LEGO Alive! Real World Star Wars Battle

(intense music building) – Hey, Daniel, don’t be
alarmed, we need your help. – What, Wha, What it is? – We need to get back to our Lego world, and we need transport. – Transport? – Yeah, we need you to build
a Lego Millennium Falcon. – (in foreign language) – But I’m rubbish at Lego-building. My family are much better. – We can’t just get anyone to build the Millennium Falcon, we need
the best person for the job. – Am I dreaming? – No, you’re not dreaming. Okay, listen Daniel, here’s the plan, you need to get your family
to have a build battle. The winners will build
us the Millennium Falcon. – Are you sure this isn’t a dream? (intense action music) Mom! Dad! I need you! Guys, do you wanna build some Legos? – Yeah! (intense action music) – Welcome to this build battle. So we have two teams going
up against each other to make the Han Solo Landspeeder. The first team is my dad
and my brother Charlie. (rock music) And the other team is going to be my mum, and my other brother Harry. (R&B music) So the winner of this build battle gets to build the Kessel
Run Millennium Falcon. So the team that makes their
Lego set first, is the winner. After the countdown, you get
to open the box up and start. 3 … 2 … 1 … go! (Charlie mumbles) – [Charlie] How do you open this? (Dad mumbles) – [Mum] Ah, skills, skills. We’re in, we’re in! Okay, they’ve got numbers on, okay. – [Dad] (mumbles) ready? – So this Lego set does brings all the characters in the Han Solo, the Solo movie, to life. – I know what to do with them. – Nice. – In great form. (music in fast forward) – Are you okay or are you makin’? – I’m makin’. – So, they’re setting and going
into different colour piles. – Are you going to do that? – No, you don’t need to. – Oh, you don’t need to. – You didn’t take to do that. – Oh, the whole’s family doin’ it. – Oh. – What’s going on? (laughing) – Are you doing that? – What’s that, you do that there. – I’ve got this piece, going right here. – They’re so fast, I can’t
believe what I’m seein’. – Not yet, not yet, we’re not ready yet. – That’s right. (bigger brother mumbling) – Yeah, we have to take this bit off. – Do we? – Yeah, no, this piece. – This piece. – What is that for? You have to make sure they’re touching. – [Dad] Well done, Charlie, you’re good. (upbeat music) – Page 12. – I’m on page 35. – You’re Jokin’? – No, I’m not. – I’m takin’ over for the next bag. – Okay, everybody, to
make it more interesting we have a cat. – No. – Whose name is Abel. (evil laughing) See what happens. – Do dramatic music, come
on, just let me hear. – Dramatic music. – She reminds me of music. – [Dad] No, this piece is different. – Ah, ah, go to the opposition pussy cat. (bags crinkling) – See, I’ve got this one. – [Daniel] Yeah, mess up Charlie’s legos. – No. – [Harry] Yes. – No, mess up Harry’s legos. – [Harry] Why, why mine? In her stomach. – Tommy, can you find one of these? (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) – So the build battle was won
by Harry and Mum, well done. – [Dad] Whoa, yeah. (growling) (upbeat music) – Daniel, why is it named
the Millennium Falcon? – Uh, I’m not sure. – What do you mean you’re not sure? (door bell ringing) (inspirational music) (package opening) – I’ve got number one. Okay. Number one, number one, seven. (inspirational music) – Yeah. – Finished, well done. It’s brilliant, Harry. I’m going to go get Daniel. – Trap doors where you can go
in and out, try and open it. Oh, here’s that weird game that they play, that weird chess game. – [Daniel] Is this the escape pods? – [Harry] Yeah, look,
and it’s got the original Millennium Falcon ship,
this wakes up in the door. – [Daniel] Ah. – [Harry] Look, and here’s the cock pit with Lando Calrissian drivin’ it. In here’s there’s where they
shoot their gun on the top and the gun on the bottom
when they’re flyin’. And, Daniel, here on the
back are the rocket boosters. This is the one with the hyper drive. There’s a bar aerial,
and Hans Solo’s in bed. – Guys, thank you for building it for us, but unfortunately, we’ve gotta go. (ship flying sounds) (Star Wars music) – It’s Moloch’s land speeder. – Oh cool, they’ve dropped
us another lego set. – I think I need to build this one. – Definitely. – Thank you for watching this video, and a special thank you
to Lego for sponsoring it. Why don’t you try having a build battle? – And if you knew, make sure
you subscribe to this awesome channel and remember to
turn notifications on. – Oh, you scruffy lookin’
little nerf herder.

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