LEGO Art Challenge!

– Hey everybody! I hope you guys are having
a fully loaded day of fun and today we are doing
the LEGO Art Challenge. So how it’s going to work is we have the same amount of
LEGOs in different piles and we have a bunch of different ideas that we are going to be drawing on these little platforms. Are you ready, Gage? – Yeah, but don’t forget to vote down in the comments
below who you think wins at the end of each round. Round One – NERF Blaster! – Yeah, let’s get started! – Three, two, one…Go! – [Gage] K, I gotta try and make mine 3D. – [Luke] You are? – [Gage] Yeah. – [Luke] Why don’t we
throw in some red here. Da da da da… This is
so challenging, actually. – Yeah, we don’t have enough LEGO bits. – Ahh! LEGOs are so hard to use, I think. – [Gage] I don’t think they are. You just have to use
them in the right way. (upbeat music) – I have to do mine 3D. – You’re restarting? – Yeah. – Awww. – My 3D idea is going really well. Gage, you’re going with the big one again. Like your hand —
– It’s just my thing! – Just like in the pancake art challenge. Mine’s always so small
and yours is so giant. – ‘Cause I go big with no detail. – Three… Two… One… – Done.
– Done. Guys, this is my NERF Blaster. Look, I even have some
NERF rounds right here. They look so cool. This one has a NERF
round partly coming out. I don’t know if you can see it. Gage — – I can’t see it. – Whoa! – I think — – Again, the handle’s like bigger than my entire NERF Blaster. – It is bigger than your
entire NERF Blaster. – Okay, make sure to
vote down in the comments who won this round, Luke or Gage. I think that I won. Next up is Super Mario. Three, two, one…Go! – Wait, I’m not done
taking mine apart yet. Oh no! – I get a head start! Oh, I need the M on his hat. – Okay, what I’m trying to do is I’m gonna try and make mine like the original Super Mario. As you can see right
here, he’s super pixelated but I think it’s going to work. As you can see here, I’m
just trying to make his hat. Just off my memory, I’m pretty sure he didn’t have an M on his hat. But, I am not an expert
so don’t go raiding at me in the comments below. But if you do, just tell me
if he has an M on his hat ’cause if so, then… I’m done for. – Okay, I have my blue M done right here. I didn’t have enough white. Now I’m just going to fill it in with red. Gage, what do you have done so far? – I have his hat almost done. I don’t think I’m gonna have
enough yellow to do his face. – Gage, I think you’re gonna win. I don’t know. You guys need to vote down in
the comments who’s gonna win. (upbeat music) Ah, I might lose this one. Man, that’s all the yellow I have. Know what? Bam. Christmas hat. (laughs) Look, I just need
one more yellow piece. No! – Well you’re not getting any of mine. – I’m just gonna ask Gage,
would you be generous and give me one of your yellow pieces? – No, but I’ll give
you a barf green piece. – Thank you! Oh no! I wanna take that off! No! (laughs) Okay you guys, this is my Mario. And that’s your Mario. So you guys tell us down
in the comments below who you think won this round. – I think that I won this round. Honestly, I think that mine
has its own unique look. It’s him on Christmas Day after he ate Christmas Eve dinner
with his Santa hat on. – And it looks like he
left his Mario Santa hat in with his blue shirts. So the M turned blue. – Yep. (Super Mario music) Now let’s move on to our final round. Are you ready Gage? – Oh yeah. – Smash that Like button
if you guys like LEGOs. (groans) Gotta take
apart my Christmas Mario. He was so cute. Now he’s going to transform
into something really — Did you see that? Replay of that. Really — – Round three. Balloon. – Alright. Three, two, one…Go! – Oh, we’re getting right into this. – Yup. – K. I’m gonna make mine 3D. I know that sounds like a bad decision, but it’s gonna be on a very, very, very, very, very, very, very short string. – Very, very, very, very… – Yes, add a couple more of those “verys” and it’s gonna be on a short string. – Okay, I’m gonna start
out with my base here. Might have to have the rim a color and then make it — I don’t know I don’t have enough pieces. – I told you, it’s gonna be
on a very, very, very, very, very very very very
very very short string. – Mmhmm. – Wait, how are we gonna do this? We’re making balloons. Circle balloons. – With square blocks.
– With square legos. – Mine is almost done, it is
filled in with the yellow. Thankfully, I had enough — – Yeah, and it’s still really sad that you didn’t have enough
yellow for your Mario. – See, I have to make the little tip that you blow it up with,
I think we’ll do that. – I guess I’m gonna having
to use other colors. Yes, this is gonna work. This one, this idea right here. – I’m actually going
to move all this down, so I’m gonna have to take it apart here, and I’m gonna make it look like water’s squirting out the top of it. I don’t know if you can do that 3D, Gage. – I don’t think I can, but I can make a pretty awesome balloon! – (laughs) If that’s even a balloon! – If that’s even a balloon! – Gage, this is so challenging, isn’t it? – Yeah. I’m just gonna
try and top this off, and then I’m gonna call it quits. – You are? – Yeah, there’s no way I can
make a circle with squares. It’s impossible. – Thumbs this video up for good luck. I don’t know if I’m gonna win this. – And also subscribe to give him just that little bit extra of luck. Are you guys ready for the big reveal? – Three, two, one…. Hey! These are our little
creations we have here. Look, mine’s like a
3D-ish kind of balloon. It’s spraying out water and
it got all over the balloon. Comment down below who won this. Gage, what the — What is that? – It’s a deflated balloon. – It’s deflating? – No, it’s a deflated balloon. It’s just deflated. (crickets chirping) – Okay. Make sure to thumbs up this
video if you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed the LEGO Art Challenge. Make sure to click any
of these other videos to watch more. And I’ll see you guys next time. – Bye!
– Bye!

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