LEGO Avengers Endgame 76131 Speed Build Đại chiến Trụ sở Avengers Unofficial Lego

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel And today let’s take a look at the details, unpack the product from Lepin Then this product will correspond to genuine lego 76131 And this product I bought for $ 25 And the genuine lego price I refer is from 150 dollars to 160 dollars depending on where it sells And who are the loyal fans of the avengers When looking at the box, we can see that this is a scene from the movie Avengers: Endgame. Take a quick look at this box This set will have 783 pieces We have here 2 big figures : Thanos , Hulk And 4 minifigures : Outrider , Nebula , Iron Man and Captain Marvel And there’s also a microfigure version: Ant- Man And the front of the box is showing a fight scene of superheroes with Thanos and Outrider monsters and the back of the box shows a different view, in the opposite direction And these are the interactive features in this set A meeting room, garage This part has a rotating door And this helicopter can shoot by a hot 6-gun like this And it didn’t take long for the two of us to open the box to see what was in this set These sets have many more details like this I advise you not to tear the small bags at once We take a brief look at the manual and open it in the order of the steps as in the instructions On each small package printed 1 number We take each step, otherwise we will be very difficult and take more time to search. And we just finished this set And here are all our minifigures Ah … Except Thanos and Hulk are big figuer, not minifigure We will evaluate 2 big figures first This is our Green Giant In very familiar. The light green represents the skin color of the Hulk The muscles look very strong And these blue legging are the familiar Hulk uniform In the movie this leggings look very torn In the lego version, the way the designer redesigned it is very beautiful and there are no signs of tearing This is Thanos In the familiar gray uniform There are details printed in metallic gold which make for very beautiful accents These accents represent the armor of Thanos These 2 big figures are all fixed so only the arms can move All other parts are fixed This is Thanos’s weapon that can rotate the head 360 degrees like this. Did you notice two strange features on the faces of these two big figures? 2 facial expressions Both of them seem to be smiling When transformed into a Hulk This character’s personality is crazy Without knowing why they are in battle mode, both of them have such a cheerful attitude I am also a bit confusing about this issue This is Nebola The blue skin looks and we immediately recognize her The details printed on the face are very similar to those on film Half normal and half mechanical parts inside . Another problem is that Nebola’s costume in the film is red expose the two blue arms In this lego version, the costume is white And this is the Outrider monster All are black according to the actual simulation The metallic gold colored parts represent the muscles and tendons of monsters Very nice color scheme And this outrider monster has an accessory on the back to attach 4 more arms And this is Captain Marvel The clothes are very familiar The highlight is the red printed details like the movie version She has 2 facial expressions: 1 is fun and 1 is normal. These orange sections represent plasma lines This lower part helps her look like she’s flying in the air And here Iron Man!!!
I am a fan of Tony Stark This helmet armor can be opened And he also has 2 expressions Stressful fighting state And the state of joy 2 blue details on his hands are 2 weapons This part can be shot let’s try it together You look at these 2 parts in blue You look at these 2 parts in blue LOOKS LIKE IRON MAN IS GETTING POWERFUL I clicked on it and it would shoot and the same here And that’s a summary of the characters in this set And together we explore the office of avengers Lego designed this office into 3 zones 1 garage, 1 office with 2 floors And let’s find out the garage first When we arrived at the garage we saw a barrier This part can be raised and lowered 1 axis rotates this side These are 2 warning lights On the left is a satellite radar Has the function of warning from afar There is one very nice detail This is a door This is not a normal open door It is a rolling door form We see a remainder like this we slide up Do you see this groove? This groove will run to the back And we can slide the door to the back Very good, simulating like in real life And there’s a half-Lego detail that shows the meticulousness The details are slightly bent like this It’s not for beauty When the car came out It will be softer when passing through this slight curve It’s just a little detail, but Lego calculates very well This is a small pickup truck Blue car paint color very little highlight 2 sides of the car door with anvengers logo The front is air intake and car lights Behind is the brake light Above is a gun And this gun can only hit targets in the sky This glass can open and put the minifigure in It looks like a convertible The car moves very gently This is the side of the garage Lego has left this hip empty There are no highlights on the inside If there are a few stickers, it will be more beautiful very wasteful On the garage is a helicopter pad Ahead are 2 guns It only targets below This gun only hits targets on the ground When we take out the helicopter we see the huge avengers logo here And they discovered this helicopter together And this is the 2nd medium in this set And its main color is still dark green There are similarities with the car just now Behind the tail also has the avengers logo These red details represent the indicator light The wings of the plane are rotating very gently The right side has 1 accessory is the extinguisher If this were a rocket, the plane would be more modern and powerful This is Nebola’s Japanese sword Front can open and put the minifigure here At first glance, it is no different from a helicopter But the tail only It’s more like on a jet These parts can move up and down If this part is a propeller, it will be more like a helicopter And this is a hybrid This is the weapon of a helicopter And it can fire 6 rounds continuously Let’s try it together This outrider monster will serve as a target We shoot by spinning this part I will try it for you look And the fifth bullet also hit the target This is the right side of the garage These 4 transparent dark blocks represent the glass material If this part is just a sticker, it is very boring And now we look very beautiful And this is a door we can close or open as we like It is transparent like real glass And this is where the car repair tools are Sprayer, screw wrench, hook, saw This is a direct view We see the details of smoky gray throughout Symbolizing glass makes this office very modern and luxurious If this part is made of monochromatic color, it is not beautiful There is also avengers logo above And this is a laser gun This is a glass door can open / close This is a smart lock . Must have a password to open the door As you can see on the first floor there are two slanted sections It can be opened But the open margin is very little I think it has a function when superheroes meet and feel stressed out Can open these 2 parts to get a bit of natural air And we see minifigures sitting and discussing There are transparent items on the table Symbolizes for the glasses and 1 bottle of wine In the middle of the table, there is avengers logo Can you see this very small character? It’s so small that I forgot to list it. This is the Ant-Man micro figure Let me zoom back in for you guys to see minimal This table top can be lifted Below is a secret compartment May contain some guns of small size The room is very nice And I feel the view is also beautiful It can be seen that Thanos and Hulk are about to fight And this is the last room in this set We see this is the place where the Infinity Glove is kept There was a computer that seemed to be analyzing the infinity glove You see these red parts symbolizing the deadly lasers protecting the glove Without disabling it we have no way of retrieving it And here is a smart lock that probably has to control this lasers When entering the correct password it is possible to disconnect this lasers We can lower this part to get gloves We can imagine entering the right password This Infinity Gloves section will be automatically ejected Play lego we have to know imagine This is our infinity glove Attached 1 time stone and 1 power stone We see this 360 degree infinity glove And want to put these gloves on Thanos We have to try a rotating shaft First we put this shaft in the glove And remove 1 arm of Thanos then we can put on the Infinity Glove Thanos is very invincible And this glove can be rotated 360 degrees The connection point between 2 areas has a corridor And fortunately this corridor can provide enough space for a minifigure to walk or stand in the open air These gray parts are ladders to go to the helipad This part looks at the thought to end the corridor but not This is a revolving door Our character could sit here so the revolving door could come out I personally think If the material it is color transparent It’s like some of this glass door It will look more beautiful and modern This white part feels like space is blocked If anyone looks at it and does not know it is a revolving door, they will think it is a wall And I would like to pause the video here If you feel good, please give me 1 like and 1 subscribe so I can motivate you to make more new videos And do you have any requests for other sets You can request by commenting below the video I will try to comply with your request goodbye to all

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