LEGO Avengers Infinity War figures collection so far!

hey everyone this is a viewer requested
look at all of the figures from the Lego Marvel superheroes Avengers infinity war
first wave of sets that have been produced and released to the public as
of the time of the recording of this video we’re gonna look at all of these
together and I’m also going to show you each one up close these figures come
from six sets that have been released in the first wave that’s one set for each
of the Infinity stones that you collect or that Thanos is trying to collect in
total we’re looking at 25 figures here it’s 23 regular minifigures and two big
figs they’re divided into 16 on the good guys side with just one duplicate and
then nine on the bad guys side with four duplicates spread across three sets to
get up close let’s start with some of the good guys this is spider-man in iron
spider form this came in the sanctum sanctorum set which also includes the
building with Peter Parker’s apartment in it this one has a couple of the white
web of blasts pieces that attach to the hands and actually will fire off and it
has printing on the arms and that goes for both arms and then the iron spider
suit is set up with the attachment that’s actually new on the back to allow
these arms or legs to be actually swiveled forward and back you can open
those up to give a very intimidating appearance to the whole thing so it’s
pretty wide like that and if you bring the arms the actual arms up then you can
bring all of these forward quite a bit to give you those forward strikes
beneath the whole spider arm or leg assembly they actually have some pretty
nice printing on the back of the torso also from the sanctum sanctorum set is
Doctor Strange himself this one has pretty good printing that goes through
the torso into the hips and down to the legs I think it’s lined up pretty well
for such a small scale his cloak is set up with two pieces of cloth the upper
part for the collar is actually the stiffer material the older more
traditional material that Lego is used for capes in the past and they as the
newer style of softer more smooth and flowy Cape peace for the
lower and main section of it the nice thing about that is allows you to very
easily just pop this up so you can see the print underneath you can appreciate
the detail that went into that he also has this alternate face for when he’s
angry or involved in a battle Bruce Banner is by far the simplest and most
plain figure from this series because it’s just Bruce Banner he’s just in his
plain controlled human form he’s very calm and a sense of style is is fine
it’s just nothing special right except you take off the hair or swap around to
the head you see that he does still have the ability to tap into that that
hulking outrage I’ll have to see if he actually goes all the way but this comes
in the Hulkbuster smash up set so he is still going to be able to have some
power even in this form just by using a big neck this is the martial artist
formerly known as Black Widow maybe we’ll still call her Black Widow in
infinity war she’s got the new blonde color for the hair still the original
style of mold for that though and the Lego went with the full green color for
the base of the torso we’ve gotten some confusing looks at how accurate or
inaccurate that will be I think there’s a little bit of green in her actual
final movie costume just a little bit it’s very subtle here’s the alternate
face for that figure and just really quickly how that looks framed up by the
hair and this figure comes in the outrider drop ship attack set and here
are the outriders themselves two of them are included in that outrider drop ship
attack set one is included with the Hulkbuster smash up and the fourth one
comes in the Corvus glaive Thresher attack set I think these are great
little generic baddies with awesome prints for the torso and the head with
the gold teeth they’re as of the time of the recording of this video this may
have changed by the time you’re watching the video but there’s a little bit of
confusion around whether there will be six or four arms on these in the movie
there’s one picture that shows them having six and then
in the trailer that that first trailer that was released it looked like there
were only four arms so we’ll see how that works out but they set it up with
six if you want to switch over to just four if that ends up being the reality
for all or some of them you can just pull off those two lower arms and makes
four not such a bad look you know they’re using that same piece from iron
spider to connect those I think it works out pretty well but either way I think
this is a really good looking figure with some fun play value and look at the
print on the back of the torso all of that is normally hidden away from view
if you get multiples of this figure I strongly recommend that you take off the
extra arms from one of them just so you can appreciate how cool that looks from
behind Eponine ma comes in the sanctum
sanctorum set and it’s very difficult to approximate kind of a skinny face in
Lego form with just a regular minifig head piece but I think that print does a
pretty good job of capturing the face shape and also expression the head
itself though is very very bright the choice of the light aqua is probably the
best that Lego could have done to match his MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe
appearance based on the colors they have available but it is very bright it
really stands out he comes with a couple of blasts and energy blasts pieces I
think the prints on this one are just really good just the the head color is
really bright Captain America or is he just Steve Rogers now is in the outrider
drop ship attack set and it comes with the 2 new shields that I think look
pretty good here directly from the front they look too much like claws it’s an
existing piece that Lego has used before but from any kind of angle I think the
the shaping overall and how they will be used and the proportions are great
overall I feel like this is just a very well reproduced character that looks
very accurate in Lego form to what we’ve seen of how the character will look in
the actual infinity war movie and he does have an alternate face as well I
like what they with the layering for the colors for the
beard so it’s not just or all of the facial hair so it’s not just one color I
think works out pretty well and gives a nice transition to the slightly lighter
color that’s used for the main hair piece itself
here’s Thor from the Thor’s weapon quest set with the weapon for which he quests
that Stormbreaker his new replacement formula near it has half ax and half
