Kids Fun TV Jokes Compilation Video: Jokes on Dad, Funny Jokes

Kids Fun TV Jokes Compilation [Fun Music] Three, two, one! Ah! Ahh! Oh! “Earlier that day…” Oh yes, I’m on vacation. The kids are back in the hotel room with their mom. Shhh! Guys, should we play a trick on our dad? I snuck away for a little bit of free time of my own to do nothing but relax. Let’s do it. Nothing could go wrong! Woohoo! Hey guys, I’m gonna catch it frog and scare my dad with it. Ah! Oh, oh! [Action Music] Shh! Come on, let’s go. [Action Music] AH! Ahh ohh! [Slow motion] AH! Ahh ohh! Ah, oh my gosh! I hate bugs! Oh, I hate bugs! Oh. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh. Oh, what? What the? It’s fake! It’s a toy! Who? Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Gotcha good Dad! Gotta go! Bye! Oh! Oh, Jack got me good. Gross. Kaden, you’ll never believe what I just did. I just scared Dad. Alright. Ah, good. How are we gonna get him next? Yeah, he already knows that it’s us. Hey, look. It’s the Sassy Kids playing with Jazzy. Maybe they’ll help us with our next trick. He he he he! How long have you been filming on your channel? The Sassy Kids have been filming for two years now. Well, I don’t see them. Hopefully they leave me alone now. Ah. Hey Jazzy and the Sassy Kids, will you help us play tricks on dad? You’re playing tricks on Dad again? Dad’s gonna be so mad at you. How can we help? Hmm… what should we do this time? Hmm, we can make him a “sand”wich. A real “sand”wich? No way. That would be so funny. I’ve got the bread. I got the sand. That looks delicious. Now that is what I call a real “sand”wich. Isn’t your dad gonna get mad? That’s why it’s funny! We can’t give it to him. It will look suspicious. Hey Sassy Kids, would you give it to him? I guess. Yeah. Pfft! This is gonna be good! Well, we better hide. Well, here goes nothing. Excuse me, sir. Would you like a delicious sandwich? Sure, how much is it? Oh, it’s free. Thank you. This looks delicious. This will really hit the spot. I’m starving. Well, enjoy! Thank you. What sweet girls. That was so thoughtful. This looks so delicious. Oh! Oh, pah pah! [Slow motion] Oh! Oh, pah pah! Oh my gosh I can’t believe we just did that! Hahaha! Yeah! Oh, pah! Hahahahaha! Oh! What is this? Sand? Oh my gosh! This so – oh! Oh what’s in this thing? Dad, we got you good! Oh! What did you guys do? That’s gross! Pah, ah! Ah, those kids! I gotta get out of here. I gotta go hide somewhere else. Yeah! Oh, oh! Ah! Ah! Oh! It got it! Ah! Perfect. Nice quiet corner of the hotel. No kids in sight. Perfect, now to find my dad. Ohh! So relaxing. I got a my nice little book here. There’s my dad. He’s reading a book. Let’s get him. [Sneaky music] Shh! [Sneaky music] Ahhh! Ah! Ah! Wha-wha-what is that? What’s on me? What’s one me? A frog? What the! A frog? Where did this frog come from? Ha ha! Got you again, Dad! That was you? Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh. These kids! I’m trying to relax, and they keep putting all these weird animals and funny things on me. Alright little buddy. Go back out in the wild. Ah! These kids keep finding my hiding spots and playing jokes on me. Alright, I got to find another one. Oh I love vacation, and I love relaxing. You know what? I’m kind of tired. I’m gonna take a nap right here on the sand. [Ukulele music] [Dad snoring] What should we do? He’s sleeping. Let’s bury him in the sand. [Action music] I can’t believe he’s not waking up. Shh! He must be tired. [Action music] This is gonna be hilarious. We got this side down. Let’s get the other side. [Dad Snoring] Good thing he’s a deep sleeper. [Action music] Should we take his hat off and wake him up? Oh yeah, let’s do it. What’s the? What’s the? What’s the? Who did this? Who did this to me? What, what, what? We got you Dad! Oh, it was you? What the? Hey, come back! Ah! Ah, my boys are such tricksters. I’m trying to relax here. I can’t believe I slept through that! Holy cow! Hahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hey, what’s that? Sweet, on of those water blasters! Oh yeah, let’s squirt Dad with it! To the pool! Got