Kuala Lumpur Day 1 – Lego Land Djohor Baru, Malaysia. TRAVEL WITH M

Ok guys, now we are arrived at the airport and are waiting for check-in we just passed by the first security check-in and are now heading to immigration before going to the second security check-in Ok, so we have seated and ready for take off See you guys later Thank You guys Arrived Ok guys, so we finally arrived safetly at Kuala Lumpur International Airport We arrived safely, well that was actually a rough of a landing we had But, right now we are safely arrived Yo wassup, good morning guys Welcome to my Kuala Lumpur Vlog Day 2 So, today we actually heading to Lego Land But before we go to Lego Land, we are going to have some breakfast first in local restaurant in here Djohor Malaysia So guys, we finally arrived at Lego Land These are all Structured and Built with Legos We are now going to the Lego Play Town Don’t forget to hit that like Button, Subcribe to my channel Click that Bell Icon, and Share this video Also follow me on all of my Social Media

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