Lalchi Mithaiwala – लालची मिठाईवाला | Moral Story | Hindi Kahaniya | ToyStars

Kishore. Bring half kg sweet Coming sir!!! Wow! These sweets are so good. Let’s eat one. I am Lalchi Mithai Wala If you like the video Like the video and subscribe ToyStars Channel. Kishor what are you doing? Come fast. Coming sir!! this is half kg sweet sir!! Lemme weigh it. No No ! It’s not required. Are customer is god.. One rasgulla is less in it. How you weigh this? How can i tell him that one rasgulla is in my stomach? Go and bring it fast. This is your one rasgulla. Yes!! Now it’s right Have your money Thank You. Thank you OMg!! too much money.. Sir is earning so much money. Listen kishore i’m going to village for seven days Take care of whole shop. If somebody comes talk to them in good manner and have this money take care of it Ohh sir don’t worry if i’m here.Go fast and come easily. Now this is all mine. Old man is having so much money I’ll keep some amount right now Give me 1 kg Jalebi. Give money and take product Gimme sweets now please and i’ll give you money tomorrow. you give money now and take sweet tomorrow. Please give me.guest came to my home today. Are bansi throw her out. I’ll never sweet from your shop. Aree bansi is making sweet from pure milk. Bansi use less sugar or milk.lemme teach you how to make it Firstly add so much water in milk. i’ll add some more water in sugar syrup. Now transplant jalebi is ready and now i’ll sell this. Let’s buy sweets.. Are he is sleeping.. Where is aggarwal ji ? Give me 1kg rasgulla , 1kg jalebi and 10 samosa Ramu bring all sweets fast. How you increase so much rates? Are sister this is tax. If you want to buy.Buy it either go from here. bansi your work is done and go away from here. How can i earn more money? I’ll increase this weight. More weight more benefit. yes mam what you want? 2kg motichur laddoo. Bansi bring 2kg laddoo This is too light. weigh it before giving. Still it’s looking so light. What?there is only 4 laddoo in 2kg. i’ll shut down your whole shop. I’m sorry i’ll never sell this. Bansi have this and keep your mouth close. Don’t inform this to sir. Sir never gave too much money. We all break his whole shop.Let’s go fast. Brother give jewelry from this money fast.. Brother take all this in this much money. See lalchi Mithai wala in running. They are running so fast. yes now i’m going in boat.Now catch me!! I’ll make home from this jewelry. There is a hole in boat now what will i do? In this way i’ll die. Let’s do thing i’ll throw jewelry then weight will decrease Still water is filling. save me Please Save me. Please someone save me There is a hole in your boat!!! I’ll request you please save me Sorry! I’ll make good sweets from tomorrow. See gold and silver are of no use Only human can help human i’ll never do this. Ok! No issue come here

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