LAST to Leave the LEGO BATTLE BUS Wins 10,000 V-Bucks

– Three.
(laughing) Two. (thudding) (whooshing) – Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I have something
awesome planned for you guys. But before I get started,
subscribe to my channel and give me a big thumbs up. You guys have probably
already seen Uncle Derek’s epic battle bus and today we’re gonna do
“A Last To Leave Challenge” in the battle bus. – Well I can’t do “A Last To
Leave Challenge” by myself, so I challenge Uncle Derek. Bring it on. Uncle Derek. – What am I doing here? I was at home ready to eat dinner. – Derek, I officially challenge you to “A Last To Leave” competition. – Hmmmm, before I accept, what’s the prize? – Derek, the winner gets ten thousand V-Bucks. Derek, I’m in this for the long haul, so before we start this,
let’s each get five items. Derek, the game starts in five minutes. If you’re not back in five
minutes, well, you lose. Hey! Hey! No! – Let go! I’m thinking gotta have some snacks, how are you gonna survive
in there for that long without any food? I’m gonna get a pillow and blanket so I’m comfortable in there. That I won’t have any reason to leave. Maybe I’ll get a few games
so I can entertain myself. And I might get one thing to annoy Stephen to make him wanna leave. – So guys, we have five
minutes to get stuff. I, personally, I’m gonna get some food and then some entertainment items so that I don’t get bored. – [Man] Two minutes! (huffing) (somber beat music) 30 seconds! – [Derek] Scoot over. – Well, we both made it in
before five minutes was up, so mano-a-mano for 10 thousand V-Bucks. Easy win. Easy dub, easy dub. – So, Stephen, what’s your
five items you brought? – So, I may get hungry because we
may be in here for awhile, so I got some Wheat Thins. Very tasty, very tasty. I got a banana split smoothy because I’m thirsty, I guess. I guess I could say. I got this game thing
I won from an arcade. You can check out that
video on Derek’s channel. – Shameless plug. (laughing) – My blanket because I’m gonna be sleeping and a pillow, same reason. (snoring) – Boring. I, on the other hand, got some good stuff. But before I even did any of that, I too the chance of going to the bathroom. – I should’ve done that. – Mm-hmm. Anyway. – I’ll just go in my underwear. It’ll be fine. (laughing) – Technically, I only took one item because I put all my stuff in the bag. – Oh my gosh. Nope. – So technically I only have three items but in here I got a pillow and blanket. That’s one item, I count it. I don’t know why he counted it as two. Then I got this game that I found that I really enjoy of Stephen’s. Took it from his room.
(Stephen giggling) Got my phone. Because I got a bunch of games on here. Could do anything on this phone. – Could do anything on this. Just listen to this music. (chiming music) – Anyway. Got me a nice glass of juice and then I got one thing to annoy Stephen. – Oh why? – I’m gonna repeatedly
shoot him with this Nerf gun whenever I want. – Why? I think your items are dull. You don’t think bringing
any food to survive. (clearing throat) – I also snacked while I was
walking around finding things, so I’m full. – We’re gonna be in here for awhile. – No we’re not. You’re gonna leave within like two minutes and then I’m gonna be home free. One of the things I snacked on
was beans, my secret weapon. – Beans? – Beans, the magical fruit. – But the more you eat… I’m gonna snack while you
go fishing, virtual fishing. Oh, Derek, wait, wait. Well, my dad, which is the Game Master, he might do some challenges and if we lose, well, he
takes away one of our items. – I’m not gonna lose. I’ll do anything for V-Bucks. – Stop. (pleasant chiming music) What should I play? Rope Skipping? Pool Party? Elvish Boy? Star Wars? Save The Fallen, Anti-Gravity Robo. Or Airborne Arcade? – Did you say “Anti-Gravity Rowboat?” – [Stephen] Robo. R-O-B-O. – I wanna do some anti-gravity rowboating. I’ve done something and
Stephen doesn’t even now what. – Derek, what have you done? Give me it back. – [Derek] What? – [Stephen] I’m missing something. Give me my smoothie back! – I don’t have your smoothie. – [Stephen] Give it back! Why do you have pretzels? – Well, I convinced your
mom to give me pretzels without leaving the bus. – Are you sharing V-Bucks
with her if you win? – What’s a V-Buck? – Yeah, Stephen, we’re sharing. – That’s not fair. – Get the hence, Satan. – [Game Master] Hey, Fortniters. – Found it. – [Game Master] You ready