it. Let’s go find Dad. I bet he is hiding. I gotta find a place that nobody can find me. Looks like a good spot. Let’s blast him! What the? Is that rain? Is it raining? That’s weird. What the? Is that rain? How’s it raining? It’s like warm and sunny. That’s weird. How is that cloud following me? What the? Alright, I’ll move over here maybe away from this cloud. Alright, this is a good spot. AH! Oh! What? Hey Dad! What? You give me that! Give me that! Ah! Ah! Ah! You give me that! Stop! Stop! Jack, Jack, Jack! Oh, I’m out of here. Haha! Oh, I’m outta here! Stay back! Oh yeah, Jack! We totally got him! Let’s go find Jazzy. Hope she has some slime. Hey, Jazzy, what are you doing? Oh, just filling buckets with slime. Whoa! Whoa, that’s a lot of slime. Whoa, you have three full buckets of slime? Yep. One. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Three buckets of slime and three of us? Let’s go get him! Oh yeah. I am going to the far side of the hotel where those kids cannot find me. Nobody will find me back here, ha ha. Ha! He thinks he’s so sneaky, but we finally found him. Three, two, one! Ah! Ahh! Gross! Oh, yuck! Oh, slime? Oh, what? What? Oh my gosh! Slime? Are you serious? What? You guys keep finding me. How did you find me back here? Oh my gosh! I thought I was totally hidden. We’re smarter than you think. You come back out here with slime? Are you serious? Have fun with the slime! Come on! Are you serious? Are you serious? Hahaha! Have fun! [Cries] I just wanted to relax today, and this is what happens. I just cannot relax. AH! Ah! Oh! Stay right there. Oh man. Ha ha. Okay action. This is close-up b-roll of me taking a bit of the sandwich. Okay ready? Probably slo-mo shot. Ready 3 2 1. This is really gross. And action. This is delicious. This looks delicious. Turning it around. I got it in my mouth. Oh, oh! Pah! Oh! What is this? Sand? Oh my gosh! This is- Oh! Ah! [Slow motion crying] [Action music] “Kids Fun TV” [Action music] Perfect! Shh! [Action music] I am the Game Master! Ahhh! Ha ha ha ha ha! What? Are you serious? How’d you get here? You must do whatever I say! Uh, okay. What do you want me to do? You must do 10 pushups! Ten pushups? Okay! He he he! [Giggles] Seven, eight, nine, ten. Now repeat after me. The coolest boy in the whole world is… The coolest boy in the whole world is… Kaden! Kaden. Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! She finally said it! Kaden? She finally said it! Wahoo! Something strange is going on here. Don’t touch my mask! Knock it off! What? It’s a robot? Kaden! April fooled ya! Hahahaha! Hahaha, I got you good! Of course, it’s April Fools’ Day. You stinker! But that gives me an idea! Come on, MiBro. [Snoring] Alien space invaders. [Snoring] Look, Dad’s asleep. Let’s trick him. Let’s get him. Come on. Woooooh! Whoa! Whoa! I am an alien from a different planet. And if you want your world to survive, you shall do what I say. I swear I was just dreaming about this, but now this is real? Of course this is real! Now give me a $100! You need a $100 to save my planet? I guess it’s worth it. Now put me on the ground please. [Whispers] Yes! I can’t believe that Dad gave us a hundred bucks! No way! Okay. Now dance the Macarena. The Macarena? He he! It’s my favorite dance on my home planet. Now do it now. The Macarena? I guess, if it means I can save the world. Um okay. [Singing the Marcarena tune] Faster! [Singing the Marcarena tune faster] Hey Macarena! My grandma can dance faster than you! [Macarena Music] Is that the Macarena? Haha. Shhh! What’s up? Uh, don’t ask. Don’t ask. Just keep going. Just keep going. Now stop! Okay. Go to the store and buy Jazzy a cell phone, and buy Kaden a four-wheeler. A cell phone and a four-wheeler? Something is sneaky here. I’ve got an idea. Hey, Jazzy, Kaden, come on down! Let’s go to the store! Jazzy, I’ll buy you a cell phone! Kaden, I’ll buy you a four-wheeler! Really?! April Fools’! Hahaha! Ah, you got us good, but did we get you at all? You little tricksters, you almost got me on April Fools’, and you did wake me up and make me dance the Macarena. Hahahahaha! You guys