Lego 42099 4×4 X-treme Off-roader unboxing, speed build, review & outdoor test with dogs

Hey Guys! Let’s start with a quick content what you
can see in this video. First part: Lego 42099 unboxing
Second part: Lego 42099 Speed build Third part: Lego 42099 review
Forth part: Outdoor test with dogs The box of the Lego 42099 is huge. It contains 6 numbered packages, a package
with the weels, the tires, stickers, a smaller box and the manual. The manual of the X-treme offroader has 222
pages and 337 steps. The Lego Technic 42099 set contains 958 Lego
bricks. The small box in the Lego 42099 set contains
2 XL, 1 L engines and the battery box. You can also find the Bluetooth receiver in
the battery box. The packages signed with 1 contain the front
half of the car frame. You can build here the steering system and
the suspension and propulsion of the front wheels. The propulsion is provided by one of the XL
engines, while steering by an L engine. With the bricks in the packages signed with
2, you can finish the car frame. You can add the propulsion of the back wheels,
which is provided by an XL engine. You can also add the battery box at this stage,
and you can try out how the engines and steering works. The packages marked with 3 contains the elements
of the hull. Here you can finish the Lego Technic 42099
X-treme offroader. A lot of stickers is used to decorate the
hull. almost every Lego brick receives one sticker. The last steps are to add the wheels and tires. The build is between 4 and 6 hours. You can find the size of the Lego 42099 X-treme
offroader on the right. The car looks great with the lot of stickers
on its hull and with the big tires. There are a lot of lights everywhere on the
car and many small details. The suspensions are visible. The Lego 42099 has many functions: remote
control which can be connected trough Bluetooth, 2 XL and 1 L motors. The battery box also contains a gyroscope. The
suspensions can move independently. The first part of the car frame can be turned
around its axis. The car can be controlled by a smart device. To connect the X-treme offroader you must
to start the Lego Technic Control+ application and press the green button on the battery
box. You can see on the screen, when the car is
connected. After it is connected, you can start to drive
te car. By pressing the button on top right corner
you can find the challenges. On the top left corn you can find the menu. By opening it, you can select from different
options. The application also have a gyroscope. You can see how it works. Unfortunately the Lego Technic Control+ contains
only the software of the Lego 42099 X-treme offroader. I hope, Lego will create a programable interface
for it. The Lego 42099 X-treme offroader doesn’t perform
well outdoor. The car is really slow and almost the smallest
roughness on the ground can stop it. As you can see dogs don’t understand the concept
of the Lego Technic, but at least they don’t eat it. Thanks for watching and if you like the video,
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