hammer design with handle graciously contributed by Groot
I think the print for the face looks really good I think that Lego did a very
good job of designing such a small weapon for him you know to fit this
scale I think the print for the torso is just a little bit lacking in detail
personally I wish that some of those lines were a little bit more fine but he
does have the alternate face here so he’s still able to express his his rage
and his power which is going to be important in that set and in this movie
the new Lego version of Falcon gets a glorious wing suit I mean this thing is
able to fold up in all kinds of ways so you can really get some nice poses with
this if you have it in horizontal form while it’s actually flying you could
even use those wings as weapons you can bend them forward more does rely on
stickers too to get the nice look there and those stickers are only present on
the front but they really blend well with the design that’s used for his
torso and the entire backpack unit even has a small removable section to
represent the new drone form Red Wing I mean this is not that impressive but the
size is a lot more accurate than the last one that they did he has a good
alternate face and this is another one that hides away really nice torso print
on the back I personally actually liked that back
torso print more than I like the front one I mean both of them are really
detailed but there’s just something about that one on the back I guess with
just the little gold accents it just makes it extra classy oh yeah and this
one comes in the Hulkbuster smash-up set as does the villain Proxima
midnight here this is showing one of her two faces on this figure the more
confident if not condescending smile version and when I first reviewed the
set this figure came in I didn’t have very positive feelings about it feel
like it’s grown on me a bit but it definitely could have used more detail
you know her outfit has a lot of small fine lines in it and I think they could
have captured that a little bit better in the arms and possibly the lower part
of the torso maybe even into the hips and the legs here the weapon is also not
right should have had one end done that way and then the other end should have
been different to represent more of a Trident style that’s at one of the the
heads this face I think is a lot more appropriate a lot more useful between
the two and the print on the back of the torso has a level of detail that I think
is even a little bit lower than what they did on the front iron man is the
one Avenger that comes in multiple sets in this initial wave so he’s in the
sanctum sanctorum set to provide some guidance and help to Peter Parker with
the iron spider suit on and he’s also in the Thanos Ultimates battle set that
comes with the ravager and ship and the figures themselves as we’re seeing here
just the most basic plane form of figures are identical between the two so
all of the prints are identical and also beneath they’re the face prints are
identical so this is one of them that shows kind of that that close-up look
with the reflections were actually seeing through a little bit the
holographic heads-up display and it’s questionable whether that was done quite
right it’s it’s very bright with the white background but you see what they
were going for I appreciate that they tried to get that look in there and then
they just gave you a more traditional basic Tony Stark face the Thanos
ultimate battle set though comes with the fully expanded and upgraded version
of the suit with the extra thrusters added on and that really has a lot of
bulk to this figure makes them look a lot more intimidating and I’m assuming
that this is what will allow him to actually fly around in space very
effectively but this just looks really strong uses
four stickers to give you that extra added level of detail and it’s got these
big thrusters as you can you know change around you can change the angles on them
and you can also swap out some of those blast pieces that are used on the tips
I’ve got smaller ones on the on the base larger ones on the top but if you want
to you can just pull off one of those blast pieces and put it in the front so
he’s actually able to be firing off that much energy just a lot of things as you
can do with this pretty fun figure that once again uses that same piece that was
used for the outriders and for the iron spider suit I mean look at how much of a
difference that makes between the two same basic figure but they add a lot on
for this special version now let’s look at the guardians of the galaxy that are
spread across two of the infinity war sets star-lord comes with his two
trademark blasters in the Thanos ultimate battle set but they did not
give him a helmet so he’s just in his normal form with the hairpiece there and
you have to line up the hairpiece just right if you want to hide as much as
possible of the secondary face that’s on the back there because he has a lot of
stubble that comes all the way out to the edge and he does have a good
alternative ace Gamora comes in that same set and I think she has a great set
of prints and paint applications with the magenta on the hair nice job on the
face with the silver accents and you know you get printing going all the way
through into the hips and down to the legs it could have been just a little
bit more saturated there that the brown gets a little bit dark but it’s not bad
dark brown arms they’re good printing around the back as well and a good and
very useful alternate face for when she’s in battle or just generally angry
teen groot gave us arguably one of the most funny moments in guardians of the
galaxy – in the after credits scene and this is the first time that Lego has
made him in this form he comes with just one extra stock of biomass that’s
growing out and this is from the Thor’s weapon quest set where I think it’s very
appropriate to include him that’s a brand new head mold that they created
just for the figure might even be useful for a later
more grown-up version of them I think that the print on the torso looks really
good and I also did a separate video comparing all versions of full Groot
figures to date and I think that they’ve been very consistent with the style for
those prints for this character and finally Rocket Raccoon is sold
alongside teen Groot in the Thor’s weapon quest set he acts as the pilot
for the pod in that and he has the bright wide and tall even grin some
paint application is actually really good for that singular headpiece there’s
no normal minifig head beneath that it’s just what you see and he has the
reversible tail although the tail has to be in this upward form if he’s gonna