for your first challenge? – Yes. – [Game Master] All right,
challenge number one. It’s a Fortnite dance off but guess what. Stephen goes first. He does the Fortnite dance. Derek then has to match it with
a different Fortnite dance. The last person to go who cannot think of a new Fortnite dance to do, loses. This is a test of your
mind, body and soul. Good luck. – “The Hype.” (upbeat music) – “The Dab.” – “Infinite Dab.” (upbeat music) – “The Worm.” (thudding) (laughing) – “Gentleman’s Dab.” – “Slow Clap.” – “Golf Clap.” – “Mic Drop.” – “The Default Dance.” – “The Eagle.” Oh shoot. – “Orange Justice.” – “Wiggle.” Oh yeah. – “Groove Jam.” – “Chicken.” – [Game Master] This
may have been a mistake. You guys know all these. (laughing) – “Finger Guns.” – “Handle Signals.” – “Slytherin.” Pretty much the same as wiggle, but. – I don’t know what this one’s called. – [Game Master] Derek. (laughing) – I ran out of all of them. – [Game Master] Derek. That’s all the Fortnite
knowledge you have? – Yeah. Stephen plays way more than I do. – [Game Master] Stephen, to win you have to still do one more. – Three, two– – “Flipping Sexy.” – He didn’t do it. If he called a “Flipping Sexy,” he has to do a back flip. – [Game Master] I count it. Derek, you lose one item. And because I’m in a good mood, I’m gonna let you choose which item. – Do I have time to think about it? – [Game Master] Five. Four. Three. Two. One. (Stephen laughing) – He drank most of it. This was the first of
many victories tonight. Derek already lost one item. You ready to quit? – Do I look like I’m ready to quit? – Uh, yeah. – Well, you’re right. Not! You’re gonna lose. – Well, until then, I’ll just sit here and enjoy these tasty
treats while Derek starves. Maybe I should share. Nah. What are those? – Oh, these are my chick magnet socks. – Derek, chick magnet? I think not. You’re desperate. – If you look here. It’s a chick and a magnet. They’re my chick magnet socks. (Stephen laughing) What’s inappropriate about that? They’re chickens. – [Game Master] All right, chick magnets. You guys know how long you been in here? – Nope. – Three hours? – [Game Master] Do you
know what time it is? – What? – [Game Master] It’s challenge time. Stephen, if you get 10 thousand V-Bucks, what’re you gonna do with it? – Get all the battle passes. – [Game Master] There’s
more than one battle pass? – Not at the moment
but there will be more. Yes. – [Game Master] Derek,
tell me you have something more creative in mind. – Well, for the first few
months of me having it, I’m just gonna brag about it. Every time I get on Fortnite, I’ll say, “Hey, Stephen, look in the corner. “Look at how many V-Bucks I have.” And say, “Coulda been yours.” – [Game Master] So you’re
gonna save your V-Bucks and you’re gonna spend
your V-Bucks on things that don’t even exist. – They do exist. – [Game Master] Okay. – In the future. – [Game Master] Get
ready for your challenge. So for this challenge,
it’s similar to the last. One of you will lose an item and that person’s gonna be the last one that can rhyme something with Fortnite. Derek, this time you’re first. – Fortnite tonight. – Fortnite fight. All right, fight. – Fornite witch night. – Fortnite Chewbacca night. – Stephen, you were reaching for something but you didn’t quite grasp it. – Well you said “witch night.” A witch flying in the sky at night? – [Game Master] He said
it in rhythm though. You took too long and
said something ridiculous. – Chewbacca night. – [Game Master] You lost an item! But wait, Stephen, I didn’t mention the
twist with this round. Derek gets to pick one
of your items to take. (laughing) – Does that mean I get
it or we get rid of it? – [Game Master] You get it. – This is a game changer. It’s between Wheat Thins or this weird Game Boy. Hmmmm. – This is not right. – See, Stephen, that rhymes with Fortnite. You’re just a little late. – Derek, put the Wheat
Thins back in the box. – I think I’ve made my decision. I’ll leave him with these Wheat Thins but I’m taking this. And there’s some strategy behind this. There’s only one Wheat Thin in the box. Feast, Stephen. (laughing) – Look who’s dominating
the challenges now. V-Bucks are all mine. – Nooooo! Why? – Victory never sleeps. Quitters sleep. – I’m not a quitter. – Stephen, you look tired over there. Maybe it’s a good idea
that you just go out, relax in your nice comfortable bed, maybe go to the bathroom. I think this will be good for you. – Not happening, Derek. You should leave because, I mean, if you stay in here forever,
