LEGO Artist Dad Earns a Living Making Incredible Toy Creations

CODY: Hi, welcome to C3Brix. COMM: 37-year-old Cody Wells from New York has a love for all things Lego. But he’s turned
a childhood hobby into a career, by selling artwork made from the famous building blocks. CODY: As you can see right here Ghostbusters, basically my Lego creating started. All these
little white studs, there’s basically 1,900. You can make something simple like characters
like that or you could even do something like this over here, a picture of Marilyn Monroe. CODY: My earliest memory of Lego was in 1984, and I was afraid to sleep upstairs and my
dad didn’t like me sleeping in bed with him and my mother. And he says what are you afraid
of? I said I’m afraid of ghosts. And he said well you have a red bucket of Legos right
there and you have a spaceship set, why don’t you make a ghost trap from your favourite
movie Ghostbusters? And I did. COMM: Since putting the ghosts to rest Cody’s Lego creations are far from child’s play.
He’s now hauling in the big bucks from bricks, having made $100,000 selling his Lego
art. CODY: The most that I’ve ever been paid for one job is 26,000 US Dollars. This is a unique
business and there are very few people that offer it. COMM: And it’s not just art lovers he’s impressed, since pulling himself out of debt with the
money he’s made from the business. CODY: I think that my fiancée thinks that I was a little nuts in the beginning, but
she’s been a great supporter. My kids are still a little taken back by it, to say that my
dad’s a Lego designer. That’s kinda cool for me. COLTON: He’s 37, he gets to build Lego, to me Lego is a toy. But to my dad it’s his life. COMM: Each custom creation take around a week to produce. CODY: I call it a reverse portrait, which means it’s one framed picture, but there’s
two pictures in each one, and you can see different pictures from the left to the right. CODY: So when you look at it from this side you see Batman, and you walk to on this side
and you see Superman. CODY: Up top you’ll see my model of the Titanic. Lego is a toy to me. The fact that people
see my value in a Lego toy means the world to me. If something is your passion, that’s
what you should do. CODY: Wrist bopper. I got two more shots.

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78 thoughts on “LEGO Artist Dad Earns a Living Making Incredible Toy Creations

  1. $26 000?! The bricks alone can't be more than a couple of $100 dollars? How the hell could he sell it so expensive then? He must have published photos of it beforehand, why not just copy lol?

  2. barcroft you should check out wood splitter lee.
    she creates fantasy animal puppets and there absolutely stunning.
    I love her work ♡

  3. Hello everyone 😀 this is Cody of C3Brix. Thank you
    for all your wonderful messages and support! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Amazing.  Especially like the ones that change as you view from different angles.  I also find this guy extremely attractive for some reason.

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