LAST to LEAVE the LEGO CIRCLE Gives Away $1000!

– Senator Palpatine! – (laughs) How did you know
that out of all people? – Dad tell me. – Never. – So wait, you wanna lose? – Exactly. (hands smacking) – Yeah! (hands smacking) – Yeah! (hands smacking) (screams) (hands smacking) (laughter) – [Stephen] Yeah, go mom! – [Steve] You’re gonna beat
everybody to win this thing. – Hi SOTY family! So guys, I am super excited
for today’s video because guys, we are going to be announcing the winner of our last to
leave this video challenge. So guys, a few videos ago, we put up one that was called
Last To Leave This Video, and in it, we had a
bunch of random letters that popped up throughout the video, and your job was to
unscramble those letters, and then e-mail us or
comment on that video what the word was. Those of you that got it right and sent us an e-mail or a comment, we have been collecting and
we have a giant pool of people that are entered to win $1,000. – Look how many people got it right! Do you guys see your names in there? (paper crinkling) – So guys, we are going to be doing a crazy last to leave challenge to determine who the winner
of the $1000 prize is. – Say what! – All right, here’s how
the challenge is gonna go. We’re each gonna draw
a name out of the jar. – And the answer to this competition was Uncle Derek. Comment down below if
you guys answered right, because somebody’s gonna win $1000. – All right guys, let’s
get drawing some names! (paper crinkling) Ooh, don’t say what you have! And the last name. (paper crinkling) All right. Let’s play. (upbeat music) Let the last to leave the
circle competition begin. – Whoa, I didn’t knock you out. – All right guys, this
competition is official. Everyone has their names, and we are inside a
giant LEGO circle, guys. The last person to leave
the circle will win, and the name that they
have will win $1000. – $1000! – Out of the circle. – [Payton] Ah, no! – Rule number one, no pushing each other out of the circle. – That means you, Dad. – Guys, we have one problem. The sun is going down, so we need to rush. – So, what do we do now
that we’re in the circle? – We run around in circles! – Woo hoo hoo! – Now what do we do? – All right guys, we need to
step this competition up a bit. We are going to be doing competitions. – Oldest goes first. – And guys, the oldest person
in this circle is obviously – Steve.
– Stephen. Oh. – He’s so old. – All right so for the first round, I am gonna choose a number
between one and ten. And the person who gets
the closest to guessing it without going over will be the winner, or should I say loser. – What?
(dramatic music) – You’re out of the game. Your goal, guys, is to
not guess the number. All right, everybody turn around. I’m gonna show everyone what number it is, so there’s no cheating. Stephen, I can see you. Payton, turn around. Taylor. All right, guys. The number between one
and ten is going to be. – [Stephen] Seven! (laughing) All right, time to get everyone’s guesses. (dramatic music) Parker remember, you don’t
wanna guess the number. What number do you choose? – Mm. Five. – Dang it! – [Steve] All right Stephen,
what number do you choose? – Seven. – Eight. – Seven. – One. – [Steve] Stephen already chose seven. – Ten. – Four. – Three. – [Steve] We have a winner! (screaming) – Why did I have to choose four? – I’m sorry, Taylor, but guess what? You’re eliminated from the circle. – Sorry, Kaitlyn, that means
you’re out of the game. And me too. (dramatic music) – All right, well that was easy. Just a few more to go. – That means everyone
else is closer to winning. – Bye guys, I’ll be inside! – Wait, that sounds tempting. Hmm. Do I wanna go inside? Or win this person $1000? I wanna win! – But, not if I win first. – The key is to win last. – Wait, what? – All right guys, that
means it is time for competition number two. Rock, paper, scissor. – So we’re leaving it all up to chance? – But guys, guess what? The winner of the competition is out of the circle. – So wait, you wanna lose. – Exactly. (hands smacking) – Yeah! (screaming) – [Derek] Woo! I lose! (hands clapping) – Go Derek! (hands smacking) – Yeah! – [Derek] Oh, Jamie’s on a roll! – [Stephen] Yeah! (screaming) (hands smacking) (laughing) [Stephen] Yeah, go mom! [Steve] You’re gonna beat
everybody to win this thing. (hands smacking) (screaming) [Steve] Are you seriously? This is impossible! – I am the best rock,
paper, scissor player ever! (hands smacking) (screaming) – I think I got punched in the face, but I’m pretty sure she did rock, so I win again. – This one’s for all the marbles. (hands smacking) – A tie! (gasping) [Stephen] Tie! – No, we go again. (hands smacking) – Yeah! – Oh, I got all excited. Alyssa, I’m shedding a tear for you. But you’re eliminated. (dramatic music) – Sorry, Alyssa. But, whoever I had, you’re lucky. All right guys, so we have
