Kid playing with toys Vtech Go Go smart wheels toys

Hi Ryan
Hi mommy What is this first one?
Car You’re right, it is a car What is the second one called? Tow truck
Tow truck, what does it do? Pick up the car? What are these three?
What are these? Race car, Race car
What’s this next one called Airplane. What’s the next one?
Ambulance Ambulance
Where does the ambulance take you? To the hospital
You’re right What’s the next one
The police car Police car
What’s this one Ryan? Choo Choo train
Choo Choo Train. Can you press it to see if it can go automatic
Weeeeee What’s this last one, what is it called?
Firetruck Firetruck, you’re right
Are you ready to play Vtech Go Go Smart Wheel playset
We put many different playset together such as
The Garage. Can you press those button to see what it said
And the next one See if you can roll it down the red ramp The second set we put together is the amazement Park Playset one two three Go
oh the ramp set
ah oh, it got stuck Do the red one for me again, yea
This is the ramp set This is the 360 loop
ready? Go Now put it over here in the spiral one
Can you put it so it’s on the spiral one? Try again
it fell down Do it one more time for me
Right there Ready And the last one is the train set Now you have to turn the crank?
It’s falling You got this
Keep going Keep going
Weeeeeeeeeee Can you fly the airplane on the airport set Off the ground? yea
What do you think of the go go smart wheel Do you like this toy?
uh-huh Why do you like it? Because the door stretch and it goes down and I like the roller coaster
oh okay Bye
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