stand on the ground and here’s the figure with all that stuff removed so
you can see the full torso print on the back and I think there was a little bit
you might not have seen yeah from the front just up towards the top in the
corners another figure from that same set that is recycled is vision here but
I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all because I think this is a great figure I
think it’s a a wonderful interpretation of that character the live-action
version of him in Lego form I think the colors are good I think the prints are
good I think the Cape looks great it’s got a little bit of metallic shimmer to
it just everything about this figure to me personally is really well done so I’m
glad that they didn’t try to change it up just to change it when it was already
in just a fine form as it was and noticed this does still have the
Infinity stone embedded in his forehead the newly reinvigorated and re
popularized black panther comes in the Corvus glaive thresher attack set and
this figure is reused from one of the Black Panther movie sets which makes
perfect sense given how close the two movies are together in the in universe
timeline most of the fan feedback that I’ve seen about this figure suggests a
strong preference towards closing up the eyes you know actually putting the the
visors or the cuff over there to not show the the actual
raw eyes beneath in the skintone you know just to to get more of that full
mask on look but this is the version that they’ve given us so far for
infinity war this has some really subtle printing with black on black it’s black
paint or ink on top of the black plastic which is difficult to see unless you get
the light to strike it just right and again that’s on the front and the back
both I’m just gonna roll straight through with the remaining major figures
from the Corvus glaive thresher attack set this is cherie the first appearance
of this character in Lego form and I think she has done very well it’s a good
reuse of the hairpiece that was previously introduced and only used in
the Ghostbusters reboot set that they did for the ecto-1
and two together and I think it’s just very appropriate for this character the
printing on the torso looks good the gauntlets were an existing piece that
they had done in an original theme for ultra agents before and I think that
they are well used here and that head has a good face on it and a good
secondary face as well again for when she’s mad or in battle and here’s Corvus
glaive himself the figure that lends his name to the set he comes in it’s a very
scary and creepy looking figure very scary and creepy looking character in
universe they’ve done a nice thing with the weapon
you know it’s built up with existing pieces but I think it looks pretty good
but need to take that off this is printed on top of gunmetal grey for most
of the body pieces the cape is the more papery more crinkly style but it’s
nicely cut out to make it look all tattered and with everything removed now
you can appreciate the print that’s on the back of the torso that is hidden
most of the time and you can see his alternate face still creepy even when
he’s smiling possibly even more creepy there because you don’t really know what
he’s thinking you know he’s up to no good but this is more of kind of a
default for him I think just all good prints all around just doesn’t have any
prints for the hips or legs though but I think it looks
okay especially with all the accessories and finally the big things this is coal
obsidian from the sanctum sanctorum set with a brand-new exclusive head mold
that also includes the shoulder pauldron or flap piece there I think the head
mold itself looks really good especially on the top though the whole thing does
look a little bit more like the comic version of this character in the face
than the cinematic universe version of them the weapons are actually built up
from small pieces so that’s always an enjoyable thing rather than getting just
you know large preformed parts and there’s no printing on the back there’s
a little bit of mismatch between the two colors with the paint that’s used up
here and the just plastic that’s used below but I actually like that I think
it gives it a little bit more character and makes it look a little bit less
plain from around the back and that brings us to Thanos himself who is
included in the Thanos ultimate battle set with the Infinity Gauntlet and they
also include one of the Infinity stones in that set but if you want to complete
to the entire gauntlet you do need to collect all six of the sets from this
first wave but I’ve done a separate video where I show how that looks just
focusing more on the gauntlet itself they do also include in that set just a
second regular hand for him a left hand so if you want to show him
pre-acquisition you can however you cannot show him with his helmet off as
we’ve seen him in the first trailer and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a
little teaser previous to this so there’s no alternate version of the head
set up at all perhaps they will make a second version of the big Figg with just
a different headpiece that remains to be seen his skin tone is very brightly
colored and just overall the figure looks at this time a little bit more
like the comic version of him than the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of him
but it’s still a exciting figure to get it’s very important
they included it in this first wave and he definitely looks best with the
Infinity Gauntlet on the mold for the hand pieces is actually really good for
these in terms of how it just blends back into the arms but it just makes for
a much simpler and less imposing looking figure this way looking at these all
together I think this is a very strong set of figures especially to get from
just six sets in a single wave and some of those sets were relatively small and
inexpensive there were some more expensive ones but at least they gave us
a range and I think that Lego has done pretty good justice to this entire theme
so far I think this may be the best that they’ve done for any specific movie
especially with just one wave of releases but let me know what you think
and let me know if you have any favorites amongst these figures or just
any specific feedback about any of the particulars or about the collection on
the whole thank you for your suggestions to do this video if you haven’t seen the
individual reviews of the sets these come in you can check those out on my
channel and stick around because more videos are always on the way thanks for
watching you

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