are little tricksters. I’m gonna go back to my nap. Here’s your MiBro. You can go play tricks on somebody else. I’m gonna win. Whatever, haha. Kalia, it’s your turn. [Whispers] Let’s use MiBro to spy on them and see what their up to. Good idea. Now let’s listen to what they are saying. Did you know today is April Fools’ Day? Yeah Mom, we have to play a trick on dad. Wooh. You know what Dad hates? Anything flavored with mint. Oh! I think we should trick him with mint toothpaste. Toothpaste? Yeah! Did you hear that? They’re gonna try to trick Dad! Let’s help them out. With MiBro! What do we have that’s mint? I have an idea! Okay. Perfect. Hi! Here you go. Here’s your toothpaste. Haha, what? I know who you are. You’re MiBro! Maybe he can help us with some pranks over here. Haha, well he brought us some toothpaste. That’s what you needed. Should we fill the inside of some cookies with toothpaste? Yeah! Hahaha. Hey MiBro, bring us some cookies. Ok, I’ll bring you some cookies. [Whispers] Cookies? That’s a great idea! Yeah! These look good. What the? Haha! Here’s your cookie. Oh haha. Yucky. Ew gross! Okay, let’s go get Dad. Or should we let MiBro go get dad? MiBro. Haha. Here you go, MiBro. I’m gonna put it on. MiBro, here you go. Thank you. Should we follow him? Hmm, yeah. I want to. Let’s follow him? Okay. Ha! Gotcha! That was us! What? Are you serious? April Fools’ on Dad again. Let’s go get him. Yeah! Haha. Run. Shh! Kalia, it’s your turn to play the joke. Go, go! [Whispers] Put it on the table. [Whispers] That’s perfect. Wake up! Whoa! Not you again. Would you like a delicious cookie? A cookie? That looks amazing! Eat it now. Thank you. Mmm cookie. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Ooh, what is this? Toothpaste? Yeah! Mint is the worst! Yucky! Hahaha! So has everybody in the family been tricked by MiBro then? Everybody, except Kyler. Come on! Are we getting him too? Yeah. Let’s go! Let’s go. Yeah! [Whispers] Let’s get him. Hahahaha! Hahaha! Kyler, I am your mother! What?! Who are you? Are you a robot? What are you doing here? Would you like a sippy? Yeah. Here’s your sippy. Do you want it? Kyler, do you want to dance? Yeah! Okay, stand up, and let’s dance! Okay! Let’s dance! [Dance music] Did you know I’m your mother? No, no, no! You’re not my mommy! Go to time out robot! No time out! Never! April Fool’s! Hahaha! We got you! haha! Make sure to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel! [Action music] I know, he’s so cute! He’s actually the nicest boy at school. I know! Valentine’s Day is coming up so soon! [Whispers] Come on, Turbo. Come with me. I don’t care if he’s a grade older. Hey Fun Squad, I’m gonna play the most epic joke on my sister. Yeah, I think he likes me too. Watch this. Turbo can record and playback. Let’s test it. Hi, Jazzy. I’ve come to deliver a special message. Hi, Jazzyy. I’ve come to deliver a special message. Yes, it worked! [Vroom] [Door bell rings] One second! Um, I might have to call you back. See ya. Bye. Here she comes! Who’s there? Huh? [Whispers] Hahaha, oh my gosh. A robot! Hi Jazzy, I’ve come to deliver a special message. Message? [Vroom] Yes, your crush set me. [Vroom] Yes, you’re crush sent me. Oh, my crush? [Vroom] He wants you to meet him at the playground right now. Oh my! I mean, how do I look? You look fantastic! Hahahahahaha! [Vroom] Come on, Turbo. To the park! Wait, where is he? Where is he? He’s not here. [Vroom] What? You again? Is this some kind of trick? [Vroom] What? Now you’re gonna run from me? Come back here little trickster! [Vroom] [Vroom] Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. [Vroom] Oh no! It’s time to switch to turbo mode! Come on, Turbo. Let’s go. Hah! Wahoo, it’s turbo time! What? It just got faster? Come here right now! Haha! Gotcha good! Who are you? Listen, I’ll tell you who is behind all this if you repeat after me. Okay, fine. Whatever. The coolest kid in the whole world is… The coolest kid in the whole world is… Kaden. Kaden! Ha ha! Gotcha good! You little trickster! Payback is coming your way unless… What? What? [Whispering] No way! I always wanted