(lively music) – In today’s video, we
did the last to leave the Lego fort but before we get started, give us a big thumbs up and
subscribe to our channel. – Hi SOTY family, what’s up guys? As you can see, our house
is a little different and kinda crazy. Guys, we have 2,500 giant Lego blocks and it’s insane, guys. It’s crazy. – I love Legos. We’re gonna surprise the kids and build a giant Lego fort. – And then just to make
things interesting and fun we’re gonna see who can
stay in the Lego fort the longest and maybe they’ll just have a surprise for them,
waiting for them if they stay in the longest. Guys, look at all of these Legos. Alright, before we can surprise the kids and do anything, we have to build a fort as fast as we can. – Let’s build. – Guys, after 45 minutes,
it is finally built! But it looks awesome, let’s check it out. (light music) Alright guys, now it is
time to go get the kids, surprise them and then do
this awesome challenge. – Wow! – Whoa! – Whoa! – [Kids] Whoa! – It already feels like home, Lego home. – Wow! – [Jamie] You guys like your Lego fort? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Jamie] It’s like the biggest ever made. Guess what? – What? – [Jamie] You guys have to stay in there. Alright, if you cross this
threshold, you’re out! – What? – Now guys, you do not
have to stay in there but this is a last to leave
the Lego fort challenge so the person that stays in the longest may just get a pretty awesome
surprise but who knows? Whose gonna play? – [Kids] Me! – I’m playing ’cause I
get to have a surprise. – She’s not even in the Lego fort, guys. – Hi! – For some reason, this plastic Lego fort makes all of my kids’ hair super staticky, it’s like sticking up like crazy. – My hair’s not staticky. – Let go, I’ll help you escape! Let’s go. Out the window. – Alright guys, so I
have to change the rules. If you cross this, you’re out and if you go out a window, you’re out. That means you, Blakers. While you guys are spending
your time in the Lego fort, we may be giving you guys special things to do while you’re in
there to pass some time. – Thank goodness, I’m getting bored. – [Stephen] Already? – Guys, I’m not out. – Guys, Steve is building
something complicated and pretty big. Is that gonna go inside the box fort? – You gotta have seats for everybody. – Seats! He’s building chairs! – I want a chair. – She’s still not inside the Lego fort. Blake, that was a close call. That was a close one. I guess Parker’s decided
to join the competition! – I go in! – [Jamie] Are any of you
guys wanting to give up yet? – [Kids] No! – Yeah! – She still does not
understand this game at all. – I have a Lego gift for everybody. – [Girl] Yeah? – What’s she doing out here? – [Girl] What is it? What is that? – You get a throne. – Yay! – Can I have it? – [Jamie] Blake, I think
you’re out of the game. – Oh no! – Busted. – One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is while the kids are
inside the Lego fort, we are going to be doing little challenges and if you lose that challenge, you may just be eliminated from the fort but the winner of the
challenge gets to sit on the Lego throne. – Like a boss. – Here comes the throne. – This is what I want. – Alright guys, what
I’m most worried about is that these kids are going to want to stay in this Lego fort forever. This competition may never
end because this is probably one of the coolest things ever
so to make this hurry along, we are going to have our first challenge. – Parker, put up your legs. – [Jamie] What are you guys doing? – She’s our queen, I’m her servant. – Yeah and I’m her servant too. – Please do not punish me with more taxes. – Parker knows how to work
it, she hasn’t even won a competition yet. – Since Parker’s the queen,
she doesn’t have to participate in this challenge. It’ll be a four on four? – There’s four colors and four of the kids are gonna participate. – Winner gets the throne. – They need to take
this little, mini tower and turn it into a cube. The last one to do it, leaves. – Alright, does everyone
have their block tower? – [Kids] Yeah! – This is kind of a hard competition, let’s see how they do. On your mark, get set, go! – [Dad] How’s it going? – Pretty good. (baby murmuring) – This isn’t a cube. – Wait, this is. My math. – [Jamie] Oh no, you’re not doing cubes! You did a rectangle. – Done! Done! – Taylor wins. Here’s my cube. – Done. – Done? I don’t know. – I did it wrong but I did it right. – Did it! – [Jamie] Oh, but it’s not connected. – I did it, I did a rectangle! – [Dad] It’s gonna be close. Peyton by a hair! – [Jamie] Oh! That was so close but Peyton won. – I guess I’m the second
person to leave the Lego fort. – You and Blake are out. (baby murmuring) – At least we get our own seats. – Ah, this is more like it. Winning pays off sometimes. – That doesn’t look very comfortable. (lively music) – Alright guys, so we have two gone and four more to go, are you guys ready for another competition? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Ready or not, you’re getting one. – This is my greatest invention yet. – [Stephen] What is it, a toilet? – No, it’s a seat. – [Stephen] Looks like a toilet. – It’s like that one. – You invented a seat? – No, the best seat. – I made Parker a special little chair. – [Jamie] Look how cute it is. You ready for your chair, Parker? – Yeah! – I might be having
