Kid Review – LEGO Star Wars: UCS Slave I #75060 Time Lapse Build and Demo

Hey everybody it’s Owen
from Owen’s Lego Lab. Today I am doing the Slave 1 and I did get this for
Christmas so (tongue clicking) and I really did want this
cause I do like Boba Fett and I will tell you why next. (upbeat pop music)
(children laughing) This is set number seven
five zero six zero. It’s recommended for ages 14 and up. It has one thousand nine
hundred and ninety six pieces. So I really, really like Boba Fett. He’s kind of like the
mysterious character. Who’s like, where did he come from? What is he doing? I want to know what he did in between when he was a kid in Episode Two and when he fell into the
Sarlacc in Episode Six. So there’s supposed to be a
Boba Fett movie coming out but I don’t really know if
it’s going to come out or not ’cause they have a couple of issues. They want Boba Fett to
be the bad guy he is but they also want him to
be the hero of the story. I just read that online
so they might not do it. They might, but I really
want them to do it because I want to know what
the heck Boba Fett was doing. So this set is a UCS set so that’s cool so I can add it to my
collection with General Grievous and my R2 D2. And it depicts when Boba
Fett is getting Han Solo in carbonite so he can
deliver it to Jabba. So I dumped out all the bags and it comes out to a
total of sixteen bags including this which is
just the cockpit piece and, this one little black board here and then we’ve got a
bunch of stickers here. One of them’s just like a
fact sheet for the spy stands and we’ve got a big
fat instruction booklet that has like, 307 pages. This is going to take a while so I’ve actually got an idea
from the camera crew. I’m going to time myself on how long it takes me to build this. I bet this would take at least
four hours (blowing air). So I did lay out bags one, two and three and now I will get building. (funky bass music) (funk music) (funk music) Alright so I finished Slave 1 and according to the
producer it took five hours and eighteen minutes so I went about an hour over of what I said. In my defense I was listening
to 80’s and 90’s music so, obviously I got up and danced
a couple times so I mean. So here are the mini figures with the set and it actually does come with Han Solo with a little carbonite chamber. First up we’ve got Boba Fett. He’s got a bunch of detailing
on the front of his torso. Got some detailing on his arms as well. He can actually put his
little targeting system down. So there’s his face. You can take off his targeting system and put this on, it kinda makes
him look like a Mandalorian. Looks like a green Pre
Vizsla with a jet pack. On the back here he
actually has a jet pack. So that was Boba Fett. The second little mini
figure is the Stormtrooper. So here’s the back and it
comes with this E11 blaster. And then we’ve got the regular
storm trooper face. Just kinda like an angry face. Here is the Bespin Wing Guard. It comes with just a little blaster pistol and here’s the back. There’s not much
detailing to him just the, he’s just pretty blue. Last but not least is Han Solo. This set is around the time
where he’s in carbonite and Boba Fett is
transporting him to Jabba. So that’s why it comes with
this little carbonite thing and Han Solo does actually have two faces. This is the scared face and then we have his ‘oh my god
this hurt so badly’ face. And you can actually put
him in the carbonite. You see these two little pegs in there, all you have to do is
clip his hands to the pegs and like push them in
and then he’s in there. He’s carbonited. So those were the mini
figures the accessories and carbonite with Han Solo. Behold… The Slave 1 and all it’s glory. So on the sides here
we’ve got the flippers that actually can move
depending on the position. So if it’s upright they’ll be
facing side ways like that. They stabilize the Slave 1
pretty much that’s what they do. Over here we’ve got some
twin blaster cannons. They don’t actually shoot
which is kind of a bummer but you can pretend you’re
like (vocal trilling). Actually the Slave 1 guns sound like this. (beep beep beep beep beep beep beep) (beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep) When it’s flying you
obviously keep it like this so it’s facing forward
but when he’s landing. You can put him like that
so he can just hop out and go so that’s a cool feature. So here’s the inside of the cockpit. We have two little hooks
in here that can hold Boba Fett’s EE-3 blaster. We’ve got two computers in here, one over here which is like, well it looks like a targeting thing. Got another computer here
it’s got a bunch of buttons, it’s probably like the controls and stuff. I actually think this is the
control panel for the ship and shooting and stuff. The side computers are
probably for diagnostics. I’m not positive but I think so. There are two little things
that look like benches here. They’re not actually benches
they’re for Boba Fett’s stability when he’s in flying mode. So like the chair fits in there perfectly. So this is what Boba
Fett’s cockpit looks like without him in it. It looks super techy and
there’s like a bunch of dials and we’ve got some computers on the side. So there’s another feature
on the outside here. This is like actually
very sneaky of Boba Fett to like put some laser cannons
in there that are hidden and you can’t shoot these which
is kind of a bummer as well. But they do look cool. There are more weapons on the other side. This one’s actually a missile launcher. This is the under side of the Slave 1 and I’m going to
show you the storage area. You have to pull this
little grey door knob there and then you can actually put
Han Solo in carbonite there. So that little hook there is
where you can clip him back in. Freedom! So you just clip him in like that and then you just push that back, boom he’s back in the
storage unit of the Slave 1. So this is what the underside looks like and just so you know
I put it on the stand. These blue things right
here are the thrusters. The Slave 1 can
surprisingly go really fast with only three thrusters and they’re not even that big. This is what the stand looks like. You just kinda clip the Slave
1 into these two top pieces right there and then it’s fine. And then we’ve got some
facts about the Slave 1. This is what the plate
looks like up close. It tells you the manufacturer,
the length, the engines, the hyperdrive system, the
maximum speed, the weapons it’s got a lot of and the capacity and it can actually hold six prisoners and 40 metric tons of cargo. Wow. To put it on the stand it’s
actually pretty simple. There are two square holes and then you just put those
little sticks in there and then you shove them
in and it looks very cool and you’ll amaze your
friends and blah blah blah. I can kind of see why they didn’t make any of the weapons fire because
it’s more of a display piece and you’re not supposed to like
go around playing with it. So I’ve got a question for you today. Who do you think is the
most underused villain? Alright guys so that was my Slave 1 video. Thanks for watching. Please leave a comment, tell me what you think of this set. If you like this video please drop a like. Subscribe for more videos like this and I’ll see you guys next time, bye! Jazz hands! Mon Mothma she’s under rated. She’s pretty much the
leader of the rebellion except for Princess Leia.

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  1. Awesome review, like always, I really liked the set! Btw I know if you keep on trying and you never give up you will become a big youtuber!

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