to do that! Come on Turbo robot, we’re gonna need your help. Wait, before we go get Jack, let’s go see what Dad’s up to. Oh yeah! Look, there’s Dad. Watch this. Turbo can listen. [Vroom] Oh I am thirsty. Let’s see what’s in here. Ooh. Make sure nobody’s around. [Vroom] Make sure nobody’s around. Oh! Oh. That was delicious. Jazzy! Dad just drank out of the jug! That’s gross! I saw that! [Vroom] I saw that! Uh, you saw what? [Vroom] You know what you did. You’re in big big trouble. You know what you did. You’re a big big trouble. What, what? I didn’t do anything, and who are you anyways? I’m your worst nightmare! [Vroom] This is hilarious! [Vroom] I’m gonna tell mom – I mean, Sarah. You wouldn’t! [Vroom] And where do you keep going? Please do not tell my wife. Anything but that! Anything? Yes, anything. [Vroom] Alright. Give me ten push-ups. Ten push-ups? Okay, fine. Alright, Turbo. Oh, three. Hahahaha! Oh, four. Hahahah! Turbo. Oh. Okay. Oh. Eight.Nine. Ten. Okay, what’s next, huh? You should act like a monkey. What, a monkey? That’s crazy. Do you want me to tell mom – oh uh, Sarah? Do you want me to tell mom – oh uh, Sarah? Uh no, no, that’s way worse. I’m in charging you’re busted. Alright, alright, alright. Fine. Now, march out you big baboon. Oh oh oh oh ah ah ah! Oo oh oh oo oh oh ah ah oh oh ah ah! Wow, Dad took it way too far. Oh oh ah ah! Oh oh ah ah! Oh oh oh oh! Jazzy’s dad is so weird. Keep up the monkey business. You’re doing great! Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing. Keep up the monkey business. You’re doing great! Alright, alright, fine. Oo oh oh oo oh oh ah ah oh oh ah ah! Oh oh ah ah! Oh oh ah ah! Keep going! [Tires squealing] What are you doing? I married a twelve year old. Am I done yet? Hurry, here he comes! Hurry, come on. Quick! Go go go! Oh that was exhausting. This monkey business has me tired. [Vroom] Oh! Not you again! Haven’t you humiliated me enough? What next? Okay, you’re off the hook as soon as you give me $100. Are you serious? $100? [Vroom] Yes, 100 smackers, and then you’re free. [Vroom] Yes, 100 smackers, and then you’re free. Okay, you promise you’ll keep my secret? My lips are sealed. Okay, fine. Here you go. [Vroom] What? It was you guys all along? Um, what are you talking about? I knew it! I knew it! Were you guys the one who saw me swig the jug? How about this? Let’s make a deal. You can keep the hundred-dollar bill if we keep the secret about the milk. Deal? Deal. It’s worth it. Deal! Alright, should we go trick somebody else? Let’s go. Come on. [Adventure music] [Vroom] Hey Jack, have you seen my lacrosse stick? I think it’s in the closet. Okay. Thanks. [Adventure music] Nope. My lacrosse stick isn’t in the closet. Jack, there’s someone in the closet! Quick, run! Kade, you’re always playing tricks. We both know that no one’s in the closet. Nice try. [Closet door rattling] What? It can’t be! [Door rattling] What? There really is something in the closet. [Door rattling] Ahh! Wait. Kaden, is that you? Knock it off. AHH! [Slow motion] AHH! Whoa! Wait! Ha ha! Gotcha good! Turbo bot? Wait, who’s controlling this? Who’s controlling this? Hahahahahaha! You were terrified! You should have seen your face! Was not! Wait, that gives me an idea! Come on! [Fun music] Shh! [Vroom] Hi, Kyler. [Vroom] Hi, Kyler. Mommy, I woke up! I’m your babysitter. [Robot noises] Woah, was that you? Why did the robot cross the road? A robot? It was programmed by a chicken! Chicken? I thought it was my teddy talking! A robot babysitter. A robot babysitter. Do you want some candy? Yeah! I love candy! I just want… I just want blue. You want blue candy? Yes please. Come on robot! Give me cotton candy! [Vroom] Oh ha ha! Na-nana-naa-nah! You can’t catch me! Hahahah! Thank you robot! Mmm. That robot’s nice! Ha ha, we got you good Kyler! We got you good haha! Hey, do you want to see what else Turbo can do? Turbo! Yo! Dance! Dance party robot! [Dance music] Wooh! [Dance music] Kyler, do you wanna know what else he can do? [Vroom] Go go go! Wahoo! Make sure to like and subscribe below.

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