more fun than the kids. – He totally is having
more fun than the kids. – My lady. – Wow. Blake is impressed but now it is time for the next competition. – Hey guys, I just built a robot. His name is Billy Bob Joe. A tad taller than me. – Alright guys, so we are
clearing the Lego fort with all of the kids’ little creatures that they built so that we
can do the second competition. And guys, look it
Stephen’s little man there. It’s pretty awesome. And dad is testing out the competition. Are you able to do it? – It’s harder than it looks. – Alright so because Taylor was the winner of the last competition, she
doesn’t have to do this one so everyone else will be participating and it is a balance beam. Every block has to be stepped on, if someone falls off, they’re out. – I’m going first. Stephen Yeager rocks! (lively music) I completed it! – [Jamie] Blake, is that a good play pen? – I had to lock her up. – I got this. – [Baby] Whoa. Wow! – It’s not working, I’m
trying to make her laugh. – [Jamie] You got it? – I win! Well I mean, I guess I don’t lose. – It’s Parker’s turn. I made it. – Looks like I need to
make it a little harder. – We need to come up with
some harder competitions or we’re gonna be here all night. – I’m gonna add some layers to this thing. – Layers, what does that mean? – Try that, kids. – Step on every single Lego. – [Dad] Blake’s blocking the way. – No! – You have to step up it. – I can’t do this. – [Stephen] What are you doing? Oh my gosh. – I did it! – [Jamie] Yay, keep going. Uh, Blake? – Dad, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. – Oh shoot. This is gonna fall. Easy. (laughing) – She’s touching the ground. What is happening here? – I’m doing it. – Well it looks like Parker
is out of the competition, she touched the ground. – And there were three left. – Alright guys, these
guys have been inside the Lego fort for awhile
now, it’s time to bring out the big guns. – Time to see how
important winning really is with the money. Hey guys, congratulations on making it to the final three. This is where it gets really tough though. All of you are good at
winning competitions but if one of you chooses
to leave right now, I have a reward for you. – What? – What is it, what is it? – Five dollar bill for leaving right now. – Thank you. – So do you guys even know what you win if you win the whole game? – [Kids] No. – Well that’s funny
because I know what you win if you leave right now. – Maybe the five dollars is better. – Why can’t you just tell us? – That’s what makes it even
more interesting, guys. But that five dollars is not
gonna stay around for long. Five, four, three, two, one. – No! It’s mine. – [Jamie] She took the five dollars. – Bye. – [Jamie] She took the five dollars. – I don’t even care about winning. – Did she just smell the money? – Yes she did and she is
out of the competition. – And then there were two. – Stephen, are you regretting
not taking that five dollars? – Just a little but. – Okay. – At least if I win I get bragging rights. – Alright guys, so before we do the last and final competition,
we have one more thing that we may be offering you guys. – So you guys didn’t win the five dollars, but I think you might wanna take this. It’s my last cash offer. And it’s not five dollars this time. It’s one dollar. – Are you kidding me? – That’s worse, not interested. – Alright guys, so you
have a choice to make. One dollar or do the final competition. There goes the dollar, guys. – It’s worth more than the real prize. – Alright, are you guys
ready for the final and last competition? – [Kids] Yeah! – Alright, each of you guys
have 10 colored blocks. The person that can stack
all of their 10 blocks up the fastest wins and they
win the whole challenge. They will be the last person
to leave the Lego fort. On your mark, get set, go. – [Dad] It’s gonna be close. Stephen’s having some problems. – Done! – Done. – Stephen’s are not stacked together. – Alright guys, I stacked mine the fastest and I won the challenge. – And as the winner of
the Lego fort challenge, you get to pick our next Lego game. – What? That’s it? I get to pick the next Lego video? And Peyton got five dollars? I don’t feel like I won. – Uh, I don’t feel like I lost. – You never know what you’re gonna win in these competitions. – Fine, I’m gonna pick the
craziest Lego video ever. Our question of the day is, what do you think I’m gonna pick? – Make sure to go and
check out our friends, That YouTube Family and Smell Belly TV and see their last to leave videos, link is in the description. – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – [Girls] And see you guys tomorrow! Bye! (lively music)

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