less people in the circle, and, I thought you got eliminated. – I am now playing with
her on my shoulders. We are one. – And we’re gonna win! – But I thought we were supposed to lose. – Competition number
three is the quiet game. The first person to make a noise is out. One, two, three, go! (quiet laughing) – (laughing) Sorry, I had to cough. – So, that was fast. I guess Jordyn is eliminated. (coughing) – Sorry, Charlotte, I had to cough. (dramatic music) – And guys, there are now five of us left. That means five of you guys are still in the running for $1000. – A thousand dollars. – Guys, it’s getting dark. We need to hurry. Competition number four. Hopefully you know your
Star Wars characters. All right, so the first person
names a Star Wars character. Then, the next person names a
different Star Wars character. It goes on and on until you can’t name any
more Star Wars characters. – The person who can’t
name one is eliminated. – I’m gonna lose. – Not if I don’t lose first. – Luke Skywalker. – Princess Leia. – Dark Vader. – I’ll allow it. – Qui-Gon Jinn. – R2-D2. – Anakin Skywalker. – BVO. – C-3PO. – Yeah, I’ll allow it. (laughing) – Yoda. I look like Yoda. – Chewbacca. – Han Solo. – I have a bad feeling about this. – General Veers. – Senator Palpatine! – (laughing) How did you
know that out of all people? – Dad tell me. – Never. – Hmm. Okay. – Rey. – General Grievous. – Ooh! (excited screeching) – Losers. – Jabba the Hutt. – [Stephen] Yes! – [Derek] There you go. – Yeah! (hands clapping) – [Jamie] Go! – Oh, it’s my turn. Plo Koon. – BB8. – [Derek] BB8. Good one. – Darth Maul. – Wicket. – (laughing) Kyla Ren. Kyler Wen? Kyla Ren? Kylo Ren. – Aayla Secura. – I don’t know, remember them again. – Uh oh. – Parker, I’m sorry to say, but, you’re eliminated from the circle! All right so, Parker was too
heartbroken to tell you this, but Heather, you’ve been
eliminated from the competition. (dramatic music) – But, there’s still
four more people left! (upbeat party music) – We’re rocking this challenge, guys! – Competition number five, hot potato. Whoever’s holding the hot potato when the music stops is out. – Cue the music. (upbeat happy music) (screaming) – Yes! – [Payton] That was Derek! (laughing) – Derek, you and your friend are out. – I’m sorry, Oscar. We made it so far. (dramatic music) – And then, there were three left. Goodbye, Uncle Derek. All right guys, there
are three of us left. So we are going to be
doing one final competition to determine the winner. The person that wins
this competition, guys, the name that they have
is going to be the winner of one thousand dollars!
– Dollars! – All right guys, the
last and final competition is going to be a little difficult. – Tons of you e-mailed and
commented to get the $1000. – And only one person knows that number. – And that person is me. – So the three of us are going to guess how many people we think
entered this competition, and the person that is the
closest to the number wins, guys. And the person that they
have on their slip of paper is the winner of the $1000! Let’s get guessing. – 3,759. That’s my final answer. (timer ticking) (gasping) – 5,002. That’s a winner! – Hmm, this is a tough one. So tough. (timer ticking) 7, 229. All right guys, those were our guesses. Let’s check in to see who was the closest. Fingers crossed. – So total entries in this competition was 6,347 people who wanted
to win the $1000 prize. So, Payton was 1,345 off the mark. – Wha-bam! – Stephen was much more than that. – I’ve been eliminated. Sorry, Carol. Carol Kayden. (dramatic music) (screaming) – And after some precise calculations, Mom was 882 off, making her the winner! (screaming) – I am the winner of the
last to leave the circle! Yes. – Sorry. Ella. (dramatic music) – So, Ella didn’t win. But, Aubree did! Aubree, you are the winner of $1000, so pay attention to your e-mail because we are going to be e-mailing you so that we can send you $1000! Congratulations, Aubree! And congratulations to me
for being the last to leave the circle! (victorious music) All right guys, so thank you
for watching today’s video. We’d like to thank our fans that watch us, and those of you that
entered our competition, you guys are awesome. – You’re the best. – Comment below if you want us to do more of these types of things. Maybe we should give away more money
– Let us know. – Subscribe to our channel! – Give us a big thumbs up. – Comment below. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)

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