(wheels screech) – (together) Whoa! – Watch it, bus driver! – What were you thinking? – (mumbles) – Hey Soty family! Today we’re gonna play, last
to leave the lego school bus. But before you get started,
give us a big thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel. – Alright is everybody ready to play, last to leave the lego school bus?! – (together) Yeah! – Does everyone have their backpack? – (together) Yeah. – Does everyone have their notebooks? Now, everyone, get inside
the lego school bus. – Everybody, clap right, woo woo. Everybody, woo ooo, thank you. – Everyone get in the school
bus seats for instructions. Alright, guys, the rules are
simple in this lego school bus. If you walk out of the school
bus doors, you are out. – What do we win if the last to leave? – If you are the last to
leave the lego school bus, you guys get to have school
lunch for an entire week. – (together) Yay! – Alright, guys, this is a
last to leave with challenges, so be ready. Hopefully you’re on your A game. – (singing together) Wheels
on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. – Well guys, I guess while
you’re waiting for a challenge you can just work on
your homework, I guess. – Say what?! – Guys, you don’t have a chance, I could stay in here forever. – (foreign language) – Does anyone wanna do my homework? I’ll pay you! Blake, what’s three plus two? – I’m so glad I packed
this candy in my backpack. (cheery music) – Speed bump, ahead! – (together) Ah, whoa! (wheels screech) – (together) Whoa! – Watch it, bus driver! – What were you thinking?! – (mumbles) – Alright, guys, enough
of all the fun and games. It is time for your first challenge. – Already? – Alright, guys, I have
all of your notebooks here. On the first page you will see that there is a scrambled word. The person to scramble
their word last, is out, of the lego school bus. – And then we don’t get school lunch? – Dun, dun, dun. – On your mark, get set, unscramble! – I know it, I know it! – E P, (gasps) – (gasps) Done! It’s math! – Are they all school subjects? ‘Cause if so, this would be
chinese, but there’s not an H. – Done! Mine was P.E. – Wait, wait, I know! – Done!
– Done! – Guys, that was a close call. You all did so good, but, sorry Taylor, you were the last one
to unscramble your word. You must leave the lego school bus. – It looks like this is my stop. – (together) Bye, Taylor! – Guys, our bus get emptier and emptier. – Things are starting to get real. You’re out, that hand’s out. – How do you know? – (together) One, two, three. – No! – Hannah sat straight up in her saddle. – I am writing these
poems from inside a lion. – Harry, you’re a wizard. – Alright, guys, it is time
for the second challenge. So if you guys want to win a
weeks worth of school lunch, you have to prove that you
know how to make home lunch, and fast. – I know how to make home lunch. – Real quick, name your favorite sandwich. – PB&J. – Nutella. – Waffles! Just kidding, peanut butter and honey. – The first two people to
make their favorite sandwich and then come and get it inside either one of these lunchboxes, wins. And the person that doesn’t
get it inside their lunchbox, has to leave the lego school bus. Nutella, PB&J, and waffles. On your mark, get set, start spreading. (upbeat music) – Ah, this is gonna be an easy comp. – Oh, gotta hurry. – I’m just taking my time. – I’m a machine! – Chocolate’s the best. – C’mon spread, peanut butter. – Peanut butter jelly time,
peanut butter jelly time. – Waffles! – Who would know making
sandwiches is so tough? – I need a knife for the honey? C’mon, honey, come out quicker. – I got this! – No, I got it. – Moving on to the peanut butter. – I’m already on the peanut butter. – Honey go faster! Waffles, waffles!
– Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly. – Peanut butter Nutella
time, peanut butter. – I’m closing! – I’m right behind ya! – C’mon, honey! – I can do this! – [Offscreen] I got it in! (screams) – I got it! – Done! – Done! – Uh, my sandwich looks amazing. – Alright, girls, enjoy your
sandwiches because Steven is eliminated from the lego school bus. – I guess this is my stop. Boom! – (together) Bye, Steven! – Uh, this is a big bus
for only two people. – Soon to be one, if you know what I mean. – I’m winning school lunch for a week. – No, I am! – No, I am! How long have we been here for anyways? – Forever! (marimba music) – (singing together)
Ring around the roses, ring around the roses, ashes, ashes, we all fall down. – This bus is so huge, we
can even play soccer in it. – Alright, ladies, sorry
to break up recess, but it is time for your
last and final competition so that we can see who the last to leave the lego school bus really is. – (together) It’s me! – Alright, this last challenge is simple. You guys are going to play three rounds of the popular game rock, paper, scissors. But you are going to be playing it with actual rock, paper, and scissors. – Say, what? – Are you ladies ready? – (together) Yes! – Ladies, do you have your first choices? – (together) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Oh, man, one point for me. – Ladies, do you have your second choices? – (together) Yeah. – (together) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Ah! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Ah! That means I got two points, okay, one more point, I
win the whole entire thing. – Uh, Jordan, that means you won. – (gasps) Yay! – Guess it’s time for my stop. – Bye, Payton! Just so you know, you’re my best friend! Uh, guys, I just won the challenge! That means I get school
lunch for a whole week! Best prize ever. The question for the day is, what’s your favorite school lunch? – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below.
– Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – (together) Bye! (upbeat music)

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