Job Can I build ? Wait, I am not invisible Waiting for someone Jump Destroy everything OK, each person on each side I’m on the right, you on the left The grappling hook Hello Bad Guy Kick your Ass Ok, I see him One Down Two Down Three Down I found him, go hit him Oh yeah Ok, I will build something Can I do it please ? DO it again Bye bye Riddler OH, here is your job Yay Acrobat Suit You wear tight suit To show that they have muscle You know, remember Rey from Star War Oh yeah Now jump up I can’t Double Jump I don’t have double jump You have double jump Oh yesss, I’m good Now find a way for me to go up What? Mean Who ?Who mean ? Two face He is not mean He just desperate Ok, find a way to go up first Find a way for me to go up I die See I die Not that way babe Wait. Stop See that Build something No, build something I’m doing it Ohhh, I turn into a ball OK, be a ball Hello Be a ball and do your ball stuff like BB-8 Haha, BB-8 You jealous babe ? Murderer ok, two face is down Time for heading to Joker You can come up her, you know ? HIt there Hold square and hit it square first hold square and hit the circle circle first hold square, hit the circle hold square up again now get up Why do I need to go up ? The pole on the left jump up again Who care, we already rich Try, there must be secret here hold square up to the thing I keep turning into a ball huhu hold square, ok That’s it Jump up Jump to that thing jump to that thing Damn Damn, i’m useful Yeah That’s it right ? Square first Don’t be mean Give me some love You on the left I’m on the right Let’s just go “Punch” line Help ! Help ! Help Hahaha Thank You I will shoot him I will shot him Well, let’s destroy that thing He will shot him for you babe Aww, hit teh guy up there though Oh yeah Bye bye Joker One Two Three JUMP You don’t have screen time Now you have screen time Awww Just a sidekick He is too naive Just a sidekick Best sidekick you ever have Yup, we done our level We done. Batman That it for part 1 Part 2 will be coming soon If you enjoy the video Hit the Like Button and subscribe below And thank you for watching guy See you guy next time Bye ( music to the end)

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