KIDS TOYS CHANNEL. 100000 Subscribers funny video. What’s in the box?

Someone sent us a box. A gift It comes from Santa? No Cames far away, and its for you. It’s a surprise for you. What do you think is inside? balloons balls No Scissors No Wreaths of flowers No Bogdi, what do you think could be inside? A planet toy Toy penguins It would be nice, but it is not Small balls jumper It is turn Bogdy Biscuits biscuits are delicious but, not biscuits something else let’s open it and see Take scissors Someone cut from here to here And other kid cut from here to here my favorites is a jelly inside? There is a magic button I also want to open so Daddy, what is it. Why not break? There are sausages Why? That’s how it is. You have to put here

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