Kim Kardashian West’s Kids’ Playroom Is Kind of Relatable

Now I want to talk about
someone who gives you a lot more than a sneak peek. Kim Kardashian. Recently, she posted– [LAUGHTER] She does. She’s very generous with this. Recently she posted a
video of her kids’ playroom on Instagram. This is her kids’
playroom on Instagram, which is totally normal
if you live inside of a super clean FAO Schwarz. [LAUGHTER] Look at that. Those are real
horses, by the way. [LAUGHTER] Look at how big that is. Anyway, I asked people to send
me pictures of their playrooms and this is what I got. This first one, this is
McKennah H. She posted, “I asked her to
clean up her room. She took a nap.” She’s exhausted from
destroying your house. [LAUGHTER] Here’s the next one, Nichole H.
“Playroom needed decorating.” I saw that on an
episode of CSI, I think. That means something. Here’s another one. Sam S. wrote, “Could be worse.” Well, she put herself away. So that’s good. Here’s one more, Jacqui G.
“My son destroys his bedroom in minutes.” Look at that. And in the middle, look at those
two cartons of empty Pepsi. That’s clue number one
why he’s– too much sugar. And the cat is on
the top of the step. It can’t even get down there. He’s been stuck there for days. Been looking for
the cat for a month. They don’t know it’s in there. Thank you for posting those. They make me so happy
I don’t have kids.

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45 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian West’s Kids’ Playroom Is Kind of Relatable

  1. I love how Kim was able to identify every section of the kid's playroom great mom. My son's playroom is tiny but he loves it ๐Ÿค—

  2. Iโ€™m sure Kim makes sure the room gets cleaned and organized from her many helpers the moment the kids leave the room. I would love to see it after all the kids play in it.

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  5. Wow Kim's kids are spoiled! Good for them!!! I am glad in my family we have no small kids. We are all grown people!!๐Ÿ˜ 18+ in the house!!!!

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