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Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone! Today we’re going to be showing the neonate babies and Churro and Atole different colors! And we’re going to be doing it with a super fun game! I’m going to be using this really fun pinball machine, that comes with an electronic scoring board. And I’m pretty sure a lot of you already
know how this game works. You pull back to launch the ball, every time it hits one of these things, it gives us points. For the prizes, it gives us this little bowl here that we fill with colorful gumballs (balls falling into bowl), and every time we get to a certain score here, we get a prize: one of these gumballs. And I also have this Care Bear set with Care Bears, all different colors. And I thought this would be a good opportunity to show the neonate babies different colors and more than, less than, and equal to. This set comes with different colored care
bears and I’m going to give a bear to each neonate, and since the bubblegum balls are
also different colors, every time we get a piece of bubblegum, we separate them by color, and at the end of the game, we’ll see who has the most, who has the least, and who has the same amount. But before we start! We have to open the set of care bears! And while I take them out, I’m going to
tell you guys their names. The first bear that we have is called Love-A-Lot and we don’t have a red bear, but here she has a heart that’s really red, so we’re
going to use her for the red gumballs. And I’m going to leave her here with Navarie. Here we have Hopeful Heart Bear. Sweet Sakura Bear. And Cheer Bear! And since all three of them are different shades of pink, we’re going to use all of these for the color pink! And I’m going to put them here, by Fidgets, and Jade, and Pit. Next we have the purple bears. We have Share Bear, Harmony Bear, and Best Friend Bear. And I’m going to put the purple bears next
to Susiking and Barry Watts. Churro: I want to say something Storieswithdolls: Okay Churro, tell us. Churro: These Care Bears are the same color as Bosni! Storieswithdolls: Oh yeah! Yes, Churro, you’re right! They are the same color as Bosni! They’re purple! And Bosni is purple! Wow! You’re a really good observer Churro! Atole: And the bears that Fidgets and Jade N have are the same color as Susiking, Fidgets, and Navarie! Storieswithdolls: Oh yes, Atole! You’re right! They’re pink like Navarie, Fidgets, and Susiking. It looks like the babies are going to learn
the colors very quickly! The next care bears are brown, orange, and yellow. And they’re called Funshine Bear, Friend Bear, and Tenderheart Bear. And we’re going to give the orange one to Churro, and the yellow one to Atole, and we’re not going to use the brown one, because there aren’t any brown gumballs. But since this one has a red heart on his stomach, we’re going to put him here next to Love-a-lot. And this is where we’re going to be putting
the red gumballs. The next bear we have is green, and is called Good Luck Bear! And we have three more bears left, they’re
blue and teal. They’re Wish Bear, Bedtime Bear, and Grumpy Bear! Oh no! We don’t have anymore neonate babies to
give the blue bears to! So we’re going to give the purple ones to
Barry, and we’re going to put these blue and teal bears next to Susiking. Okay, and now we’re ready to start the game! Let’s launch the ball! (pinball machine sounds) Yay! We’re getting a prize; we’re getting a prize!! Ooh, yay!! Our first prize!!! We got a pink gumball! Churro: It goes to Fidgets and Jade N! Storieswithdolls: Yes! You’re right Churro! It goes to Fidgets and Jade N! And we got another pink gumball. (pinball machine sounds) Ooh two prizes! Yay! And we have purple and blue. The purple goes to Barry, and the blue one goes to Susiking. (machine sounds) Ooh a prize, a prize! We’re getting a prize!! And what color is this one? Orange! Churro: To Churro! To Churro! Churro has orange! Storieswithdolls: You’re right Churro, this gumball is the same color as Churro’s care bear. It’s orange. Good job Churro, you’re learning very quickly. Again! (machine sounds) Yay! It’s yellow!! Who has yellow? Churro: (loud whispering) Atole! Atole! You have yellow! Atole: I have yellow! Storieswithdolls: Exactly! Atole has yellow! Okay, and here goes the ball!! Ooh, we got a prize very quickly this time! Woohoo!! We haven’t gotten a red yet! Yay! Prize! Prize! And we also got—ooh wow!! Two prizes this time! Yay! We have purple, and we have pink. And there goes the ball! There goes the ball! Woohoo! Prize! (laughs) Here it comes! Ooh, there’s another one, it’s red! And it goes to Navarie’s bears. And there goes the ball! Yay! Here comes a prize! Here comes a prize!! And that goes to Navarie! Prize, prize!! And it’s orange! For Churro! Churro: I have more than Atole! Storieswithdolls: Oh yes! Because Churro has two, and Atole has one. And two is more than one. And you know what? You have the same amount as Susiking, because Susiking also has two. And you have the same amount as Barry, because Barry has two. But you have less than Fidgets and Jade N
because they have three! Churro: Then I need four!! Storieswithdolls: Yes, Churro. If you get two more then you’ll have four,
and you’ll have more than they do! Ooh, we finally got a green one! We didn’t have any green ones! Atole: Now Atole has the same amount as Bosni! Storieswithdolls: Oh yes Atole (laughs). You have one, and Bosni has one. You both have the same amount! Yay! Yellow–oh (laughs). Two yellows! Yay! And I’m going to put the two yellows here for Atole. Churro: Now Atole has more than Churro! Storieswithdolls: You’re right Churro, Atole has more. Ooh, here comes a prize, here comes a prize!! Ooh here comes two prizes! Yay! Yellow, and pink. Churro: And now, Atole has the same amount as Fidgets and Jade N. Storieswithdolls: Oh yeah, you’re right, because both of them have four gumballs. Here comes a prize, here comes a prize!! And it’s green!! For Bosni’s bear. Ooh, another green one. Prize, prize, prize!! Yay!! Oh two prizes!! Three prizes!! Wow!!! A gumball for Bosni, and two gumballs for Barry!! Barry: Another one! Another one! Storieswithdolls: Yes, Barry, another gumball! And there goes the ball! Here comes a prize, here comes a prize!! Yay! Purple! Another one for Barry! Barry: Another one! Another one! Storieswithdolls: Friends, I think now we’re able to decide who has the most, who has the least, and who has the same amount. The purple care bear has the most, the orange care bear has the least, and the pink, blue, yellow, and green care bears have the same amount.

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