KIDS ONLY Giant LEGO FORT! No Parents Allowed

(slapping) – (gasps) I’m so sad. (slow paced guitar music) – [Together] Defend our kid’s only fort! (gun cocking) (Father laughs) (children scream) – [Together] Hi Sody Family. – Alright guys so today
we are going to be– – Building a giant Lego fort. – And parents are not allowed. – [Together] What? – Yeah, so bye bye. – Go find somewhere to relax. (guitar music) Bye bye. (guitar music) (door slamming) – Alright girls it’s time to
build our Lego fort mansion. First we need a plan. A floor plane. So we’re gonna build a mansion where we each have a lot of space. (upbeat music) We’re each gonna have our own room with a big common space
for all of to play in. – We should have a big ball
pit in the middle of the room. (upbeat music) – That’s real big. (upbeat music) – We gonna have a theater
and with popcorn maker. (upbeat music) That’s the wrong way but it’s fine. (upbeat music) I know we can have a giant
trampoline in Parker’s room. (upbeat music) (marker squeaking)
(upbeat music) – Whoa that’s huge. – [Jordyn] Not that giant kids. – This could be the one choice I’m in. I’m drawing mines this time. Table. (guitar music) Table. Sign. – A basketball court. – A soccer goal. – A closet for my momma too. – A dance floor. – [Together] Perfect. – Alright people, let’s get to work. This things not gonna build itself. – First we need to lay the foundation. (quirky music) – I’m a working machine. (blocks banging) – So I thought it would be really nice relaxing but I kind of feel left out. – I hear a lot of noises out there. – Oh, I think they’re
building something cool. I don’t like being not included. (quirky music)
(blocks banging) – Hey, wanna copy. (quirky music) – Our outside rows are almost done. Good job. (quirky music) – And we have a window. (quirky music) This things getting so big. It’s taller than me now. – Me too. I built a chimney. (quirky music) – Alright guys, now it’s
time for the ball pit pool. – [Together] Yeah. (quirky music) (box shuffling) – Payton are you sleeping on the job? Get up. – (yawns) I had a nice nap. – Guys I’m just really curious
what they’re doing out there. (sneaky music) Shh, I’m just gonna peek. I just wanna see. (sneaky music) (blocks banging)
(sneaky music) – (chuckles) They’re building. (sneaky music)
(blocks banging) What are they building in there? (sneaky music) – Hey get out of here, no parents allowed. – Oh, I got caught that’s not good. (door shutting) (high energy music)
(blocks banging) – Now that our pool is built– – [Together] Bring on the ball pit balls. (balls rolling) (screaming) – This is nice but we need more! – I just heard them say ball pit balls. (high energy music) – [Together] This is awesome. – Let’s go swimming. (balls shuffling) Wait guys! Back to work! – We got most of the major structures in our fort so time to make it homey. Everybody go get your
blankets and pillows. (high energy musics) – Watch out below. – Ah. – Here comes the master staircase. Jordyn you grab that bottom please and I grab right here. (high energy music) (grunting) (high energy music) – [Together] And we’re done. – Pool party. – [Taylor] Whew. – [Jordyn] Get to the staircase. (screaming)
(laughter) (high energy music) (balls shuffling) – Whoa (laughter). Are you wearing a swimsuit Payton? (high energy music) Yeah, it looks pretty much
exactly like the plan. – Wait we forgot something very important. (slapping) (high energy music) – (gasps) I’m so sad. – Have a good time. – [Payton] It’s a celebration. – I’m on my Lego fort. Watch our Jordyn! (high energy music) – Well you guys have
seen our ball pit pool but have you seen our dance floor? – They will see the dance floor. (record scratching) (upbeat pop music) – They have a dance floor too? (upbeat pop music) – Wait! Did you guys hear that? (screaming) – Oh no I think I got caught. Shh, shh, shh. – [Payton] But when she
went outside tomorrow. There she is. Get her! (balls hitting) (screaming)
(balls hitting) – I gotta get out of here (screaming) (intense battle music) We have got to figure out a way to get into that Lego box fort. – Will these help? (intense battle music) – Shh. (intense battle music) (Parker laughs) (intense battle music) (moaning) (intense battle music) – Got you. (intense battle music) – You ready to take over this
Lego fort once and for all? (intense battle music) Knock knock. Who’s there? (gun firing) – Mom and Dad! (children screaming) – Mom and Dad noo! (children screaming)
(intense battle music) – [Steven] Oh! (children screaming)
(intense battle music) I’ve been shot. – You can’t get me. – Or me. (gun firing)
(intense battle battle music) (children screaming)
(intense music) – (screams) Take that. (children screaming)
(intense music) – Stop shooting! Take cover! (children screaming)
(intense music) (Father laughing) (intense battle music) – Get him. – [Parker] Get him. (balls hitting) – [Taylor] We need more,
we’re running out of supplies. – [Parker] No, guys stop. Please. (balls hitting) – Ow! I’ve been hit. – [Steven] Give up. – [Together] Defend our kid’s only fort. (balls hitting)
(intense battle music) (Father laughs) (children screaming) – It’s an ambush. (children screaming)
(intense battle music) – Oh, ah. (balls shuffling) (yelling) – Retreat, retreat. (door slamming shut) – We’re safe. – Do you think they’re gonna runaway? (Father exhales deeply) – Guys we need to work on
fortifying our Lego fort. – What does fortifying mean? – To make stronger. – Yes, we definitely need that. – [Together] Because we’re
never leaving this fort. – I know the perfect way
to get them to leave. (box banging)
(plastic ruffling) (upbeat music) – Guys, did you smell that? (upbeat music) (glass sliding) (upbeat music) (banging) (upbeat music) – Guys, guys, Payton look, look. (grunts) – [Together] Candy! (upbeat music) – Aw, candies! – [Jordyn] Ooh, give me. – Give me, give, give give. Candy, candy, candy. (screaming) – [Parker] Oh yes. – The fort is ours, the fort is ours. It’s our fort! (upbeat music) (snickers) – Ah, it’s the life. No kids allowed. – Thanks for building us a Lego fort. – Uh, did we make a mistake? (upbeat rock music)
(wind swoosh) – Hopefully you enjoyed today’s video. Make sure you guys stayed
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