Ko Lego Batman me ‘The Joker Balloon Escape’ – ka wani kē!!!

Hi kids! Welcome to Tamariki Tākaro! Today we have this Lego Batman to play with! It’s from the Batman Lego movie. The name of this Lego is The Joker Balloon Escape Do you know who the Joker is? He’s the enemy of Batman! Let’s open the box and see what’s inside OMG! We have three bags of Lego Some stickers And an instruction book! Let’s make Batman! I like his yellow utility belt! His cape is so awesome! Mean! Isn’t he cool! Batman also has this grappling hook It helps him to grab things and climb! Awesome! Now let’s make the Joker He has purple clothes And he has green hair! But he has a scary smile! …he looks like a strange clown! He’s finished Awesome! Let’s make this bit It’s the Jokers! There’s lots of bits to put together for this It’s like a jetpack with balloons! This bit helps him so he can fly! Awesome! Now let’s make this bit There’s lots of bits to make this one too! OMG! The bits are all different colours! Hmmm…what? I know! It’s a power station! Okay, here is the last bit This is the Joker’s too What is this? Is it for destroying things? What do you think? Yes, we’re finished! Wait! What are you doing Joker? Uh oh! He’s putting on his balloon backpack! I’m going to fly over the power station And destroy it! No! Stop right there Joker! Don’t be bad This is awesome! You can’t catch me Batman! Not so fast Joker I will stop you with my grappling hook No, let me go! No! Wow, the Joker is a mess now! Sorry Batman Help me! Okay Joker, let’s get you out I’ll be good! Wow Batman! Well, that’s all for today We hope you liked this Lego Batman Don’t forget to like our video And share our channel with your friends! See you again! This video was made with funding from Te Māngai Pāho Thanks!

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