LEGO 2018 Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Set – Alan Grant Minifigure Review

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it was 25 years ago a very young version of yours truly and my father went to see
Jurassic Park little did I know that 25 years later I would sit here with a
minifigure version of dr. Alan Grant speaking of whom I must say Lego did a
good job in recreating this immortal character of course he has his very
recognizable light tan hat and also light tan legs sadly though the legs
like printing however that’s made up for having a look at the face which in my
opinion has an uncanny resemblance to the actor Sam Neill I mean the even got
his mole spot on despite the legs lacking any printing the torso looks
fantastic we get a very detailed printing of the wrinkles on the shirt
both on the front and back and of course a red scarf he also has a stud shooter
in silver and brown which I suppose is representing the shotgun from the
control room scene could this be a hint of the 25th anniversary set let me know
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49 thoughts on “LEGO 2018 Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Set – Alan Grant Minifigure Review

  1. Dr. Alan Grant, Yay or Nay?
    Edit: Yes, unfortunately due to the hell we all know as winter, my fingers sadly look less than pleasant through a camera lens (and IRL too). However I didn't want this to prevent me from uploading a new video for you all! Please have mercy ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Hey Precious Plastics! Do you know if weโ€™re getting more than just one LEGO Jurassic Park Set? Have you got any more new LEGO Jurassic Park Minifigures?

  3. I am so over exited for jurassic world lego,ninjago,nexo knights(even though its getting discontinued),lego city mammoth E.C.T

  4. 2018 is the 60 anniversary of Lego so thatโ€™s obviously the answer to why Lego is realising legendary sets this year

  5. If you are all wondering where he gets these, he won't respond because he's a jerk. I honestly think he lives in the Netherlands because they came out already there

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