you’ll never get a girl. Derek, don’t you have a date
you’re supposed to go to? – No, Stephen, I don’t. I canceled it for this because
I winning and you’re losing. – [Stephen] You didn’t
know this was happening. – Yes I did. – Guys, I know I’m
putting on a strong face but this is kinda tough. I mean, I thirsty, it’d be
nice to sleep on a real bed. I’m getting really
tired and I can’t sleep. Derek is sitting over
there making loud noises and trying to fish. But it’s not as easy as it
looks but I want some V-Bucks. Guys, leave me some motivational comments in the section below. Maybe that will keep me going. Derek, what’re you doing? – I am catching the Lochness Monster. – [Stephen] No you’re not. – It’s a big one. – Derek, do you need help? Maybe you should–
– What? Stephen, I got a bite
and then it fell off. – Yeah because they’re scared
of your mental condition. I think this whole day in
the bus is getting to him. – [Game Master] You guys
ready for the next challenge? – Yay. – Yay. – [Game Master] This one’s important. So, Stephen, do you have a challenge idea? – Weapon names. – [Game Master] Do you
have a challenge idea? – Not weapon names. – [Game Master] I have a challenge idea. But first I have an offer. – An offer you can’t refuse? – [Game Master] It’s getting
late and I’m videoing and I wanna go to bed. So if one of you two will leave right now, I will personally give you or you one thousand V-Bucks. – Ow. – Hmmm. I feel like this is a trick. – [Game Master] So you can for
sure get one thousand V-Bucks by leaving now or possibly get zero if
you don’t win the contest. – I’m not in.
– Huh? – I’m not in.
– [Game Master] You’re not in? – He’s not in the bus, he wants to leave. Go! – No, no, no deal. – [Game Master] No deal for you? What about for you, I’m offering again. – Hmmm. One thousand V-Bucks. No thanks. – [Game Master] All right. Looks like it’s challenge time then. All right, for this next challenge, Fortnite skins. Stephen, you’re first. – Default skin. – Leviathan. – Omega. – Chicken Defender. – Trump Senior. – What’s it called, the little… The yeti dude, I don’t
know what his name is. – [Stephen] I do. – Trog. – [Game Master] You win! – I destroyed you. – I had a major brain fart. – I could tell, I could tell. – All right, Stephen, I’m gonna let you choose
an item of Derek’s for me to take. – Do I keep the item I take? – [Game Master] Nope. – The fishing pole. – Fine, Stephen. Looks like I’m gonna
find a new fishing buddy. – [Game Master] Goodnight, Stephen. – I’m gonna haunt you in your sleep. Sweet dreams. Well, while he’s sleeping, I think I’m gonna build something. What do you guys think of my creation? I built it a little too short. But pretty comfortable. – [Game Master] Rise and shine, kiddos. (yawning) It’s time for another challenge. – I wanna sleep more. – [Game Master] All right, guys, I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn’t think either one
of you would last this long. So, I think we should do one final contest to determine a winner. Would you agree to those terms? – Yes. – Oh yeah. – [Game Master] And
this contest will not be Fortnite related. – Aw. – [Game Master] You’re gonna arm wrestle. – Yes. – [Game Master] Just kidding. Stephen, you look like you just woke up. – I just did. – [Game Master] Why
don’t you look like that? Were you texting? – Because I’m ready to win! – [Game Master] Okay. Here’s the challenge. Whoever comes up with
the most creative way to leave this bus, wins. You’re first, Derek. What’s it gonna be? – Okay. So I think it’s only fitting,
since that I built this, that I should full on run and hit this super hard,
possibly making it fall over. – I wanna see that happen. – I think I’m ready. I’m gonna run right into this here wall and see what happens. Three.
(giggling) Two. (thudding) (rumbling That didn’t go as planned
but that was awesome. – Um, Derek, you left the Battle Bus. – Technically, there’s
no Battle Bus anymore. (Stephen laughing) So, in a way, I win. – What if, since there’s no way for me to exit the Battle Bus, we split the V-Bucks? – I think that’s a good deal. 80, 20? That’s fair. – 90, 10. Well, guys, that’s the
end of today’s video so, remember, subscribe, hit that button and
give me a big thumbs up. See ya. (upbeat music) – Stephen, how do I turn this down again? – [Stephen] You click the sound button. (upbeat music) (laughing) (laughing) (upbeat music)

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