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Kids Welcome to our early morning summer
backyard obby if you see bags in my eyes I slept pretty well you just woke up this
is obviously gonna test our speed yay our endurance yes in our patient hey
this is a mash-up between 49 and plush toys so we can keep brother and sister happy
are you happy no your butt’s not go through the army crawl blasters and
shoot down one of the targets oh no my baby’s not there diaper they’re gonna
have to fish out the baby diaper out of the pool and they’re gonna have to take
it emptied the water into this glass fill it up to the black line and make
sure that that’s filled up before they can move on to the next ah be up there
we’ve got fishing poles Toy Story fishing poles and they’re gonna save at
least one of the aliens out of the water now this is the rats ring toss try to get it over all three of them
right all right you got to do all three of them for target tomato head and black
night by sitting here just watching a show so they’re playing for tonight
table they’re watching this show what language are you speaking and then we’re
gonna knock out one of the targets with the new TC TS with the new for tonight
TC TS it’s new new one they just got out you’re weird
storage for bullet storage for bullets right there that’s awesome
but it’s only a single shot so people need to know that nice the finale is the kids must go
through this slip and slide that’s made for bunch of balloons they must get down
here and pop every single water balloon that’s here and once they pop that last
balloon time ends subscribe to kidcity what you talking about ring the bell to
get notified every time we upload ok she meant to say subscribe to kid city the
neighbors are gonna think that something’s really wrong here
we’re going to see how fast she can complete this obstacle little flash over
there is the timer today and Ava is the screamer three-two-one
look at her go she is making record time and she’s cut the oh she’s gonna take
the fortnight blaster maybe get a little bit closer but that doesn’t that doesn’t
count at all just taking them and okay she’s gonna set it up good she’s great
oh the wind got it I’m gonna set it up here now we’re getting a little how Mike
okay here we go to the second it’s the baby diaper toss no the baby diaper fill
what are we talking about so she’s gonna get it she’s gonna fish out the missing
baby diapers she’s got one she’s gotta soak it up with water oh that’s a good one she made good
progress there she’s gonna fill it up back with water
put her hand under it so she can save as much water as possible and she’s almost
there she’s almost there people just a little bit more I don’t know why
she is the water better in the middle you just you just have to go to the edge
that would help you Oh a lot of that water came out the side and one more it
looks like one more she needs one more just just getting this in the middle
she’s got a bobo wet now she dumped her bobo and the diaper this time and that’s
on to the next one all right she’s gonna climb up this slide she climb another slide she’s gonna
secure one of the Toy Story fish she had a little trouble there oh my goodness
it is a slippery course people look at this the running water down the Falls
she’s fighting to gets nature see that Toy Story fishing pole you’re
going to need that as you climb down oh she’s just gonna slide down that’s a
good strategy she came down hey sue good she’s gonna fish out one alien as she
dumps her whole body okay she’s secured it oh it didn’t
secure those aliens are magnetized their foreheads have magnets in them
in the fishing pole also has a magnet it and that’s how they secure and what she
secures the two together she’ll be able to take it out and just throw it and now
she’s gonna have to get good up she missed one she missed an obstacle
where’s your obstacle is she okay do we need to bring had an injury doctor okay
oh one bracelet two bracelets and a necklace that’s so sweet the beautiful
Rex so she’s gonna grab this fort nut blaster I’m gonna stand behind her as to
avoid what she’s about to do and she’s gonna go up okay we’re gonna here you go
pull it down and you’re gonna pull it down very nice and I’m gonna help you
load another one for time then I’m going to put that in there and you go pull
this back up oh my goodness black night she
annihilated it and all she’s got to do is come down the slip and slide and pop
every open every single oh oh she’s got a puff every single one of them if you
gotta just throw it down and smash it oh my lord I’m getting out of here all of them all of them there you go
there you go smashing with your hands slap him slap him good no don’t throw
him at me that works but I wasn’t expecting that oh now she decided to sit
down and smash no this is not the time to get a drink
now get them out of your mouth she’s got she’s got about 10 more behind
her she is at a leisurely place now the dog is helping her now there you go oh
that one bounced all the way down she’s skipping him whoa don’t throw him at me Oh is that it two more no no no no no
that’s that’s that’s the next round these two are they lit that’s good no
time time girl you are wild and crazy Ava she said cuz it’s over are you sad
cuz it’s over well you will let you help Beckett okay in a minute she’s a little sad cuz it’s over already
eight Ava a ninja star is running the time for little flash you ready to do
this running is Nineveh and I come to be
overtime okay is that a ninja accent three two one oh he’s a little bigger than Ava he’s
he’s knocking those noodles and he just needs one oh he got one really quickly
now he’s on to the baby smash not the baby smash that would be a terrible it’s
the day the diaper dunk he’s waiting through the thick water it
he’s got to get enough water oh that was a good one he might only need one more
dunk I told you those flip-flops we’re not
gonna provide much speed Hey over here you’ve made it you can
move on here now of these pants slippery what you can take those off it’s gonna
cost you in time though that helped you I was a fishing pole
fill slide back down grab that fishing pole and get those aliens rescued oh my lord what and the word that that
obby did not work out like we thought nope neither did this one there you go ring all that dinosaur he got some we don’t know you’re gonna
have to check it’s already it’s already ready oh he missed that one that means
he’s gonna have to load another nerf bullet and these are those Whistler
bullets the ones that sting on your legs oh goes the Black Knight oh he only slid
halfway there you go ooh you got about 20 on your first shot and of course Ava
wants to help oh that one got me Oh time my time is but I’m gonna deduct you
four minutes for getting rid of the aliens in a in an illegal way four
minutes so your actual time is 72 minutes and 43 seconds 72 minutes in

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  7. We just bought a blow up a little smaller than this one for our kids! We thought hey it’s like KIDCITY!! They loved it! We even blew it up in our living room in one of our most recent videos to surprise our daughter when she got home from her first day of kindergarten orientation. Love your guy’s family! Thanks for sharing the fun!!!

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